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  1. Caniks are gaining in popularity. You might be able to find someone shooting on at a local. Maybe you could try one. I like the caniks. So, I'd recommend one.
  2. I believe some guns are more forgiving than others. As far as accuracy goes, most guns are very accurate. But the more forgiving gun usually gives the shooter more accuracy. If you want to shoot gun A in competition, shoot gun A. I wouldn't try to shoot gun B to get proficient with the intent to shoot gun A later. Just shoot what you want and get "proficient". Don't buy into the hype that the heavier gun is better just because it's heavier. Or vice versa. There are plenty of examples of someone shooting most every gun type at a very high level. Pick what you like and go with that. If someone jumps out and recommends what they're shooting, realize that could be them trying to rationalize what they've chosen.
  3. It's a Lyman. I'm sure it's the same as far as being looser than the hundo
  4. Primer detonation should be avoided. This problem just carpet up in the last few months. I've cleaned the sheel plate. Reset stations 1-4. I did get a new powder die around the time this started but can't see how that's causing it. The next step is to buy a new shell plate. Also, I'm noticing that the rounds fail more in my hundo that they do in my single car gauge.
  5. Yes. It might have been a combination of the promer anvil set too deep and the hold down. Without the hold down, the case moves and no bang. With the hold down; the case doesn't move and the primer gets set too deep and bang. That's my theory. Also, add in the chance of not being properly swagged, then bang.
  6. I have or had it. Blew up a stack of primers. Removed it. Ha.
  7. Is the little spring on the inside of the striker lining? I don't know of that little spring missing would.cause this but it's worth checking. If it's there I'd check the trigger bar or "action bar" isn't bent. Removing the little pin in the take down tab is probably the most difficult thing about removing the fire control parts. So, some people don't and might bend stuff unintentionally. I think that's what freedomsmith is referring to. The problem you face is, you might not the able to tell if it's bent. If you can't figure out what the issue is, you'll probably have to buy a new internal parts or seeing if you can get canik USA to take a look at it. It looks like you have an older one but the looks of that striker channel.
  8. Take the striker assembly out and take a pic
  9. I'm still not sure what the issue is. I ran 50 cases thru the first stages. Then gauged them. They all passed. Then put them back in the case feeder and ran them thru completely and had a few do this. I cleaned the shell plate case pockets. So that's one thing I can check off the list.
  10. I'm having an issue on my 1050. The rim of the case is getting gouging/marred and its causing the case not to fail the case gauge. I've switched sizing does. It's still happening. I tried to clean out the shell plate where the cases sit. It's still happening. I tested out about 30 cases before running them in the press. I turned them upside down and all the case rims would fit in the gauge. Then ran them all thru station 2 to resize. Each case gauged. Then rant them thru the press and tried to gauge the loaded rounds and 3 failed with the gouging. I guess it could be another station but not sure how. The shell plate pockets seem to be clear of debris. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. You either got the year wrong or the match. 2021 race fun is on October.
  12. Ok. This guy gets it.
  13. Fundamentals are a crutch for the talentless - Kenny Powers
  14. When you have bonuses being paid out based on profits, participatants are more important than competitors.
  15. Sprinco springs work fine. Glock striker, striker block work too. glock store flat wire should fit the W74. As will Wolff 1911 commander. The easiest setup would be everything springco. Including their guide rod. I use W74 w/Wolff cmdr 14# glock 6# striker spring glock reduced pwr striker block spring factory trigger return w/#1 split ring added to end. Smallest size at bait and tackle. freedomsmith trigger. I like the champion best. this setup pops everything for me. If I was setting up one for another shooter, I’d probably try all springco springs and just go with w74 guide rod. Saying all that, I’d shoot a bone stock gun and not even think twice. Just make sure your ammo will cycle the slide. BTW Centruy sells a captured reduced power guide rod. hope that helps
  16. Gonna get locked up. “wrong kid died”.
  17. I didn’t play. and it looks like I’m wrong about it being locked up within the hour. But.... if track record of how these threads go is any indication...... I mean, if someone even post saying what allegedly happened, that’s pretty much politics. So,...
  18. This thread will be locked within the hour
  19. Thanks for the info!
  20. IDK, just seems between the two powders I've tried in 9 major, the one with more gas has the dip and the other doesn't.
  21. He got screwed over! Poppers are supposed to fall. His ammo made PF. Yes, some went sub minor and yes that one round that hit the popper could have been another one of those but, he wasn't the only one that got screwed on that popper. A friend of mine had to call for calibration on that one too. His ammo wasn't so close to the floor and when they calibrated it, it didn't fall. So, why would JJ's almost too "light" ammo hit it harder than someone else's ammo that's hotter? See what I mean? Not trying to argue. Just saying. That popper was an issue for several shooters it seems. Red flag. Not only that, now people are talking, speculating about this. Which takes away from Nils' win and amazing match! Not cool! The entire situation should not happen. I'll admit, it doesn't happen near as much as it's made out to but it does and it shouldn't.
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