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  1. Gooldylocks

    Open Gun Pictures

    Not mine, but a holosun 510c
  2. Gooldylocks

    Open gun lengths

    In my experience, barrel length and holes (both size and number) are only one small part of the velocity equation. It seems to me that barrel manufacturer makes a way bigger difference than either of the other two. Between my group of friends we have just about every kind of barrel on the market. KKM is consistently the fastest by a long shot. SV is glaringly the slowest. One of my friends in particular has a 5" KKM, with V6 holes and a 3/16" hole going straight up through the barrel threads. Even with it being shorter AND having more holes, it is faster than a full length SV.
  3. Gooldylocks

    Open gun lengths

    I am shooting a 5" gun now as opposed to a full size, and it is better for me. I like the way that the middy feels. 3/4 length dust cover, steel grip, 2 big barrel holes (I could probably even go for 3 and be happy), light slide, and Ti comp. The weight is low and more centered than with a steel comp or full length gun, and I like that.
  4. Gooldylocks

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    You sure it is a 5"? I didn't think they made middy guns. A full size gun technically has 5.4" of barrel, where as a 4.5" slide is a 5" barrel. Then shorties are 4"
  5. Gooldylocks

    1:00 Tracking

    It doesn't matter if it tracks straight up, so long as it returns. If you watch it lift and can call your shots, then it is irrelevant where it goes IMO
  6. Gooldylocks

    Why no love for WAC?

    It would be much more insightful that way. Because if they had separate columns for 38 and 9mm, I bet the 38 column would be primarily 3n38 and the 9mm column would be primarily WAC. 3n38 in 9mm is a pain to load. Small/dense powder for the win.
  7. Gooldylocks

    Why no love for WAC?

    +P+ are any pressures beyond SAAMI +P. Beyond +P it is "unregulated".
  8. Gooldylocks

    Plated vs jacket vs coated bullets

    HAP and XTP are the same bullet less the skives. They are a great bullet. I'm my experience they (XTP, haven't messed with HAP) have a bit of length variation. Doesn't make a difference that I can see but your OAL will float around. XTP have long been regarded as one of the most accurate bullets out there, many Bianchi shooters use either them or Zeros. The problem with them is they are ~11 cents apiece. That is 2-2.5 cents more than the bullets from other companies. So in lots of volume, that makes a substantial difference.
  9. Gooldylocks

    Plated vs jacket vs coated bullets

    I know a lot of very good (top) shooters, and if any of them thought they were leaving points on the table because of their bullets, they would drop that sponsor and switch to something that gave them confidence in their equipment or change to a different model from that company if that was an option. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to. It's your money and your scores, spend it however you would like. But the basis for your entire argument is "Montana Gold's cost more, therefore they must be better." That isn't a good basis for your position. In my own experience, as well as many other people that have commented on this thread that is not the case. Even if you take myself and Steven out of it, since I think we are the only two here that have skin in the game, there are multiple other commenters that have the same experience.
  10. Gooldylocks

    Plated vs jacket vs coated bullets

    Doesn't everyone know Steven works for PD? I thought so at least haha. Regardless of that, I agree that the accuracy conversation is quite silly. They are all way more accurate than needed for this game, and more accurate than most anyone can actually shoot. Would you see differences with a ransom rest and a securely clamped gun? Maybe, maybe not. But that shouldn't be the real basis for your purchasing decision. "Are they reliable in your gun? Are they consistent bullet to bullet? Do they have reasonable accuracy (basically, no fliers) with your barrel? Are they a price you can live with?" Those are the real questions.
  11. Gooldylocks

    Plated vs jacket vs coated bullets

    Another thought, is if bullet price was directly proportional to quality, and the best Shooters all will shoot the highest quality bullet that they can, then the assumption would be no one in USPSA would shoot anything except for Hornady XTPs, Nosler sporting handgun, or zeros. And yet... that's not the case.
  12. Gooldylocks

    Looking for lightweight grip alternative

    Do they make the Evo in Ti, or just the classic grip? I thought only classic was available in Ti. That being said, they do have aluminum Evos now. I would echo the thoughts above though, of you spend the 750 bucks a grip would run you on ammo you will probably be better off than a new grip.
  13. Gooldylocks

    What mount for RTS2

    Many different companies have made these. Frankly, I don't like any of them. If you are interested in a way-back mount though, Everglades or Hamlet are really your two choices at the moment. I don't think SV makes them anymore and I'm fairly certain Atlas discontinued them. You can get the EGA from their website, or the Hamlet from Shooters Connection.
  14. Gooldylocks

    Plated vs jacket vs coated bullets

    Tuned old style SV mags, schuemann barrel (with well polished ramp). They wouldn't feed at anything but one particular length, I think it was 1.161 or something. Even bullet to bullet variation would get me sometimes. The EGA have a profile similar to the RMR or Zeros. Very round nose/FMJ-esque. Agree to disagree with the rifle stuff. As far as pistol, no one is trying to tell you that the MGs are a bad bullet. More just that simply relying on the nationals equipment poll isn't probably the best way to go. Yes, a lot of people shoot them. A lot of people shoot WAC and 124s too, doesn't make them right.
  15. Gooldylocks

    Plated vs jacket vs coated bullets

    Wow. This is quite the thread. Obviously I like Everglades, or I wouldn't shoot for them. I refuse to put my name on something I don't believe in, so take that for what you will. I personally think they have the best profile available in a JHP. They are also very competitively priced, especially in bulk (case price), and very very accurate. 115:http://www.evergladesammo.com/bullets/handgun-bullets/new-9mm-115gr-jhp.html 124:http://www.evergladesammo.com/bullets/handgun-bullets/9mm-124gr-jhp-rn-v2.html Before I switched to EGA, I was shooting PD JHPs. Also very nice bullets and a good price, however my gun at the time didn't like the sharp shoulder of them and I had constant feeding issues. I am very clearly in the minority with my gun not liking them, since so many people shoot them with fantastic success. They were always exceedingly accurate for me. Montana Gold are also very accurate, excellent quality bullets. I personally think they are too expensive compared to the other options on the market. When I first switched from coated to JHPs for open, I tested MG vs PD. They shot so similarly great out of my gun so as to not make a difference, so I went with PDs because of the substantial cost savings (I only later discovered the feeding issues, but again I think that must be rare). When I went searching for a new bullet, I found the Everglades and got a sample pack of them, and tested them against the PDs. They were ever so slightly more accurate, out of my gun, than the PDs. Enough to make a difference in a match? No, both are plenty accurate. The difference in feeding definitely makes a difference though to me. This is demonstrably not true (at least now), the Hornady ELD bullets kinda put that argument on its head... they have some of the highest BCs as well as some of the greatest accuracy you can buy, all while being significantly less expensive than the likes of Berger, Lapua, etc