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  1. Shop for a used STI spartan. What sort of competitions are you planning to shoot?
  2. $4300 seems like a deal!
  3. I put .245 on mine. Poa/Poi is just right.
  4. You may want to include your budget for additional parts, etc. Most will be curious if you are looking to send the gun to someone to get the work done or do what you can yourself.
  5. By looking at the vid looks like its getting caught on the corner of the barrel. If you feel with your finger on the edge by the ejection port you may feel a sharp corner. Try taking the gun apart and just kissing that sharp point with a dremel. I don't own the CZ anymore or i'd include a pic.I had that problem with mine where it would occasionally hang up. The shells are strong enough to eject otherwise.
  6. Could you provide some more info on what you were shooting? Birdshot? Slugs? What were the specs on the shells this happened with? The 712 typically acts normal with any shells at or above 1200fps.
  7. Thanks. After I wrote this I ended up being happy with the current weight but polished everything. Feels super smooth now. Only thing I noticed is that the reset seems a tad longer than with the oem 4.5 connector. I'll check in with TTI about that.
  8. Gun: Glock 34 gen 3, stock before installing, no polishing - +- 600 rds down the tube Guys, Just installed the TTI GM 3.25 connector kit with springs into my gen 3 34. From the middle of the trigger I'm getting a consistent 3.75lb pull. Reset feels OK. I'm pretty happy with the package considering the low cost but curious if there would be any advantages to polishing the plunger and trigger bar in the right places to get an even better pull. My TTI connector looked nice and polished. I'd like to get it between 3.25 - 3.5# if possible. Thoughts?
  9. You'd want to measure from the middle of the trigger. As far as gauges go most range from 8oz to 8lbs, you could go digital if you wanted but the standard gauges do the trick for me.
  10. Good thing about accuracy speaks is that its straight to the range after.
  11. There are a few in the valley that could do that. Have you tried any of these: Bear Arms - Scottsdale/Shea Shooter's World - Indian School/28th Ave Scottsdale Gun Club - Scottsdale Accuracy Speaks - Mesa
  12. What area of the valley are you in?
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