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  1. swordfish

    2019 ICORE championship schedule

    Can we renew our memberships on line? daaaaaaaaaaaang. shots fired
  2. swordfish

    9mm six shot moonclip checker

    I have rounds fall out of TK so I check them. But I've tried others besides the DAA with much worse results. I double check too, but it's usually just Federal that fall out so for the longest time I thought Federal was too small. The DAA are smaller than the TK from what I'm told and they look different in the pictures, as Win brass won't really fit TK clips, or it sometimes does but the QC or tolerances are off. I bought 200 Win cases brand new and now I look to pick them out when I can because they usually don't pass the checker. Jagemann brass is really good though, and very consistent, but the neck tension is super freaking tight so it's best to use a bit of lube I guess.
  3. swordfish

    Comp-iii Modification

    Sweet thanks. I'll go look for some today, I think there is an Ace at the next town over. I have one Comp 3 and my buddy has 2 that I've already modified. For carry guns, not Classic lol.
  4. swordfish

    9mm six shot moonclip checker

    Ah yeah maybe the 45 clips are different. I know with 929 clips you gotta fit them to brass, and you have to get good thick ones otherwise they let the ammo flop around and they don't load worth a crap. TK is really the only 929 clip guy out there, but supposedly Revolver Supply is starting to make .040" ones now. Dunno about 25 clips, I played with some one time once but have no real experience. Also 627 clips are definitely different when you start getting into the premium ones and sorting brass by extractor groove. My buddy has 1 TK that he uses as a reload for classifiers and a bunch of other not as great ones from various manufacturers for stages. Some are better than others. I just sort of figured 25s were the same, and if you've never played with a premium one with fitted brass then you don't know how big of a difference it is. But again, Smith 25s with 45ACP could be a different animal. I'm not about to spend $80 to find out.
  5. swordfish

    9mm six shot moonclip checker

    I can fit 48 929 moons in a Plano 3700 if you put them sideways. 36 if they're right side up. One less if I put my moon checker in with them. Not everyone uses garbage moons either. I'll take 6 good ones over 50 junk ones any day. Especially at $8 a pop. I double check now. I didn't use to, I learned my lesson.
  6. swordfish

    I need some advice guys/gals.

    And Single Stack, and PCC, and Revolver.
  7. swordfish

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    I just typed multiple sentences and they all just came up as one giant link. I don't mind it, just so I know it's on the website and I didn't end up getting a virus on my pc.
  8. swordfish

    Calling shots on steel reactive targets

    use black paper targets, the same size or smaller than steel. Or if you want to learn to call shots on paper, use black paper.
  9. swordfish

    Recommended videos for revolver technique?

    Jerry has a DVD out. MWP holds classes after the majors that he goes to that are really inexpensive, esp what you get out of them. Find an ICORE match near you if possible, or travel to one and ask the best person that shows up, we're usually pretty friendly.
  10. swordfish

    Gp100 action tuning

    I just assumed he did a better job with the Rugers than TK.
  11. swordfish

    Gp100 action tuning

    Did Dave stop doing them?
  12. swordfish

    Does anyone pin extractors any more?

    New directly from S&W, or did it come from a gun shop? If it came from a gun shop, they probably got it from a distributor, and who knows how long it was on their shelves, or how long it sat at S&W in their warehouse before that. Not trying to be argumentative, but you can't really tell by the fact that you got your hands on a thing that could have been made months or years earlier.
  13. swordfish

    Does anyone pin extractors any more?

    Not necessarily.
  14. swordfish

    Round count question

    Oh hey, I know you. hahahaha. With all this talk about Rugers, ya'll haven't seen Dave's new one, have you? He gets his Rugers down to about 5 1/2 pound pulls. But I think he's probably the only one able to do it. When the new Rugers come out it might be worth picking one up. They certainly support the sport more than Smith. But up until now their products haven't catered to us. That's about to change. If you don't mind spending money to get the action tuned by Dave, a Ruger seems to be a much more robust choice.
  15. swordfish

    Extended cylinder release

    It really depends on how you hold your gun. The Hogue ended up rubbing a hole in my thumb knuckle because I hold it so high. I ended up going with a 10mmDave plastic release purchased from Revolver Supply. But he's on here so if you PM him you can buy direct. Takes a while for him to get back, so if you want it soon just go to revolver supply. They're black plastic/nylon, which is why they don't come in chrome. But they're much shorter than either the Hogue shorty or the TK, so they stay out of the way and I don't have a blister/open wound on my thumb. Function over form in this case. If you hold your revo different, go with whatever. I still had to trim the 10mmDave version, but it got it a lot shorter than a trimmed Hogue. You could cut the Hogue in 3 pieces and weld the 2 ends together if you really wanted to, if it ends up being too long.