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  1. bwikel

    Colt Mag seating

    It depends on the mag. With the extra mags I carry on my belt, which are 20 rd. metalform mags, that number is 18. The mag manufacture may also make a difference. The point is download a few rounds below the full capacity of the mag so that you leave the top side of the mag slot open for mags to lock in easier.
  2. I know this is obvious but make sure your index ring is not broken or cracked where the shell plate does not fully index.
  3. bwikel

    Colt Mag seating

    Make sure to load an even number of rounds so rounds dont cover the mag catch slot.
  4. bwikel

    Best PCC trigger?

    Sometimes its how you lube it versus what ammo you run. Everything in a PCC upper/lower that has an oil film will attract power residue. I run my bolt with minimum lube just on the contact points and it runs a lot cleaner. I have also played around with using spray PTFE for lube. It worked really well but I haven't tested it long enough to understand how long it is effective.
  5. bwikel

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    I run a very similar set up to Memphis except I run the 5007 bitz buffer with a Tubbs flat wire spring. I just went to a dedicated QC10 lower and currently using a carbine buffer tube (I was running an A5 buffer tube) so with the longer guard bolt with the 9mm blitz buffer short strokes the system. I don't have a weight in my bolt so the combined weight of my bolt and buffer is about 17 oz. and the Tubbs spring I use is the reduced power version. I have been shooting PCC for about 3 years now between 3 gun, uml and uspsa. So far this set up has the least dot movement and softest I have run, and I have run about every combination possible. One thing I did change in this dedicated lower is I went with a Hyperfire 24c trigger so I am sure resetting those hammer springs does take more of the momentum from the bolt.
  6. bwikel

    Eggleston bullets

    My code is EM-WIKEL
  7. bwikel

    Aluminum Comp Wear on PCCs?

    The short version Taccom comp that I run is aluminum. I have not experienced any gas cutting or degradation of the material out of a 10.5 " barrel but you are more likely to remove material when you remove the carbon build up versus a steel comp. I had about about 10k on my comp when I cleaned it the first time. Some of the anodizing came off of the inside but that was really the only damage.
  8. bwikel

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I also use a mirror on the ceiling above my bullet and case feeder to keep an eye on fill rate. When they get low I fill them when I refill primers to prevent extra stops while loading.
  9. bwikel

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    You should definitely do more reading on the USPSA's website and rule book.
  10. bwikel

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    Unless your bench height is pretty low I do not see how you could work at a correct ergonomic height if your press has a strong mount and you sit to load.
  11. bwikel

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I have my bench height set up to stand to operate my 650 but I have a lean against seat I use for long loading sessions.
  12. bwikel


    It's a good thing they aren't ejecting at the 4 to 5 AM range with you being left handed and all.
  13. When these came out I messaged the manufacture and asked when/if they planned on a 40rd. Pmag version. Their response was not anytime soon. They seemed more concerned about what color the follower of the next version should be versus offering additional capacity. I don't see this as a viable option for a competition PCC setup in its current state due to unknown ejector durability.
  14. bwikel

    Less recoil on my PCC?

    Yeah because everyone wants 1.5 lbs of reciprocating mass and an extra power spring to make sure it slams home as hard and as fast as it can. Sounds like a recipe for a pogo stick. ?
  15. Glad to help, message me if you need additional info.