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  1. bwikel

    Cleaning AR PCC Lower

    My bolt and upper get cleaned about every 500 rds. The barrel and lower get cleaned a couple times each year. When you clean the bolt don't neglect the extractor, pull it and clean the channel also. My basic routine is; - blast everything down with non chlorinated brake cleaner and blow out with compressed air - detail clean with a brush, pick or tip as needed - coat everything with silicone spray and remove excess.
  2. I have tried a lot of different buffer combinations including the taccom. Using the taccom buffer system with a carbine buffer tube and short stroke additions will not work, the stroke is to short to pick a round from the mag. It would work with an A5 or rifle buffer tube but it created more dot movement than some of the other buffers combinations I used.
  3. bwikel

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Wouldn't a doubles drill be a better assessment of dot movement instead of throwing transitions into the mix?
  4. bwikel

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    That sure seems like a lot of weight flopping around to disrupt dot movement. What is your total reciprocal mass, like 24 oz.+?
  5. I suggest you approach it as follows (listed in order of priority); Don't make any buffer system changes until you find ammo in the 130-145 pf range Remove the weight from the bolt to bring down the reciprocating mass of the buffer system Find the right spring to match the new load and buffer system weight Decide which comp you want or keep what you already have
  6. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    I would agree since my guard parts were some of the first produced, I got them in Dec. of 2017.
  7. bwikel

    Primer Shelf Life

    I'm no expert but I don't think that is how it works.
  8. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    I started with the stock springs that came in my guard bolt. I don't have a complete factory guard, I built off a bolt/barrel package.
  9. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    These are the ones I used. I'm not sure if the ejector spring is considered "extra power" but it was longer than the stock spring and tough to compress in the bolt. The extractor spring is an extra power version and it will fit under the extractor without an o-ring but the tension is significantly more than the stock spring. http://www.davidtubb.com/ar15-extractor-ejector
  10. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Full auto no but I do run some suppressed.
  11. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    My issue happened around 5k.
  12. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    Yes standard AR bolt and carrier springs. There are several companies that make an extra power version.
  13. bwikel

    CMMG Guard tuning (9mm)

    I had a couple stoppages due to poor extraction so I swapped my extractor and ejector springs over to extra power versions and change them annually now.
  14. If your changeovers don't include a primer size change (you won't change primer size if you load .223 and 40 cal) the caliber changeover is pretty simple (less than 5 min. after you have done it once). Change the shell plate/case slide, locator pins (9mm and .223 use the same pins), adjust the case insert block, and change the casefeed adapter/body bushing/arm bushing. The caliber change on a 650 is pretty simple and straight forward.
  15. bwikel

    Dillon 650 loading 9mm

    If the bullet will fall into the case there is unlikely the sized case passed a case gage.