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  1. Gooldylocks

    New 9mm major barrel options

    When I talked to the owner at nats he said Q1 2019
  2. Gooldylocks

    2 stages in the same bay

    I don't like the "shoot one-hot walk-shoot another" bay management. I love short courses and speed shoots, and will regularly put two of them together in a bay, but I like splitting the squad like @motosapiens mentions. Two timers, two scoring devices, two "squads." That is how they did all of them at nationals and it ran perfectly well while giving everyone plenty of time to rehearse their run.
  3. Gooldylocks

    I can't tell a difference (9major loads)

    Facts. 1000% facts. The guys that are at top would be there no matter what they are shooting. I shoot HS6 my dude. Clearly you are both wrong. Though AA7 is another good choice.
  4. Gooldylocks

    Who can convert my 9mm limited to open?

    Probably. Issue is gonna be that a whole new top end is expensive. Might end up costing you near 2k, once you include the fitting, lightening, parts, coating, drilling the frame for a scope mount, and a dot. Depending on the build and amount of use, it might just be more fiscally wise to sell that gun and get an open gun built. I totally get the personal aspect though of it having your name, but SVs tend to hold their value pretty well on here. Just a thought.
  5. Gooldylocks

    Atlas or Akai

    The real answer to every "this gun or that gun" thread.
  6. Gooldylocks

    Venom Customs!?

    They were completely unusable for me, I ended up going with just regular Wilson High Rides in stainless. I thought I wanted the shields (my old gun had short shields) but after using these with no issues, I am probably gonna keep using them on future guns (they are super cheap and comfortable). The doubletap are a good alternative to the PT I think, they don't seem to have the same issue. But since you are a lefty, I don't know if the issue still would be there. All I know is they sit a bit lower than other safeties, which I think is why they get turned on. So it might happen regardless of which side they are on.
  7. Gooldylocks

    Atlas or Akai

    Very good, not thrown together at all. Look through the thread, there are lots of pictures in there of various guns. Also his FB is good to look at. His guns are as well fit as anything I've ever messed with, be it from an STI up through a new SV. As far as finish my gun is cerakoted, since Don is one of the best applicators in the country and does it himself (no wait time), but if you want it hard chrome or PVD that can certainly be arranged as well. Just more dollars and more days.
  8. Gooldylocks

    Venom Customs!?

    For a 5"? When did they start selling them again? Because they have been unavailable for a couple years now at least from what I understand. Straight up told Don and@accu9 no when they asked about it.
  9. Gooldylocks

    Atlas or Akai

    A venom can be anything you want. If you can dream it up, Don can build it.
  10. Gooldylocks

    Venom Customs!?

    I like the way the 5" balances, but no it isn't going to make or break anything for you. I just find that a little bit shorter gun, especially since it has the Ti comp, gets the balance point right in the middle.
  11. Gooldylocks

    Venom Customs!?

    Have you used the PT safeties before? On a different gun? I ask, because unless you know for certain that they work for you I would go with something different and sell those ones. Most people I know, myself included, have issues with turning the safeties on accidentally during recoil just because of the geometry of them.
  12. Gooldylocks

    Venom Customs!?

    It is an infinity, so I would doubt it. Unless he got super lucky like I did and tracked one down. I'm just excited that KKM is going to be making the 5 inchers now.
  13. Gooldylocks

    TODAY ONLY: Interview with Bob Vogel, the paper GM

    Agreed on all counts. The "paper GM" debate comes up at least weekly it feels like, but most all of the people casting stones at the "Paper GMs" they mock won't ever make it there themselves. My advice? Go shoot lots and lots of classifiers in practice. Dryfire them in the dojo. Shoot lots of strong and weak hand. If you can crush classifiers, you will crush field courses too soon enough.
  14. Do you have the video? I'm intrigued.