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  1. Mine does. About 500 rounds into it now. Doesn't like the TNT 30gr Varmint load but runs fine on any high speed 40 gr that I've had a chance to try. The Speer self defense HP is awesome on crows. I found that leaving a mag loaded to 30 for a few days results in dented cases but that didn't seem to hurt performance either. YMMV RTL
  2. All of the above and you might take a look here for local (mostly western WA) shooting info. Welcome to Seattle. waguns.org RTL
  3. +1 For the Wilsons, I'm using the stock basepads. RTL
  4. Received Friday 11/30. I re-installed my APEX flat trigger with no difficulty and all seems well. I kind of miss the "dryfire" click but otherwise it feels pretty much the same. I'll shoot it in the next few days and post if I run into any difficulties. RTL
  5. Pima Pistol Club up north of town in Catalina holds SC and USPSA matches every month. Talk with the guys shooting open up at one of these; they'll know everyone local that does quality work. RTL
  6. Mine was delivered to SIG on Friday 11/24. Got email with return tracking on Wednesday 11/28. Can't complain about this turnaround. RTL
  7. I'm also shooting an 18.9. Telecat is right, polish the ramp, EGW sear & a trigger job on mine were my first mods too. I'm using a flat trigger, 18lb mainspring and 11lb recoil for factory WW 115gr ammo for steel. MBX mags and I have a couple of SPS mags with TT baseplates, springs, and followers. Both work fine.
  8. I put my reloads in old factory ammo boxes. Never had a problem but a couple friends have had the usual plastic ammo boxes questioned YMMV
  9. I'm new to Washington state and the south sound area, looking for pistol steel matches. Are there any clubs that shoot steel regularly in this area (say a one hour drive from the Bonney Lake/Enumclaw area)? Thanks RTL
  10. rtl

    SPS 9mm mags for Para

    Mine is factory RTL
  11. rtl

    SIG P220 10mm mags

    I use my 8 round mags all the time (they hold 9 10mms) but I have the same trouble with the 10 round 45 mags
  12. I used the .057 in my 18 9. I polished just a small bit on each side (1500 grit) to get a nice fit RTL
  13. If you used the Volq sear spring replace it with the heaver factory one. Should add about a pound RTL
  14. Checkout this thread http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=211304
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