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  1. I'll be heading up to Carver to visit some friends later this year, would be interested in shooting a match while I'm there.
  2. I carry a Colt Cobra (OG). Problem is, .38 special (not +P) is a really poor performer in ballistic gel tests, even compared to .380ACP out of an LCP sized gun. Once you get into +P stuff, it gets a little better, but still not great compared to a semi-auto cartridge, or anything with a longer barrel. I still carry it because of the awesome holster selection from way back in the day, but I should probably look at upgrades. I just don't want to give up that extra round with a Smith. But if the non plus p ammo doesn't work, or the plus p ammo beats the gun up to the point where the gun breaks, it won't really matter. I'd check out the Federal HST +P micro 130gr. It's what I would carry. I should probably pick some up anyway. Just really awkward for trying to reload in a hurry though because of the bullet profile, or lack thereof. Maybe keep those in the cylinder because of the proven performance and put something round nose in for your reload. If you have to reload, that might mean those first 5 didn't work and you need more penetration, or you need to do it in a hurry because there are more attackers. The Safariland speedloaders are pretty cool. But speedloaders are huge so I'm meh about them.
  3. ahhhh ok. never used those before. Might be good as long as you don't have to look for the laser and can keep your eyes on the sights. Then go back later and look at your hits and see if your shot-calling is on point.
  4. I only use a laser for draw practice. Set a video camera up facing a wall where my target is, and set the camera to slow mo. Then practice draws and look for any sort of extra movement in the dot, or lack of movement, or whatever. Found out I had a slight pause in my draw stroke because of watching the laser move on the wall. Never really had a use for it besides that.
  5. I think they're just ANSI certified, so not really that great protection, and don't offer a lot of coverage like over the eyes if your head is lowered. Pretty much the only reason I haven't picked them up or was in any way interested. Then again, I've never been hit in the glasses with a ricochet, but I wouldn't feel confident trusting something that's really only rated for shop use.
  6. I'll trade you lol. I like it to prep for long shots lol. 2 of my chambers don't, but the other 6 do, so it screws me sometimes and I AD occasionally on transitions.
  7. It's all good right up until the point where it isn't. My 929 shakes itself apart and every single screw backs out, including the ejector rod, which is super freaking annoying, so I use loctite on it. Right now my rear sight adjustment screws are loose but I keep forgetting to tighten them down. All of my screws have corresponding marks on the frame so I can visually check during a match if something is backing out or not. Think what you want.
  8. True. But the one I played with was very nice. Not sure how the finished production models will differ from the prototypes. For one, they're not red. The big bonus is that it's not a Smith. Smith is pretty crappy as far as sponsoring major matches, and Ruger is right there giving out guns and all sorts of prizes. Smith quality is not that great either. So this might either 1: convince them they need to step their game up or 2: be a viable alternative to 929s. This new Ruger ended up in 2 spots in the top 10 at Nationals, so it's clearly competitive. MSRP is high, but street price will probably be lower, maybe even the same as a 929, so figure around $1200 or slightly more, but you probably won't have to send the gun back to the factory because the barrel wasn't torqued correctly or the hammer falls when you touch it.
  9. I have personally, and have also seen others that have. Takes a while, but when it happens in the middle of a match and you bomb a stage, it sucks. I like not having to worry about it.
  10. Doesn't matter if you cut it to length, it will still back out. Also if you cut it to length, you have zero adjustment if your main spring decides to lose its elasticity or your supply of Federal primers.
  11. Drill and tap a hole in the bottom of the grip that leads to the strain screw hole. Put a piece of brass, then follow it up with a set screw that you can tighten down. It won't ever come loose, unlike loctite.
  12. 100% worth it for unloading at least, but for the 929 I can't get it to work and use the TK. But, again, I use both because nothing is faster for unloading.
  13. both. I can only try to grip hard when I focus on gripping hard, but when I'm actually shooting I forget and go back to being loose. Or I tense up and the second shot starts going low left so then I relax again and the holes come back together.
  14. I shoot my gun with a super loose grip. Faster splits, and tighter groups.
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