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  1. I run the Speed E Rack and it's built pretty tough. I had an idea to make one myself using lighter components but after going prone on one, I don't think it would hold up. The steel/aluminum construction is the way to go.
  2. I load strong hand. If I go prone, I don't want to bend any moonclips so I load from behind my holster and keep my rack empty.
  3. $85 for steel $100 for titanium.
  4. I love my Speed E Rack, and the people that make them are diehard longtime revo shooters. I picked up a Double Alpha single post that I wear behind my holster in case there is a stage where I have to go prone.
  5. Sent my cylinder out to TK Custom and told them I wanted it as deep and funneled as you can get, like BossHoss does his lol. This is what I got back. I'm not any faster, but I can be a bit more sloppy and it forgives me. I still think a bit more can be done around the edges, maybe with a dremel to extend the funnel outwards and make it more curved/gradual. But honestly I'm super pleased. Especially because I originally was cutting the chamfer with a hand tool, and titanium isn't very cooperative. The turnaround time was great too. I mailed it out Monday and it was back by the next Monday.
  6. Very strange. My friend uses starline brass and those same moonclips, but he bought the brass many years ago and never used it until this year.
  7. Only if you don't show up. Honestly that's why I started. Less competition cause I'm trying to get into the world shoot. However I've found that less doesn't mean "easier," it just means the guys at the top are fanatical. I put in a ton of hard work this past year, and while I made GM, it wasn't really a huge improvement in terms of percentage of the top guys. And the thing is, a good revolver has rock solid fundamentals, so they can pick up damn near any gun and be more than competent with it. You can't cheat with a revolver. All your skills have to be top notch or it won't work. I think that's why most people don't want to shoot it. Plus my mentor started out shooting revolvers, has a pretty extensive Colt and Smith collection, and there's some dude named Jerry Miculek that is kinda famous for shooting revo.
  8. Josh Lentz supposedly uses old Nato cases, and the only NATO cases I've ever seen were made by Winchester, but I dunno if he's running DAA clips (his sponsor/employer) or what.
  9. Remington is much too small. I wanted to try the ShellShock cases but they're too small too. I haven't really tried anything else, I just found that Blazer works so I buy sorted brass from guys online and just use that. I sort when it goes into the moonclip/moonclip checker, and sometimes I find pieces that weren't sorted from other manufacturers, so those go in the garbage pile. Haven't really found a good use for them because they're too long for an auto and the bullets are slightly thicker than 9mm.
  10. 95% Blazer. Probably 10 or 15 cases of Federal. I thought Federal didn't fit because some would sneak in and then literally fall out of the clip when it was on my belt, so I assumed all Federal was too small. Turns out only some are, but most are ok, so now I leave them in. Also 200 pieces of Jagemann brass. I know a few guys that are running Federal only in TK .040" There's still probably some Winchester mixed in cause I bought 100 cases to try and it was really tight, and sometimes they work, but a lot of times it'll bind up in the moonclip checker because the extractor groove is too thick and it kinda sticks at an angle. Really the only ones that bind now are split cases and the occasional Winchester I haven't sorted out.
  11. Winchester likes to bind in my TK .040 clips. I try to sort them out but some get through and eventually they stick in the moonclip checker. With 147gr .358" bullets (not 9mm/.355), 3.0 of Bullseye with an OAL of 1.150" will get you around 125pf, and it's very accurate. With the 9mm/.355 147gr bullets the velocity will be less and the accuracy will be worse. No real experience with TG or HP38.
  12. You got the clips for the 627, right? Not the 9mm.
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