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  1. swordfish

    My revolver progression

    revos are hard. But you're sure to improve your ranking now that you have an 8 shot. Are you actually a 33%? I mean classifier scores don't matter a whole lot, unless you're only interested in the piece of paper. Matches are where it helps, and you gotta shoot against other revos. Again, the 8shot should help. And 99% of the revo guys I know shoot for accuracy and sorta leave speed to all the dudes running guns that allow for makeup shots, so if you focus on accuracy you should be good. Not sure shooting other guns is gonna help with revo scores because it's almost an entirely different game with wheelguns. What area of the country are you in?
  2. swordfish

    Chris's World Shoot Blog

    Shot like garbage at the last Area 5 on a couple stages. Just stupid stuff, not shooting my sights and only shooting to some imaginary cadence in my head. Still managed 3 stage wins, but not enough to cinch an overall revo win. One of the hardest things I've been having trouble with is getting my grip back on the gun after a reload. Pat Hogue sent me some new grips which are absolutely killer and are helping out a ton. Also I'm changing up my reload method to a faster version, mostly faster because it orients the pistol more vertical instead of slightly canted so the clip goes in, and also keeps my hand more out of the way so my strong hand can get a better grip coming back on. Pulled out a Ben Stoeger book and was gonna go to the range, but I need to up my dryfire game. I also upped the rebound spring weight in the gun so I need to get used to that first in dryfire before I go out and waste precious bullets. Also my movement sucks, so I'm hopefully gonna hit the gym again this week. I sorta dropped the ball after coming back from Vegas and having some weird mysterious stomach flu, then flying all over the place sorta took me off guard. Right now life is still a mess with trying to find a new car after being hit and my car totaled, but today I made the right choice and didn't buy a newer car so I can continue shooting. I could afford the car, but not the car and ramping up shooting and traveling all over to shoot. Gotta have priorities I guess. Been a stressful day, so no dryfire, but definitely dryfire tomorrow and work on slow fundamentals, then speeding them up, and maybe a tiny bit of 10% stuff ala JJ Racaza.
  3. swordfish

    NE regional is in the books!

    Had a great time and didn't even get arrested by the State Police. Double Bonus!
  4. swordfish

    Ball Detents

  5. swordfish

    Chris's World Shoot Blog

    Slowly getting better but also very little time to train. Maybe a couple 10 minute dryfire sessions at home, and once a week live fire. Need to step my game up. Shot IPSC Nationals last weekend. Managed 74% of the current world champ. Not good enough, not going to make the US team that way. USPSA Nats is in a couple months, heading to the range tonight to work through more shooting drills. Also been trying to focus on my movement lately. First day of IPSC Nats was a blur. My stage plans were weak, and I was so frazzled that I didn't get to spend any time fine tuning my movements through the stages. I ended that day with 69%. Second day was much better, I watched videos of other people shooting stages, looked at the stage diagrams back in my room, and spent most of the time choreographing my movements. I managed to score 10% better on day 2, and ended with 74% for the match. My hits weren't there though, but some of my stage times were. So it's back to live fire with recoil management and accuracy drills.
  6. swordfish

    Ball Detents

    The ball end bit is actually pretty terrible for the detent side. Too much of an angle that doesn't require a lot of pressure to pop the cylinder out. Better is a cutoff wheel or something where you can get a totally flat/perpendicular edge, then round as much as necessary so it's not too tight. I used a ball bit on my first go and it just seems loose. Better than nothing, but I was told after the fact by my revolversmith/mentor that there is a better way.
  7. swordfish

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    Or Remington. I've seen so many problems with Remington ammo. It's about on par with Freedom lol
  8. swordfish

    S&W/Colt Hybrid Revolver

    It's called a Smolt. Bill Davis used to do that back in the day. My buddy has a couple. You can also do with with a Colt/Ruger, and make a Couger.
  9. swordfish

    S&W 929 chambered in 9x21?

    lol what? I've never heard of any of this. I mean at least concerning the 929s. I've seen all matter of S&W revos come in with barrels not torqued all the way center and burrs on the single action notch in the hammer, but never that guns wouldn't fire.
  10. swordfish

    Finally classified in ICORE

    At the rate I'm going, I'll get classified in ICORE sometime in 2020.
  11. swordfish

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    k frame moons bend if you look at them the wrong way
  12. swordfish

    Any Interest in a Mid Michigan ICORE Club?

    sweet, looking forward to more ICORE
  13. swordfish

    Empty case with primer only

    I use CCI aluminum cases and a 7/64 drill bit for my rubber bullets. works like a charm and no way to confuse the two. Also use aluminum for dummies, and no primers. But like MWP said, you can get actions stupid light with primers only and have live ammo not go off. No real point in doing it, unless it's for something other than trigger pull weight.
  14. swordfish

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    I am way too uncool to be a hipster. But maybe that's the point of hipsters? Don't make me bust out the 1917 and shoot major.
  15. swordfish

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    Well start shooting revo and join my squad and be awesome!