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  1. I have never seen a metalform mag (the only legitimate colt mags) need tuning.
  2. I have never heard of tuned colt smg mags, how are they tuned?
  3. $44 for an uncaptured guide rod and a replacement spring when you can just by a single spring and spend 10 seconds opening one end, no thanks.
  4. Think I read they weren't being released until late Dec.
  5. Just bottom out whatever primer you use, problem solved. I load everything with CCI SRP with zero issues, even with striker fired guns.
  6. If they had water in them they were never dried properly to begin with. Also this usually causes primers to corrode in the pocket and results in a lot of ringers.
  7. No I have not because I stop on my 650 when it doesn't feel like the primer is inserting normal. Even if it did light up the stack the way this bowl is designed it looks unlikely it would effect anything held in the bowl feeder, the tube on the press would be destroyed regardless.
  8. It would be awesome if they offered a way to mount it directly to a Dillon press and set it up to feed primers like a case feeder. That would allow you to load every how many primers the bowl will hold and it could feed primers directly into the press as you are running.
  9. I would be concerned with any lube that could dampen the powder and potentially prevent a complete powder burn.
  10. This should be a best practice. Don't put lube directly on the case use the container to distribute it and it won't end up inside the case. I found using a plastic coffee can with some flat sides works well as the brass won't just slide down the side as I basically tumble it by holding each end and spinning it.
  11. I was running mine in a Spikes SBRed lower. If you aren't trying to utilize an already SBRed lower I would just go with a dedicated QC10 colt mag lower and be done with it. My mag block would run any ammo I fed it as long as it stayed secured in the magwell.
  12. I fought with a mag block for over a year with the same issue and it was the Macon Armory design. It would run good for a while then start having issues where the block had moved up in the magwell. The only real fix for this is a dedicated lower or permanently affixing the mag block. I chose a dedicated colt mag lower.
  13. This is the only Para trigger I could find with a brief search. You my have better luck with a SVI trigger and having it fitted. That would give you multiple options on the trigger shoe if you wanted to try something different. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/932090 I can't help you on the mag release but I assume you are talking about for an extended mag button on a threaded release?
  14. You probably were not bumping the shoulder back enough with the sizing die. This is a pretty common occurrence loading .223.
  15. Guncraft makes some drop in trigger shoes/bow. Other triggers can be fitted and work for example I have a SVI trigger shoe/bow in a para frame.
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