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  1. As puppy said above, there is a lot of blast out of the comp. I only shoot factory ammo, and mine grouped better at 25, and shoots softer with 115 grain.
  2. I have two 170’s with the three inch extension for PCC. I only have 300 rounds or so on each. But, they are very beefy, very strong spring. The thing I like about them, they seem easier to reload the PCC. And of course they drop free, won’t swell, and you won’t wear out the mag catch notch.
  3. Yesterday, I bought a 170 with a 3” extension from shooters connection. The extensions do indeed seem to be made just for the steel tube, and are marked as such with “steel”. I went to the range with it, and ran 200 rounds through it with no problems. One of the guys at shooters has 300ish through one, with no problems. I bought one to try, just because they seem easier/quicker to reload the gun. I’ll report back if I have any problems. They are pricey, but are beefy, and I plan to grab another soon.
  4. Would you be interested in any trades for your Staccato C?


    1911's?  CZ's? S&W pre-lock "N" frame revolver? Anything else?



  5. I just picked one up. It has the collapsible stock, GI curved trigger pack, PCC Handguard, and m4 birdcage flash hider. Also, after getting home and pulling it apart, it has the two piece BCG.
  6. Following. The Canik mags are quite a bit cheaper as well.
  7. Extreme engineering trigger kit, egw sear spring, ismi 17 hammer spring. Dropped into my PM9, 2.5 pounds without touching anything. And of course, buy at Shooters Connection!
  8. Re DW 9mm if deal falls thru please advise

    sorry I missed this!

  9. I just purchased my first Dan Wesson, it is incredible for the money. If you are planning to buy a 45, I would look at the pointman 7.
  10. I picked up my first tanfo last week, and I've been reading all I can. As the title states, I'm interested in adding a fiber front. I have read all the threads on this, but I don't reload, so I'll only ever shoot factory 115 grain. I'm assuming most guys here reload, and shoot 147 grain. Anyone else out there only shooting factory 115, which height front are you using, thanks.
  11. I just picked up my first tanfo, after shooting several cz's, and I have to disagree about quality. The tanfo is a much better machined and built gun, than the cz's.
  12. Quack, how are you liking the Sphinx? I'd like to hear a review from a shooter, and not a YouTube gun review channel. Thanks.
  13. Quack, how are you liking the Sphinx? I'd like to hear a review from a shooter, and not a YouTube gun review channel. Thanks.
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