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  1. swordfish

    mod 19 still match worthy?

    k frame moons bend if you look at them the wrong way
  2. swordfish

    Any Interest in a Mid Michigan ICORE Club?

    sweet, looking forward to more ICORE
  3. swordfish

    Empty case with primer only

    I use CCI aluminum cases and a 7/64 drill bit for my rubber bullets. works like a charm and no way to confuse the two. Also use aluminum for dummies, and no primers. But like MWP said, you can get actions stupid light with primers only and have live ammo not go off. No real point in doing it, unless it's for something other than trigger pull weight.
  4. swordfish

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    I am way too uncool to be a hipster. But maybe that's the point of hipsters? Don't make me bust out the 1917 and shoot major.
  5. swordfish

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    Well start shooting revo and join my squad and be awesome!
  6. swordfish

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    They're all chumps. Come join us! (Well, Mike is ok lol)
  7. swordfish

    2018 IRC Registration

    Where are you staying?
  8. swordfish

    USPSA MI Sectional Championship - June

    You need to get on 13 with the cool kids.
  9. swordfish

    8 shot is how much better?

    Gotta factor in your reloads, that's the biggest thing. If you can make them up on the move, not a huge problem, even if you move 1 or 2 steps but you're really fast (shouldn't be too hard with those giant holes). But almost all of the locals I shoot force me to do standing reloads, even with my 8 shots, so I'm almost always at a disadvantage anyway. Are there any other revo guys around you? Maybe go shoot against/with them and see how you do. The major power factor will definitely help you speed up. Can't really tell until you go shoot against other people.
  10. swordfish

    Boys' Night Out with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson

    What are you, like 10 feet tall?
  11. swordfish

    929 Moon Clips

    Finally bent my first .40 TK clip today. Stepped on it in some gravel. These things are usually impervious, which is a pretty important factor when selecting them. I've stepped on some before with no problems. But I have a buddy that uses thinner ones and they bend if you look at them funny.
  12. swordfish

    Chris's World Shoot Blog

    Slight update. Flew out to Arizona and shot the ICORE SW regional. Hell of a match, lots of fun. Got sick and missed the second day (shootoff, MWP class). Ended up taking 4th in Limited and 10th overall. Thankfully I got video of me and Mike shooting the same stages with effectively the same stage plans. One of the stages we both skipped over a round in the cylinder on the same target too. Sadly my primer didn't go off on the second time around, but I should be able to use both videos and see where I need to make my time up at. Got a new DAA belt because the crappy Midway one kept bending and throwing my draw off. This one is much more stiff, like the old school Safariland one I use for 3gun. Finally like 11 days later I'm feeling better, so it's back to the Ben Stoeger books and reviewing videos. Also might try a new way of reloading that seems to be a bit faster.
  13. swordfish

    Moonclip Loaders?

    When the cartridges make it to the clip, they load fine. But getting my 150gr 9mm to slide down in order and not fall over, and stay flush to the bottom so the extractor groove lines up, that's the hard part. The 38/357 ones look like they do a great job though.
  14. swordfish

    S&W 929 Holster

    I shot with the Hogue guys last weekend and it looks like they make a holster too that works pretty well. Something with magnets. I use the DAA Alpha X but if you live in a dusty/sandy environment, it might not be worth it. Sand gets everywhere and I had to stop at Wal Mart and pick up compressed air to make sure the holster would unlock towards the end of the day. Lots of people were having the same problems. But here in Ohio it's fine.
  15. swordfish

    Any Interest in a Mid Michigan ICORE Club?

    Yeah sure, I go to a monastery up that way a lot so while it's far, I could still find other stuff to do. I might even be able to help with setup depending on how free the temple is when I go, usually I can stay the night there.