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  1. Wow-sad news. I was just thinking about Roy the other day. I joined a Facebook group called Vintage Holsters and Gunleather, and was enjoying all the pics of leather from back in the day. Seeing that brought back memories of the Linea de Fuego days back in the 80s and early 90s. I did his class at the SDPD range a couple of times; he was a great teacher. Sometime during that period a friend gave me a copy of the "Outdoor Life Complete Book of Shooting" from 1965. Jeff Cooper wrote the handgun section, and I just had to show it to Roy, because 90% of it was about the very early days of IPSC, and there were quite a few photos and stage descriptions of the "classics" like the Mexican Defense. Roy's face lit up when he saw it; he wasn't in any of the pics, but he knew every single one of the shooters. He talked about writing a book about the early days with Cooper and the others; too bad he never got around to it. Thanks for posting this. (Sigh) Some days you get a little bigger slice of "life goes on" than you care to.........
  2. I shoot a pump, so cycling isn't an issue, but FWIW I am pleased with the accuracy, especially the 1 oz. loads.
  3. I'm not an LEO, but I think it would be fun to shoot a 2-gun match with "old school" LE style firearms-double action revo, and pump shotgun.
  4. Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser): "Do you want the shotgun?" Ardeth Bey (Oded Fehr): "No-Iprefer the Thompson." from "the Mummy Returns" "And stay put until you done all the shootin' you're gonna do. Nothing scares people more than a man who stands his ground when he oughtta be running like a spotted-ass ape." Willie Nelson, in "Babarosa"
  5. I've not used the Bayou bullets, but FWIW, 3.6 grains of Bullseye behind an Oregon Trail 158 grain LSWC makes PF out of my 4-inch L frame.
  6. Right-if you aren't able to enjoy and appreciate the process, the results will always be less than satisfactory on some level. Once you get into the cycle of "it's never enough", it's really hard to break.
  7. I've been thinking about trying some of these in my CZ-75B. Has anyone had experience (good or bad) with this ammo in CZ's? I know those guns can have issues with 147 grain bullets due to the OAL. FWIW, my gun feeds American Eagle and the (very pricey) Cor-Bon Performance Match 147 gr. loads just fine.....
  8. +1 to Hi-Power Jack-I'm in the process of getting one for one of my front teeth right now. It's been a long (and costly) process, but I won't have to take a bridge out for the rest of my life, and that is worth a lot in my book.
  9. +1 on Superfeet-I use them in all of my dress and casual shoes, including the Merrell hiking shoes I wear on the range. Great support and quite comfortable. The green ones seem to be the best all around, however if you wear some type of athletic shoe with cleats, you might want to try the black "low-profile" style. I wear these in my kung fu shoes, and they work really well.
  10. I did this with my old Lee turret press, and it worked pretty well, although I must say I was clamping it to a pretty substantial table to begin with. I mounted the press on a piece of 2 x 8, and used 6-inch clamps to hold it to the table.
  11. I've used Remington, Fiocchi, and Federal buckshot (#00 and #4), and Fiocchi low recoil slugs in my Nova with no problems. The slugs are proving to be quite accurate.
  12. I still have all my old leather gear-I stopped wearing it because I liked the lighter gear, and it seemed more comfortable to wear in hot weather. I've got a Davis holster and belt from way back when (when he was still stamping them, "G.Wm. Davis") and an Ernie Hill rig. Actually I still use a Wilson leather holster for my 1911, although it's on a nylon belt and the mag pouches are Kydex.
  13. I would go for whatever gives you the biggest area to aim at. Consider the distance; too. The greater the distance, the more likely I am to go for the shots in the body.
  14. Pitching in to tape/score definitely helps. You can basically walk the stage after just about every shooter. Helping to score will help with target memory; you've got to account for the hits on each paper, and re-set all the steel.
  15. I've got a no-dash 586 that I had hard chromed a few years ago. Currently I'm dealing with the light colored FS issue by applying Testors flat black model airplane paint to the sight. However, every so often I get a hankering for something a bit more elegant and permanent. Since the gun has been plated, is there any issue doing the machining/drilling work described in the posts above?
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