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  1. Gooldylocks

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    Perhaps he meant "will perform best around half its max power"?
  2. Gooldylocks

    Match DQ Fair or Not?

    But in that scenario if the shooter came back up to the line with their PCC after bagging their pistol and DQ'd, they certainly wouldn't be allowed to continue with their pistol. DNF for the rest. We have people shoot 2 guns all the time at USPSA, that's not just a SCSA phenomenon. If YOU (the shooter) get DQ'd, you are disqualified not your gun. Hell I could break my gun then go borrow yours since it isn't what got disqualified. ::ETA:: that isn't to say that we can't DQ guns. We can, as ROs. But the only reason you can DQ a gun is if it is demonstrably unsafe. Kinda like a shooter that got DQ'd has been demonstrably unsafe....
  3. Gooldylocks

    Shooting Open gun by feel

    I used to fairly frequently shoot plate racks at 10 with the dot off to build index. On close targets I shoot them with my index, sometimes the dot is visible sometimes it isn't. But that doesn't change how I shoot them.
  4. Gooldylocks

    Way Back Microdot Mount?

    Everglades, Infinity, Atlas, and Hamlet Dynamics all make one. I don't like any of them. Have to run the racker on the wrong side (which is a big issue to me), and I don't notice a difference shooting them.
  5. Gooldylocks

    IPSC 170mm Mag Setup

    I currently am down to only one big stick, since my second left with my old gun. So I was planning on getting another magazine regardless, and was going to set it up to be IPSC legal while also changing the basepad on my current mag so I would be back to two. My current mag is sick, it is an old style SV tuned by Beven with his guts and a 4mm TTI pad.
  6. Gooldylocks

    IPSC 170mm Mag Setup

    I do not. Old style SV here.
  7. Gooldylocks

    IPSC 170mm Mag Setup

    It sounds the same as USPSA, in my reading of it at least: Good to know. That was the way I was originally leaning until I saw I could just buy a complete mag from MBX. I will look into it again, thanks.
  8. Gooldylocks

    IPSC 170mm Mag Setup

    Wow! And that passes the gauge? I figured most people probably lost a round.
  9. Gooldylocks

    IPSC 170mm Mag Setup

    How many are you getting in that setup?
  10. Gooldylocks

    IPSC 170mm Mag Setup

    I have tried to search but can't seem to find what I'm looking for anywhere. This is mostly directed at the Euro crowd or those that shoot matches under international rules... What mag setup are you using to fit the gauge? I know for a fact my big stick is too long to fit the 170 gauge, and was planning on shooting IPSC nationals in July. I hopefully would be able to get another big stick (I'm back down to only 1 after selling my backup gun) and set it up for IPSC, and get a different basepad to make my current mag fit. Potential options I see: SV with 3mm TTI New STI with 3mm TTI Complete SV 170 170mm MBX (didn't know this was an option until today) Since I just today discovered the 170mm MBX I will probably go that route, unless someone has information saying they don't actually fit or something. Thanks in advance!
  11. Gooldylocks

    2018 Area 1 Championships Match Video

    Thanks guys, I'm super excited about it
  12. Here is my match video from this past weekend. For anyone who hasn't been to the range in Missoula, I must say it is quite nice and I would definitely recommend it. Big thanks to Everglades Ammunition for their continual support, and to the Big Sky Practical Shooting Club for hosting the match.
  13. Gooldylocks

    PCC and Pistol

    I've got a few examples.
  14. Gooldylocks

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Tried it, didn't appear to help.
  15. Gooldylocks

    Delta Point Pro ??

    5 minutes, of being completely still. like... COMPLETELY still. Laying on the counter still.