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  1. I think it’s stage dependent. There are some that a pistol is faster and others a pcc is faster. Long shots with a ton of long partials pcc. Tight shots a ton of windows or means pistol is faster.
  2. What the unintended shot is if your coming into the target and break the shot early. This is not the case
  3. Ahoy Eku,

    Been in touch with Eotech and my piece is one that they feel could have failures so they're letting me return it for refund. That explaines some issues I've had that I thought were related to my mounting methods. Neuropathy of the hands make near everything I do suspect. Anyway, considering it to be faulty merchandise I wouldn't feel right about selling it to a fellow shooter. Thanks for the interest.

    Best Regards,


    Naval Aviator

    NRA Life & Benefactor

  4. So this is getting pretty old at work. Have a back that's just destroyed from an auto wreck and working for myself It's no work no money. How do I get to spend my work days? Watching others screw the system and put on a great show for the dr while prancing around like Richard Simmons every other day. I get to sit there in agony where i have puked it hurt so bad, collapsed on the floor when got home and Just slept there because I couldn't drag myself up and popping Advil like candy. It is just getting old watching these people put on a show to draw a check while I kill my self out there working to earn mine watching them
  5. Steel may be a good intro if she will try that. No draws reloads and minimal if any moving and you can shoot 22 rifles and pistols.
  6. They will all crack eventually if you shoot a lot through them. If you get 75-100+k out of them it is often still covered unless way to light i.e. Sti is I think 10.5 oz. if not it's not that expensive for the use you got
  7. That's one of the issues. Take everything you know about loading for a non comp gun and toss it. In a non comp gun you want heavy bullets and fast powder. With the comp you want a light load and a slow powder and don't be afraid to push the load some even for 3 gun. The hotter load made for open with a slow powder will be flatter than basically a limited gun with a dot. With that load gonna need a 11 pound or do and even then it won't throw them far.
  8. None of mine lock back. For one I don't like loading a 2011 to a locked back slide as its too easy to over insert the mag and snap an ejector. Other reason is the only followers that really consistently lock back well are the factory Sti and you loose capacity. The minimalist followers can be set that way and do work but don't always stay that way when springs wear, get bent a little etc.
  9. The big thing is consistent. The super fast load helps on occasion but not often. Shooting on the move may or may not be an advantage and sometimes it is sometimes it isn't. Sometimes better to sprint and post up
  10. I know I can choke an inertia gun based on how i hold it with 1 1/8 oz 1145 fps loads. If i go 1200fps it's much better but occasionally I can choke it. With 1250-1300 fps never gonna choke for me. I am use to shooting Claus so I shoot the gun with a vary aggressive stance and really hold it tight
  11. I think quads have the potential to be faster but for the the vast majority of the people are not worth it. The load 2 is much easier to learn and be proficient and consistent with than quads. The amount of time needed to get consistent and fast with quads in match conditions is much higher than loading 2. A lot of people are doing quads because they see the videos of the top few doing it lightning fast yet would honestly be better grabbing 2 and shoving them in vs grabbing 4 and having to be way to meticulous that it's vary slow or dropping shells.
  12. The only gun I use one on is my SBR and I use a short one mainly as a hand stop.
  13. Ya I run round nose for best reliability
  14. I epoxy them in with e6000 from walmart in the paint section. I set them up at the top of mag and exploit in. Haven't budged in 2.5years.
  15. The best seating mag I have found is a GI Straight 20 rounder. If I have to load in the clock that's what I use if possible. Index it like a pistol and seat it the same If I have to seat a longer mag I hit the bottom of mag and check its seated
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