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  1. There should be a listing for QC10 if I remember correct. My last.one was a QC10 form 1.
  2. That is the gas plug that retains the gas piston. Here is a assembly video and schematic of the gun. It is listed as part #11 on the schematic. https://www.brownells.com/schematics/remington-/versa-max-sid1091.aspx
  3. If you have an empty tool head go through where the dies would be. You only need one tight enough so it doesn't move until you can secure both.
  4. Make sure you dropped the alignment tool through a powder die, make sure it is adjusted all the way down and the primer seater should be removed off the press. The goal is to raise the platform and not have the alignment tool move upward in the powder die when it enters where the primer seater cavity. Snug the platform hex bolts up tight enough that the platform will not move easily. Once you get the platform perfectly aligned with the alignment tool in the tool head tighten at least one of the hex head bolts up the rest of the way with the platform in the raised position so it doesn't move on you. Lower the platform and tighten the other bolt. Recheck the alignment with the tool after this and if good reassemble the press.
  5. Still evaluating in live fire. Locking the wrist seems to bring the sights back quicker but to much cant of the wrist pulls my palm off the back of the grip. Trying to find a happy medium with good results.
  6. When you ramp up on new production please consider different molds that eliminate the lube groves on any bullet that will only be sold as coated.
  7. bwikel

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    Yes the non chlorinated version of brake cleaner is safe for polymer guns also.
  8. That makes sense, I'll test to confirm my results.
  9. Would it matter if the wrist is straight or canted if the wrists were locked with tension? Wouldn't it be easier to keep the wrists locked in a neutral position versus in extension such as they would be canted forward?
  10. bwikel

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    Non chlorinated brake cleaner is easy on finishes. Hose it out, blow it dry and lube it up.
  11. I have been running a 650 for 6 years now and I have never paid for a broken part. Dillon even sent me the return springs for my powder measure when I wanted to ditch the fail safe rod even though I offered to buy them. They have also sent me a replacement platform after mine cracked, free of charge. I don't own a 1050 but if I did I would not expect free replacement parts after the initial warranty ran out, as stated in their policy. Are you expecting them to make exceptions because of your large number of purchases? If so, it isn't realistic to think they keep up with everyone's order history or treat certain customers differently. My personal belief is if I broke a part due to my own negligence I would pay for it out of my own pocket, so far Dillon hasn't let me do that but I have also never "thrown a fit" when calling them about it. You should take your own advice and just get over it.
  12. Ranier and Botach both announced today they are shipping hi cap mags to Cali.
  13. No ignition issues here using CCI SRP on all my pistol loads.
  14. Mine in order; Shoot Fast Podcast Make Ready Podcast Practical Shooting After Dark Shannon Smith Shooting Show Josh Froelich's Addicted That Shooting Show
  15. Check the specs on the mag slots on the mags and mag catch on the lower also to determine wear.
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