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  1. No problem. And yeah if you already have a hanger, the sky is the limit. I switched from Blade Tech to one of the DAA holsters because I could adjust it how I wanted. It has its downsides, like if you forget to unlock it, and it's not always easiest to reholster, but it has the ball joints built-in so my drawstroke is natural. I like it but I don't like it. And one of my friend's DQed because he thought it was reholstered after the "make ready" and ended up falling, loaded. I'm extra careful but it would be nice not to have to be, and to support some local dudes making quality products.
  2. Problem with the cheap holsters is that they hang funny and I can't get the grip I like, so you have to add a holster hanger to get the right fit and end up spending a bunch of money anyway. I don't think anyone has reinvented the wheel yet, and if you don't mind full wraparound maybe there's a local guy near you that does custom kydex semi-professionally. He might even be able to get the cant and camber the way you want so you can have a more natural/comfortable draw stroke.
  3. I think most are. Mine is .358. Kind of a dick move if you ask me.
  4. Go to the range or stay after at a match and pick up brass. Dealer cost only saves me $3 or $4 per 1000. Not a ton, but it does help. And remember I'm using heavy bullets. Lighter bullets are cheaper.
  5. Blue bullets with discount. Already have the brass or it's donated to me for free, and since I shoot revolver I get to keep all of it until it cracks. 3.20gr bullseye and the heavy 147gr Blue bullet, but I get a 10% discount on them because I put their logo on my shooting shirt. 12% if you buy 10k at a time, so I try to find a couple other dudes running the same bullets and get a group order. I was getting dealer cost on Federal primers but my distributor got bought out by Brownells and they basically gutted the place and moved everything back to Iowa or wherever, so I bought as many primers as I could and then the price will go up when I finally run out. Cleaning media gets reused, cleaned, whatever. Been using the same stuff for years, I add a little metal polish sometimes and leave it in an industrial sized tumbler for like 4 hours. No problems yet.
  6. Are they gold plated? I'm at like 9.3 cents with the heaviest bullets. It'd be around 7 cents if I used 115gr but I like the feel of the 147s.
  7. Like 1% of the United States.


    Last time I checked, I can legally buy a firearm from some dude's trunk in some parking lot after seeing it on Armslist without needing the cops OK.  Same goes for taking it with me in the car, going shooting, selling it, or tossing it in the trash for that matter.

    1. GrumpyOne


      Things like this are better said in a PM...not on someone's profile feed, where every single member can see it.

  8. I've seen it happen to a buddy's gun at a match. Immediately after he had me modify his gun for the Power Custom style set screw.
  9. "Pythons" Just like the new Detec.... I mean "Cobra"
  10. Hot damn been looking for these. Brownells is always out of stock. Couldn't find anything when I looked for Weigand like a year ago. Thanks!
  11. Yeah the new TK pins are a problem. One of my squadmates ONLY fired live ammo through his, I think about 2k and it broke. No dryfire. I've broken a few, thankfully not at Nationals. I've broken Apex before as well. Happens. But the TK ones are currently being refined like MWP said. I'm still running TK in mine even after 2 breaks, and I'll run TK in mine when the new version comes out. First pin lasted 2k. Second lasted 8k. Don't remember how long my Apex lasted but TK is the bomb and really supportive so I'll go with their parts first.
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