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  1. USPSA states the muzzle must point to a spot within 3 ft. of conveyance.
  2. With the long gun tubes affixed to the cart do they break the safe angle when the cart is tilted back for transport and flag people in the general area?
  3. You can't run the 5015HD and spacer weight in a cmmg rdb system with a carbine length buffer tube since the bolt and carrier are the same length as a gas gun BCG. By using the longer 9mm 5015HD buffer in an A5 tube the bolt will just lock back and the spacer weight short strokes the system. Did you even read my whole post?
  4. I'm not sure what issue you had but my setup is as quiet as my JP silent capture system in my 5.56 rifle.
  5. I run a CMMG RDB with the following set up. It is very smooth with very little dot movement. A5 Buffer Tube Blitz 9mm buffer 5015HD with blitz spacer weight Tubbs flat wire spring 124gr reloads running 136 PF With an A5 tube the spacer/HD buffer short strokes the system to the perfect length since the bolt length is the same as a 5.56 AR.
  6. There are a few common issues with the CMMG RDB that could be causing your issues of extraction/ejection. Your extractor spring is weak - I only run extra power extractor springs (I change them annually or every 5k, whichever comes first), they are one coil longer and you don't need all the hokie o-rings to make them work. Your extractor may be damaged or full or carbon. When you clean your bolt take a metal pick to the extractor to assure there is no carbon build up on the hook. You ejector spring is weak or dirty. If you have never pulled the ejector it is likely full of carbon and causing the spring to bind or lock up. I also run extra power ejector springs and ultrasonic clean the stripped bolt or pull the spring to remove all the carbon. If you over lube your bolt it will just get dirty faster. Only run oil on the contact points where the bolt shows wear. By the looks of your pics the bolt is losing the empty case before the ejector has a chance to kick it out. I would start by replacing the extractor spring and detail cleaning the extractor.
  7. I will bet JP doesn't require 3 generations to get it reliable. There is a high probability they will hit the mark out of the gate and it will be well supported.
  8. Delayed roller would be an awesome upgrade in a PCC with AR ergonomics, hopefully they put it on a diet as well.
  9. I use dry lube spray. Spray it into a plastic coffee can then drop brass inside and hand tumble it. It dries on the brass and if it does get inside the case it will not cause powder to stick. Once loaded you can wiped off with a rag or dry tumbled off. A can will go a long way and is more economical than one shot.
  10. There is a big difference between brake fluid and break cleaner. Non-chlorinated brake cleaner is safe on hard plastics.
  11. You spray brake cleaner down the primer magazine? What frequency do you spray it out? I assume you are using non-chlorinated brake cleaner to prevent any corrosion?
  12. I don't think this got answered but the factory guard ejection port opening is about 0.62 in. I don't really see a need to open up the port if the extractor and ejector are working correctly.
  13. Anyone trying to install the extra power extractor spring make sure you aren't trying to use the original plug or an o-ring. With the larger diameter end of the spring down on the bolt you should be able to lay the extractor on top of it then compress it in the middle and insert the pin.
  14. I am running on colt mags but I modified my mag slots. When I added the extra power extractor spring I don't need to use a plug or an o-ring.
  15. I had some extraction issues and solved it with an extra power extractor spring and removed the plug completely. Zero issues since then. Do you have some pics of your extractor where it looks like it is contacting the barrel extension?
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