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  1. ISRA Range by Kankakee has a good monthly 3-gun and IDPA pistol match for those getting started in the sport. http://www.isra.org/Participate/Leagues/CombatPistolLeague.aspx
  2. One extremely overloaded uhaul trailer...check to make sure tires are fully aired up.
  3. http://faxonfirearms.com/match-series-16-gunner-223-wylde-mid-length-416r-nitride-5r-nickel-teflon-extension/
  4. Don't have that one but do have an 18" Faxon Gunner that has never missed 500 yd Larues in one shot (my time to get into stable position is another story)
  5. Friend got a new stainless .45 Les Baer and my first shot trying it out rang steel at 50 yards. Immediately went on the want list. Peer pressure is expensive.
  6. Shawn Fairbairn Armscor 150 N Smart Way Pahrump NV 89060 (phone) 775-537-1444 (Fax) 775-537-1446 E-mail shawn@rockislandarmory.com Shawn is their in house gunsmith & the person to talk to about parts or warranty service.
  7. Sent an email to DAA two weeks ago with that question specifically for my 51679 and Saul replied the next day with the following... "A 1911 insert would be the best fit, but possibly some fitting to the insert will be required. Not all 1911s are identical in their trigger guard area. Also, I would recommend you consider the optional muzzle support part. The round trigger guards of 1911 guns make it very difficult to keep them motionless in the holster when grips only on their trigger guard, as even with a perfect fit, the gun can rotate through the radius of the trigger guard. The 1911s are
  8. Old person eyes w/RMR

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