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  1. Does anyone know, what size thread a Troy PAR 308.W is using? If i would like a suppressor, muzzlebrake etc.
  2. 4.6gr. D032, Lee 102gr. RN (more like 105gr. with my alloy) and OAL 27mm. I think its looking good chrono tomorrow!
  3. Yeah i know all tree of them But the plate cant turn sideways on this design. Plates are sitting in a “fork” (which is why they wont fall, if you hit them too low).
  4. Not sure. But i would think hardcover. The purpose of the guards was to protect the plate holders. But i don't recall them as deemed either soft- or hard covers (nobody questioned it). Exactly! I thought it would be a REF? If hit - the plate must fall. But the CRO said shots like that were missed, so i wouldn't question him. I was working as a helper at that stage (resetting and painting steel).
  5. I only know S&B NonTox, and the flashhole is smaller on those.
  6. Some of the newer ammunition with non-lead primers has a smaller hole through the casehead. S&B NonTox is almost impossible to decap with regular pins.. They are simply too wide.
  7. At a local lvl. III match this weekend, we had a stage with a lot of steel plates. In the front of the plates were wooden plateguards, as shown on my illustration. The plate is mounted 1-2 cm's lower than the guard. Some shooters hit the plates and shot through or partial through the plate guards. With clear ''hits'' on the plate, but without them falling. says ''scoring metal targets must be shot and fall or overturn to score'' A shot directly through i would call a miss, but how about a shot edging the guard and clearly hitting the plate? Does still apply?
  8. Maybe. I am gonna try with the D032 for now, if it dosnt work, i will try with something in the 340'ish range.
  9. With 50 rounds the Dot Torture drill could be an option. You get draw, strong hand, weak hand, reloads etc. And you can increase the difficulty by adding more and more range.
  10. I recently got my STI milled for a Leupold DPP, before that i had a frame mount. I dont really feel that big of a difference in theory the frame mount might be easyer to track... But i dont notice it. I find it a bit easyer to pick up the dot, since it is mounted lower and will be where your irons would have been. Thats feels more natural to me. But again... Not that big of a difference. Tracking the dot is no problem with the right load.
  11. I am going to try with some Lovex D032, it should burn somewhere in between N320 and N330. I think i will get a better burn with a faster powder and hopefully still run the comp.
  12. Hi guys - greetings from Denmark! I have a STI Steel Master which i use for IPSC and SC matches around here. Im currently working on a soft/flat shooting 9x19 load to be used in both disciplines. (I know some will say that major is the way to go for IPSC, but i dont want to change to setup/load from SC to IPSC and vice versa) My idea was to run light bullets with slow burning powder, so that i would still have some gas pressure for the compensator (im not sure its the right idea, but thats my initial thought) The load i have atm is a 102gr. Lee RN (which i cast and coat myself) with 6gr. VV N350 at 27mm OAL, it shoots at around 1300 fps. and PF 130. IMO it is a soft and flat shooting round, and way softer than factory loads… But can it be better? I made a few with 4.6gr. of N350 (reversed latter build you could say) which resulted in a load with NONE recoil at all (also only PF 107). Incomplete burn of powder and way less gas pressure for the compensator, which got me thinking that slow burning powder may not be the way to go? Do you guys think it would work better, with a faster burning powder? And use the compensator more as a muzzlebreak?
  13. I just ordered the SPS Vista today. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys. Just wanna show some video of me and my little SW22 PC shooting plate racks. Chasing first shots at around 0.5 sec and the rack in less than 2 sec. Im using this gun for Steel Challenge.
  15. IMO the second shot is useless. It is more about movement.
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