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  1. Single Stack

    Mailing ammo to yourself for matches

    When we flew to iron sighted nats for 124 gr Molys it was a little over 3 lbs per hundred. So we flew with 300 rounds and sent the rest of our ammo with our buddies that drove.
  2. I picked up a Q5 and started shooting it in November. I am mainly a production shooter but set mine up initially for carry optics and then recently switched it back over to iron sights and have gone back to production in preparation for Area 1 which is in May this year. For production (over the years) I started with a Glock 34, then transitioned to the CZ's (SP-01, Shadow, Accu-Shadow), moved on to the Tanfo's (Stock III, Stock II) and now am planning to run the Q5 thru the 2018 season. The trigger has been well advertised as one of the best out of the box striker fired and I have to agree. I went from a Stock II (with a Bolo setup) to the Q5 and really like the feel of the trigger. It will definitely not hold anyone back. From my side I am still getting used to the different trigger and working on my reset/prep but feel once I get dialed in with this gun I'll shoot it as well if not better than my Stock II. For accuracy out of the box I have been pleasantly surprised. I am using 147 gr Leatherhead bullets over 3.2 grains of TG loaded at an OAL of 1.15 and this combination is every bit as accurate as any of my Stock II's. Stayed after today's USPSA match to practice a little as the sun came out and at 25 yards was shooting the plate rack 1 for 1 and at that same distance shot a 10 round group off hand into a USPSA head with little difficulty. The gun will shoot as long as I do my part. I did find with the factory recoil spring setup the gun was over-sprung for me. From this I went to a fixed guide rod with the Wilson 13lb flat wire recoil spring and the setup works very well for me. I have also changed out the fiber front sight to a thinner fiber front sight, added grip tape and am using the TTI +3 base pads (for production). Pretty minor changes compared to what I did to my Stock II's to get them where I wanted them. The one thing I do wish is the rear sight arrangement had a little deeper and slightly wider notch to allow in a little more daylight for ease of picking up the sights during the draw and transitions. This is not a deal breaker by any means but just one thing that I feel could be improved. The grip size is a little small (reason I am using the TT1 +3 base pads) as I have medium size hands so I can see this being an issue for someone with large hands. As I am a LH shooter I active the magazine release with my trigger finger. I am still getting used to this but again not a big issue. The mag release button is large and for RH shooters I would think they would find it easy to activate. I feel for the money the Q5 is a great value.
  3. I am only getting 20+1 with the same setup so I'll need to see if the grams follower is binding up where the mag and TTI pad interface. Might need to trim the follower slightly to clear.
  4. Single Stack

    Walther PPQ Q5 Match - Loads?

    Did some load testing today (no chrono) at the range as I have been shooting the 125 gr molys for many years but hoping to work out a load for the 147's with the Q5. 125 gr Leatherhead 4.2gr VVN320 OAL = 1.100 (This load shot like a laser out of my Q5. Is also the load I am using in my Shadow/Stock 3/Stock 2) 147 gr Leatherhead 3.4gr VVN320 OAL = 1.100 (Load is also very accurate but 20 to 30% of the bullets where tumbling out of my Q5. Was testing groups at 15 yds) 147 gr Leatherhead 3.2gr TG OAL =1.110 (Very soft load and also accurate but again having bullet tumbling at around 15 to 20% when group shooting at 15 yds) Was going to increase my TG load up from 3.2gr to 3.4gr to see if the higher velocity solves the tumbling issues with the 147. If it does not then I'll likely abandon the 147gr and stick with the 125 gr for the Q5.
  5. Planning to go with the ZR tactical guide rod turned down to 0.25" for 1911 springs for 9mm 125gr and 147gr pf loads. The recommendation is to use either 15 or 13lb Wilson flat wire springs. My question are the Wolff 1911 recoil springs an acceptable equal to the Wilson? I have always used the wolf recoil springs and have the 1911 springs already on hand.
  6. Single Stack

    K9 MecGar Large Frame Replacement Magazine Springs

    I had ordered the EAA +5% extra power mag springs (#74264) and they do not match the factor spring. Did not realize it takes the standard spring to match up with the locking plate. Thanks for the input as it saves me from ordering the wrong springs again.
  7. What is everyone doing for replacement mag springs? The wolff springs do not fit the bottom locking floor plate. Is there a certain replacement spring to use or a specific modification to make the Wolff replacement springs work with the standard K9 17 round 9mm magazines.
  8. What is everyone doing for replacement mag springs? The wolff springs do not fit the bottom locking floor plate. Is there a certain replacement spring to use or a specific modification to make the Wolff replacement springs work with the standard K9 17 round 9mm magazines.
  9. Single Stack

    Post Ream - OAL?

    Any word if Bevin is up and running again with his new reamer?
  10. Single Stack

    Bolo install

    Thanks for the responses back! Just having a resource to bounce questions off of is invaluable.
  11. Single Stack

    Bolo install

    Installed a new Titan hammer, extreme one piece sear and Bolo in a new Stock 2 and had a few questions. When I installed the new Bolo I used the pin that came with it after finding the stock pin did not fit. Pin was loose and used grease to hold in place. Just would like a confirmation this is a correct install and the stock pin is not used. After I put everything together I noticed the thumb safeties do not work. I am assuming I need to fit the safety. I have not put in an extended firing pin block yet so assuming mine likely is not working with the factory block. What is an easy way to check this. Have a little over 600 rounds thru and getting the odd double feed every 100 rounds. Loading to 1.11 for length. Have slightly beveled the slide bottom corner but assuming with this failure I need to bevel a little more. New gun so been tentitive on the filing. Sent off to Grams to throat the barrel and was going to shoot it with the throated barrel before I bevel the bottom of the slide anymore in the hopes that maybe the throating has cured this.
  12. Single Stack

    2017 CCP Rules and H&K VP 9

    Good call! I'll see if MecGar is making VP-9 mags.
  13. Single Stack

    2017 CCP Rules and H&K VP 9

    Looking at the provisional 2017 CCP rules my VP9 will not fit the box. The frame with a magazine inserted is 5 7/16". Just long by 1/16" of the 5 3/8" maximum width. The length is fine at 7 1/4" versus the maximum length of 7 3/4".
  14. Single Stack

    Extra power mag spring for Stock 2

    Stock magazine springs are more than adequate for the Stock 2 and 3.. It is the CZ factory mags that need extra power springs to function properly.
  15. Single Stack

    Walt Rauch has passed on, one of the founders

    RIP Walt!