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  1. Thanks Twinkie i did not know that. Been using uplula for years. just played with it and I like the other gizmo better but if I didn’t have it with me the uplula would get the job done. RTL
  2. +1 for this. It works like a champ RTL
  3. +1 on the Holosun 510. I really like this sight. RTL
  4. +1 for the CP33. I shot a Ruger Lite for years. Probably have nearly a $1k in it. All the trick guts and a dozen mags. Still getting the occasional FTF jam with any ammunition I’ve tried. It’s very reliable just not completely. Really frustrating when you get two of them in a single stage. I started using a CP33 last year and I haven’t had even one malfunction that wasn’t my fault, you have to pay attention to loading the mags. It’s stock with a Hogue slip on grip sleeve and a Holosun 507. Trigger is OK, I might try the TK adjustable at some point. We’re shooting again now and I’ve run it f
  5. New pin and spring seems to have done it. 200 rounds this morning and no issues at all. thanks RTL
  6. Thanks. Will do. I have a new release pin and spring coming but I’ll check this one today. RTL
  7. I've recently acquired an STI Lawman 45 new old stock from a small local dealer closing up to retire. Nice single stack but had a couple issues. Issue #1 The ejector fell out when the slide was removed prior to shooting it. New pin, ejector and drill from Dawson's took care of that. Issue #2 The mag catch unlocks and pops partially out while shooting. Locks up the mag so it can't be removed. Have to twist the screw head (yeah I know it's not a screw) to get it to come all the way out and then re-locked. Never had one do this in 50 years of shooting 1911's. I'm going to
  8. +1 on these My FX9 loves them RTL
  9. And make sure that the extras you carefully put in the bag when you started shooting that optic haven't there for 5 years baking in the AZ sun like the ones in mine when I just checked. Fresh batteries inbound LOL Thanks, RTL
  10. Yeah my old Oakleys are kind of thick in the earpieces but I'm very used to them, they don't fall off when I stick them on top of the baseball cap, and I just always seem to grab them when I'm heading out with a range bag. RTL
  11. +1 for these. I can wear my phones for the whole match now without hurting my ears. RTL
  12. Seems like a lot more than I remember. 1st and 3rd are the matches. RTL
  13. Pima Pistol Club north of Tucson runs AP matches twice a week on Wednesday mornings. RTL
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