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  1. Those that know me, know this has been a long time coming. Hope this is a helpful little nugget I wrote up. This is just some stuff I like and what I use. Having used just about every part and part combo this is what works for me. I have reasons for each part. I get alot of questions and i hope this finds some well. As always YMMV. @PatriotDefense @johnbu 9mm GT Stroked slide Beveled mag well(transition between mag well helps smooth reloads) Tuned 9mm Extractor(typically factory extractor is 38. 9mm needs more tension for reliability) Polished and Lapped rails.
  2. How Folks After 10.5 month of waiting my Infinity is finally here. All stainless 5.4" IPSC legal sight tracker in .40. Certainly the finest pistol I have ever handled, exactly what I wanted. But I have one minor dilemma with it. I got the pistol built to be IPSC legal, since shooting some matches in Europe is a long term ambition of mine. In order to fit in the IPSC box, SVI shaves the back of the magwell. The cut that they make looks amazing, but it leaves two somewhat sharp spikes on the back of the grip. Here are the great looking, but sharp spikes in all th
  3. I’m Juergen from Austria (the Country without Kangaroos), IPSC shooter (Rifle,PCC,Handgun), RO (Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun) and reloader! Looking forward to lots of Tipps & Tricks from the experienced shooters in here...
  4. BAM! After trying many grips (M arms, Armanov, Lok standard, lok palm swells, Hennings etc.) I always went back to the normal Lok bogie grips. They always felt most natural to me with lot's of grip. Then Armanov released the new 3d grips for S2 some weeks ago. So, I ordered them. After a week of dry firing and testing all off them again it was range time tonight. I am shocked how important a grip can be. I have small to medium hands (just too small for the Lok palm swells) but the new 3d Armanov grips are in between Lok and Hennings. Perfect for me. Never ever I could recover
  5. gsmithl10


    Does anyone know if, or when, the P10F Or will make the IPSC approved gun list? Was thinking of getting one for IPSC Nats.
  6. Hello, as a new shooter (started last year) i will have my first IPSC classifiers this summer. I am therefore studying the stage set-ups, even reproducing some for dry fire practice. Classifier 69 (see attached diagram - credits: ipsc-tech.org) puzzles me as regards how to shoot it. Stage begins with 3 far open targets, 23 meters/75 feet, to be engaged from position A 'with a minimum of two round each', then reload and proceed to position B, same string, and so forth up to position D. Total rounds to be scored is 8 per target. Based on my skill level, sho
  7. Dear shooters, I would like to invite you to the legendary match in Europe - Extreme Euro Open 2019. Registration is open. Moore than 500 shooters during 8 hours registered... Jakub Heglas stagedesigner BASIC INFORMATION OF MATCH Date: June 16. - 18. 2019 ( 3 days Prematch ), June 20. - 22. 2019 ( 3 days - Main match ), Level: III. Stages: 30, Rounds: 580 Main match capacity: 648 competitors Registration fee: 250 EUR / 6500 CZK ; ( Juniors 150 EUR / 4000 CZK ) Divisions: Open, Standard, Production, Revolver,
  8. Hello everybody, Is there somebody from the SF area that knows if there are any shooting range (public or private) where it's possible to properly train for IPSC (or any action pistol sports like IDPA, USPSA) ? With properly I mean, private bay, possibility to place targets, use of holsters and no rate of fire restrictions. Thanks!
  9. This is Jim Tan from Canada. I love IPSC/USPSA. I have been shooting matches for one year and seven months now. One year and ten months from the day I first shot a handgun. Now, I make up my mind and know I love this sport so much that I want to be the "Paper M". I want to prepare myself for world shoot 2020. In year 2018 to 2020 shooting season, I will focus on open division. I registered my USPSA membership, and will shoot some USPSA matches in US next year. So I can practice real open division shooting, not the "Open 10" division in Canada. haha! I will update my
  10. Flat-Topped w/Serrations only Flat-Topped w/Serrations and Lightening Holes
  11. Although I have significant experience with firearm, and I can say I have been a competitive shooter for two decades (I was a nationally ranked archer) I am new to 3-gun, IPSC, IDPA etc. Can anyone point me to people, clubs, or matches in the Central Illinois are?
  12. Hello everyone, beginner competitive shooter from Italy here. I've shot some IDPA (SSP Master) and about to shoot IPSC. Brian's book totally changed my way of shooting, as I guess happened to everyone in here
  13. Hello everyone, I'm a competitive shooter on a long business trip to Santa Clara. Due to state regulations I can't rent a gun, so I fear my marksmanship will perish . I'm wondering if there's any shooting group that maybe I can join for a refreshment. Thanks everybody!
  14. I just finished my black badge. I'm starting IPSC/USPSA and looking forward to it. I choose miss-fire as a play off the words for miss as in female and fire as in pew pew pew! Happy New Years! This is my introduction to myself.
  15. Hi, I'm going to compete in the IPSC National (160 PF) and I dont know the data with 3n37 + Precision Delta 124JHP + CCI Barrel 5,4 No Holes Some help ? Thank !!!!!! J+
  16. Hello, Would someone know does gen 3 Glock 17 (or 34) equipped with Dawson Precision ICE magwell fit in to IPSC Standard box (225 x 150 x 45 mm)? G17/34 is 138 mm tall, so there's only 12 mm free space "under" the grip. Length won't be a problem with G17, but G34 is 222 mm long, so there's only 3 mm of free space.. Width won't be a problem. Dawson told me that ICE is 42 mm wide. For some reason Dawson hasn't provided me an answer to this question (how much ICE adds to the length and height of the gun). I've asked it from them couple o
  17. Hey all! New to the forum but no to shooting. I have been shooting for about 30 years or so. I have been a trainer in the shooting arts for about 23 years or so. Funny that I just now decided to give competitions a try. So I decided to try out USPSA and my first match will be on May 7th if I can get everything in order by then. I'm thinking of trying out the Limited Division with a major power factor in .40, I hope. I also just started reloading as well, so I am trying to learn as much as I can at this point. I have read that this is one of the best sites for competition and re
  18. April 2nd, 2017 Roy Bohmfalk packed up his gear and moved on to the next stage. My Coach traveled under the radar. He became Master class in IPSC when they voted on it. He started with Jeff Cooper in the Big Bear Valley days. His training partner was Albert Nichols. He regularly beat Ray Chapman. He was on a PPC team with Jack Weaver. Some where I think his name is on a SWPL (Southwest Pistol League) trophy. In 1992 he put together the first womens practical pistol team, the San Diego Sure Shots, coaching us for 2 years. And, he was zen enough sport to wear the teal and
  19. Hello All, I am going to be at Tinker AFB the weekend of the 12th & 13th to visit my brother/sister in law, and nephew. Figure while I was in town I would try and find a match. Can anyone shed some light on any matches that weekend within an hour or so of the base? Thank you all in advance! Andrew Hyder
  20. I recently bit the bullet (and drained the bank account) and purchased a Dillon Super 1050 reloader with a complete Mark7 Autodrive setup for 9mm & .223/5.56mm. I am asking for any and all recipes you folks might have for 9mm to meet Minor PF for USPSA/IPSC Production, IDPA SSP/ESP, as well as Steel matches and general target shooting. Ideally, I would like to use the same basic load for various pistols including Glock 19/17/34, CZ SP01, EAA/Tango, and Sig P320. I am looking for 9mm loads using 124gr projectiles (have plenty on hand already) and either Titegroup, CFE Pistol or
  21. Here goes! Over 10 things went wrong for this to happen, I'll try to keep it simple. 14 shot the pre-match. On a particular stage competitor 13 realized you could see part of a bobber before hitting the activating popper, so he shot it stationary. I was his RO, I did not order a re-shoot, I think it was a smart strategy on the competitor's part. The next day I am about to shoot the stage when I realize there's now a vision barrier blocking me from doing the same. I make my protest know to the RO and scorekeeper, who say they'll talk to the MD as the RM is only arriving latter that da
  22. Has anyone of you experiences these two magazines regarding matching accuracy and quallität? My experience is that the STI Magazine are simpler and easier to adjust. The quality is better and a Grams Spring Folower kit goes to work faster properly.
  23. Hello, I will start my new season of IPSC. I am a newbie on reloading. I shot in minor production. I would like some informations on reloading. My goal is to be a minimum factor not more. Because like this, there will be less recoil, best gun control, faster return to target, so less time which is important for ipsc. (my wife shoot with me, and less recoil is better for her too) Im scared to load my cartridges for 125 PF. 1) because if there is a difference between my chrono record and the one on the competition, I may not pass and not being classed. 2) I was told that according to weather
  24. Simple question - should true "amateur" shooters have to compete against "pros"? When I was involved in motor racing there was a pretty clear definition of who was an amateur and who was a pro. There doesn't seem to be that distinction in USPSA. I would have thought the classification system would take care of this, but it seems like pros come in D class to GM these days. Should any "pro" shooter be required to register as "industry" so they don't take prizes away from the "amateurs"?
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