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  1. swordfish

    Chris's World Shoot Blog

    Shot a match twice Sunday in preparation for Nationals. 6 revolvers showed up, the most I've ever seen at a USPSA match. I ended up getting 100% in the morning and 97% of myself in the afternoon. I was the only revo to shoot twice. Got 100% on a classifier twice, with my afternoon time being .17 seconds faster. Didn't rush, just got my hits and it felt solid. But since I'm B class, those 100%s don't count. I could request they remove the flags, but why not sandbag a bit longer and be the only B class revolver at Nats? Had 3 light strikes at the match, one of which cost me a mike into hard cover because I was jerking the trigger trying to get back around and hit it again. The only mike of the day. Took the gun apart and it's full of oil and carbon. Oil was from when I cleaned the outside, must have blown it in the gun. Everything seems to look ok, but the cylinder release bolt has a shiny part on it, and with my new release there is a lot of slop and I can push the release into the gun and make the bolt drag on the hammer. Not sure if that what is causing my problem or not. While taking the gun apart I discovered my sear spring is broken as well, so that'll be on order today. In the meantime I'll cannibalize my friend's gun for his spring, and borrow my friend's as a backup.
  2. swordfish

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    That looks super professional. How'd you get it to bend though? Are the flats where the posts go just not bent, and the spots in between the fingers where its actually bent at?
  3. swordfish

    How many moon clips and holders do I need?

    I got about 50 that I load before a match. Very heavy at the start of the day if I bring all of them, like yesterday when I shot two matches back to back. Ended up loading extra anyway. But just because the round count says such and such does not mean you'll only shoot so many. And it's not that often that I use full moons. But you'll need at least enough to complete one stage, and I've only ever used 7 once because 2 fell off as I was fumbling trying to run and reload. 32 shots is max for a USPSA stage but again you're usually not going to use only 3 full moons for that stage, usually 4-5 depending on how many you can squeeze in to a single position. Always better to have makeup shots and reload while on the move. My buddy has 10 TK clips but doesn't get up to reset as much as me. I like to reset as much as possible, so I just dump my empties and partials in the box and don't worry about them until I get home. It might take a while to collect a lot of moons, but it's worth it. Especially when people step on them. I used to throw the bent ones away but now I give them to my friend that only has 10 and he can play with them if he likes.
  4. swordfish

    627 vs. 929

    The BMT for SC/rimmed brass is tits. Almost makes me want to shoot SC just so I can load moons easier.
  5. swordfish

    Yes, another 38 Short/Med/Long topic

    My buddy is running 160gr cast lead out of his 627. Not sure the load though. 3.5gr Bullseye behind a 150gr blue bullet works great though. Never heard of anyone failing to make minor except with full length .38 cases. SC brass provides less wobble in moonclips, making it easier to hit the holes. Longer brass means a larger margin for error. This is provided you're using the correct moonclip/brass combination to remove as much wobble as possible. Not sure if you're using moons or speed loaders, I think longer cases work better with speed loaders but I've never really experimented.
  6. swordfish

    Chris's World Shoot Blog

    My hands hurt. Mostly from dryfire, but there was a 4 day spell earlier in the week that consisted of live fire every day. I shot the IRC this year and totally bombed it. First 3 stages were shot for speed and not points, which then gave me penalties which racked up my time, negating any low times I scored. One stage I managed a blazing 15 second raw time and 11 seconds in penalties for inaccuracy. Among other mistakes I made, one was poor stage planning. I thought "Hey these stages look visually similar from stages I've already shot, let's use the same stage plan" to which I did not pull very good times at all. One mistake cost me a stage win. The stage had 3 boxes and 9 pieces of steel to engage from each box. First box was freestyle, second box was strong hand, third box was weak hand. I shot 2 targets from the strong hand box using 2 hands. Instead of dryfiring and visualizing my stage plan I zoned out and listened to the wind blow through my earbuds. Watched the dust move. Last stage of the day, just soaking it in. Not with it at all. I also forgot my eyewear, to which two dudes let me borrow some. Thankfully on the last day I was wearing the shaded ones. Regardless of the fact that I hadn't been practicing really, my poor performance had hit me hard. But it's a good thing. Had I done well at this match, I don't think anything would have changed. Kept screwing off, kept being "ok" with 70-75%. I think I might have waited too long, but I can't think about it. To hell with the World Shoot too. I need to be about the process, not about any potential results. I need to be about dryfire every day and live fire twice a week and stage planning and going to the gym. These are the only things I need to care about. So now my hands hurt.
  7. swordfish

    Pelican 1615 Air

    I don't have the Air but I use a big Pelican as a suitcase and padlock it. The Air versions are slightly lighter, which means more weight can go inside without risking an overweight bag charge. I put my guns (carry and competition gun) in zippered soft case, throw the soft case on top of my clothes and ammo, and put the orange firearm tags on top of the soft case. Padlock the case and off it goes. Flying out of Orlando is weird though, they get really freaky after that shooting at the airport so they take it down and have TSA inspect it and I have to sit there and watch as they rifle through my dirty laundry. But otherwise I've never had a problem. Flown 6 times this year with guns in the same manner. I just got back from the IRC in Arizona and I was 1.5lbs over the 50lbs max limit. They let me slide, but it made me think about the Pelican Air cases. I talked to JJ and he said he had guns stolen because the suitcase with padlocks stands out. Dunno if they stole the whole case or what. Typically at bigger airports the bag is hand-walked out to whatever airline lost baggage center, and you have to go show them your stub to get the case. Smaller airports like Cleveland just put it on the conveyor. I didn't know all of this, so when I flew to Vegas the first time I thought my bag was gone, but it just came out late. Then when I flew back to Cleveland it was on the belt which I thought was kinda scary but they're short staffed so whatever. Also different airports have different policies. Vegas usually makes me wait by the ticket counter for 10-15 minutes in case TSA needs me to open the locks. Cleveland took my cell number once. Orlando walked me down to the screening room. As a note, I have only flied Frontier.
  8. swordfish


    Ah s#!t there were room codes? Oh well, I picked up a 2 night stay at SW regional so that'll help
  9. Gonna drive down this time. $100 in gas each way, but better than $200 for a flight and whatever money for a rental. Anyone not yet book a flight yet?
  10. swordfish

    Trigger Job Question

    Man I'm looking and I can't find a different part number for the X frame cylinder stop springs compared to any other guns. What's the difference and where do I find one?
  11. swordfish

    Problems with 929s continue ?

    I've ran into more than one "performance center" gun with a crooked barrel. It's just a name, doesn't mean anything, at least not anymore.
  12. I have at least me! Still waiting to see if one friend is coming. Another friend just had to spend $1600 to get rid of bedbugs so he says he's out this year. What a wimp.
  13. You did? Lol how much are we gonna be shooting?
  14. swordfish

    Possible to rent a chamfering cutter?

    Don't worry, there are those of us in the know that know you know what you're talking about. s#!t back in the day everyone thought weaver stance was the best thing ever. Who cares, people on the Internet are dumb. I'm trying to cut my 929 like you do yours but I haven't had the time, and titanium is a bitch. Mike says to use a dremel but again, no time to practice. Probably gonna use a dremel anyway. I'd send it to you but I shoot too much and don't have a backup.
  15. swordfish

    My revolver progression

    revos are hard. But you're sure to improve your ranking now that you have an 8 shot. Are you actually a 33%? I mean classifier scores don't matter a whole lot, unless you're only interested in the piece of paper. Matches are where it helps, and you gotta shoot against other revos. Again, the 8shot should help. And 99% of the revo guys I know shoot for accuracy and sorta leave speed to all the dudes running guns that allow for makeup shots, so if you focus on accuracy you should be good. Not sure shooting other guns is gonna help with revo scores because it's almost an entirely different game with wheelguns. What area of the country are you in?