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  1. Just wanted to let you know about a product to help remove bullets and or cases stuck in your PCC bore, or any rifle bore. The manufacturer is www.boretech.com and they make the BoreTech Bullet Knock Out kit. The kit comes with knock outs covering the range of bullets from 17 caliber to 35 caliber +. The kit is smaller than your wallet and consists of brass knock out weights that screw onto your cleaning rod. Screw the appropriate size on to your cleaning rod , insert from the muzzle end and drop the rod from a height of about 12" above the obstruction. Let gravity do the work. I removed 2 bullets and a case body easily. It took a 5-6 drops to clear everything. Pretty easy and the price is right, $24.99, according to their website.
  2. Maybe this should go in the PCC topic. I'll let smarter folks then I decide that. I've been involved with USPSA since the late 1980s. I don't post here much, in fact this is a new account. I've shot single stack, production and then open. Really loved open. But as age began to works its magic I started to notice ever increasing hand tremors. This effects so much of your life, you're signature makes you look like a physician and trying to use simple tools like a screwdriver an act of madness. Even tried a few pharmaceuticals made for this type of thing, no luck. Shooting Open was beginning to loose its luster and open sights on a limited gun weren't much better. I figured my USPSA days were done and its been a steady part of my life for a very long time. The last match I shot using the open gun was a steel challenge match and I could not get reliable hits on the steel. I withdrew after the first stage. I was pretty depressed. So it occurred to me that this new PCC thing might be the solution. And I know this is a pistol sport but what if it worked. So I dropped a dime or 2 on a GMR15 and low and behold. I'm back, having fun and working on a whole new series of skills. The tremors are there, but you don't see them in the dot. I can shoot a steel challenge again. And I hate to admit it, its more fun then I thought it would be, maybe even more fun then the Open gun. Even my wife joined me and she is a die hard Open gun shooter. My point is, when you see that guy running and gunning with a rifle in a pistol sport. He may have a real good reason. It may be the last chance, especially for older shooters. Thanks USPSA for keeping the hope and my game alive.
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