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  1. It has been 6 years... did the T-shirt come out yet?
  2. Help... Running Mac version 1.653 on ipads and ipad minis. Our club shot a pistol match and a rifle side match. When I sync the pads to the master iPad the results are fine. When I sync the rifle match results are also fine, but if i go back to the pistol match... several scores are missing. I have to go back and sync the ipad with the stage ipads...picking up additional scores, then the results are back to what they were before... and to really drive you nuts... now the rifle match is missing several shooter's scores, who reappear if the ipads are once more synced. I'm worried about posting our rifle results to the practiscore website because it might alter the pistol match that I have posted. Any ideas?
  3. Looking forward to the match (February?)
  4. When I replaced my grip, I had to narrow/trim my SVI sear spring to fit the new grip style. A stock Colt sear spring was a perfect fit.
  5. You're not the first to experience the wonderful customer service from Aimpoint. No mystery as to why I've never bought another.
  6. If you have a spare... the safety lock plunger for the 1911/2011 fits.
  7. STI 10 round magazines are 10 rounders... one could wish they could be converted, but they can't. Single stack innards with a wide body look.
  8. What size magnet would work for both a 627 (.38 special) and a 625 (.45) or are they so dissimilar that completely different holders must be used?
  9. Anyone? Someone has to have tried shooting minor with the 160 grain bullets... anyone have load date using 320 powder?
  10. Duh, must be late... I was looking for a 160 grain minor load for .38 super.... I'll ask my question elsewhere.
  11. bump...No one has a recipe using 320?
  12. refrigerator coil brushes... usually under $5 at most hardware stores... pick up a length of plastic pipe to store it in from the plumbing section. I cut the handle to about 4 inches, drilled a hole for a lanyard and gave them away as Christmas presents to my fellow Club Directors.
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