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  1. Don't you have access to practiscore too? As of last night, Stoeger Coley Vogel Racaza were separated by 0.87%. As of now it is Racaza Coley Stoeger Vogel Miguez Browning
  2. SS shooter: either no penalty or shoot for no score. I see no support for a bump to open. Personally I would say no penalty. Production: terrible call not supported by the rulebook.
  3. It was definitely fun to watch the battle unfold between the three of them. After Christian had an ugly mishap a couple stages from the end (missed a popper going into a reload, and ended up having to shoot it one handed) I was worried for him. I'm very happy for him. Good job buddy.
  4. I shot stage 11 with 8 A and 12 C. Time is important in this game, but you also should try to shoot them in the middle occasionally.
  5. Had a horrible day 1(83%) but have clawed back a little bit to finish day 2 at 90ish. Making silly/funny mistakes and just shooting like a doofus.
  6. Old style SV: 29 reloadable. I usually go with 28 if I'm gonna reload it though, since it is a touch tight.
  7. Do you have any idea why they aren't making them any more? That is what I have on my current gun and I asked about getting another, and they told me not in production.
  8. Josh is good, but he isn't Mt Rushmore good. No disrespect to the dude at all (I mean come on, he is a world champ and a super nice guy), but if Daniel decided to start shooting open I don't think Josh could win. Horner has got to be without a doubt the GOAT of 3 gun.
  9. Can't make it worse, but that dude is done. New slide time, but the weld might make it last a little longer. My recommendation would be replace it now during the offseason rather than wait. Because when it fully fails in the middle of the season and you are suddenly gun-less, that would be much more unfortunate.
  10. Good luck, he can be pretty slippery. I bet it takes a whole week, that slimeball.
  11. Delete, missed that they were single pouches.
  12. I don't think so.. @Aric is it your new or old one that is a 9mm? Or both? If mine is ready in February it will be 14 months. I’m expecting March though. What are you shooting now? I thought it was an SVI in 38. I know it’s loud! 9mm so I don’t have to chase brass.
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