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  1. Another vote here of potentially riding the slide stop. I’m especially bad about doing it anytime I shoot a Glock with extended controls. Also, I use a Wolff Glock 12# recoil spring on the factory rod with the bunny fart loads.
  2. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the plate.
  3. I have an SRO on each of mine. I wanted to try the Romeo 3 max, but I worried about reliability.
  4. I felt like they were about the same. And because of that, coupled with no double action, or trigger return springs to worry about, and the grip fits my hands better, I went all in on the Walther.
  5. I’m using a Wolff 12# Glock spring on the factory guide rod. You will have to open the end of the spring with a pair of pliers.
  6. I like the kit, but I also did a lot of work at one sitting to the trigger. I drilled and taped the sear housing, polished all the contact surfaces, and added the spring kit. The combination of all the above made it very nice, 3 pounds or so, and still a decently forceful reset.
  7. I got the call from Earl’s yesterday to pay for mine. They said they were in customs, and should ship the first or second week of September. Side note, three weeks to clear customs?! Jeez......
  8. I have had all of the CZ’s. Shadow 1 and 2. They shoot great, but for me, my trigger finger touches my support hand while shooting, I never cared for it. I picked up a Q5 SF on a whim, and loved it. Added a sprinco trigger kit, it just works for me. It’s a very accurate gun, easily shooting an inch and a half @25, with syntech 124’s. I liked it so much, I sold my Shadows, and bought another Q5 SF. It is now my production and carry optics pistol of choice.
  9. Apexer

    Q5 SF Lok grips

    I ended up buying the standard bogies, I can’t recommend them enough.
  10. Apexer

    Q5 SF Lok grips

    I’ve been looking at Lok grips, and I’m looking for some opinions from folks who have purchased. I like the factory shape, so I won’t be getting the thin grips. How do the bogies compare palm swell wise to the factory grips? Are the checkered grips "grippy" enough to justify the purchase? Thanks.
  11. Thanks all that helped!
  12. That’s great to hear. He told me that he basically gets all of the German walther parts minus the expert trigger. I ordered an extended mag release from him.
  13. http://www.carlwalther.com/q5.htm I called the number in the header.
  14. I spoke to Earl at Earl's repair service, and hopefully they are getting them in a couple weeks. They are taking names of folks that would like one, I've gotten on the list. They are going to be 150.00.
  15. I called again Thursday. They said it would be may, maybe later due to the pandemic.
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