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  1. Used to use a trex arms for 3gun. It was nice to have a belt so easy to put on take off, but as you get more competitive you begin to realize it's a poor gear choice compared to something lighter and more stable like a safariland or carbon arms.
  2. People keep saying their zero as if just that single number (50,100,200) means anything. The speed of your bullet as it leaves the barrel and what your scope reticule looks like (is it BDC, MOA, Mils) is what informs your zero. You want to match those hashes for as close to round numbers as you can get, for example 300,400,500,550,600. For me, with my bullets and an MOA reticule that means adjusting to a 155yd zero after putting all my data into strelok and originally zeroing at 200.
  3. I'm a big fan of insta360 cameras. It films in 360 degrees and you edit it in post (editor is super simple) so I have someone just hold it up on a long selfie stick or sometimes just a mount in my cart. You can see what I'm talking about if you check out @muricanwerewolf on instagram.
  4. Lol this thread is a dumpster fire but whether you wanna put the safety on while moving or reloading, you can, it's probably safer, but it's not required and it's not unsafe to not do so. I don't bother except for doing so while reloading my shotgun, but only because my thumb is landing on it anyway as I flip the gun over. Doesn't cost any (or perhaps costs marginal) time IMO, but I suspect most of us don't bother training safety on while doing whatever because it's just not necessary within the bounds of the game and it's extra work on something that doesn't make us faster.
  5. Just got these, the release is smooth, the retention rock solid...but f*#k me are they heavy. Like, fully loaded it feels like you've got a brick attached to you heavy. I'm gonna give them a try on a carbon arms belt but if your belt isn't rock solid it might be a problem.
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