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  1. metalform 10rds with Dawson base pads.
  2. I choose SNS 135 RN, happy medium between slightly snappy 124 and the endless wait of 147's.
  3. Tripps and have them change out the hybrid followers for the all metal ones. Plastic and Florida sugar sand don't play together in skinny tubes.
  4. I use metalform (dawson puts his name on them) in all my SS 9mm, they sometimes need a little LOVE in the beginning (make sure they drop free, ect..) . But work in all my 9mms I have a few Tripp 9mm mags, don't like the fact that a bullet falls free during a reload or load and make ready (using a full mag as a barney) Nothing against Tripp, there service is 1st class and I only use there 10mm mags in my .40 SS guns.
  5. I use diesel fuel & toothbrush blow off with air compressor. If you "de-grease" anything in Florida it will rust by tomorrow.
  6. The Ti firing pin needs to go AWAY.. .if you go to a reduced MS you'll likely get light strikes with the Ti firing pin.. Ed Brown, EGW, Wilson BP, pick one.
  7. There are plenty of things to lighten it up and have it/them make weight. lose the FLGR, diff magwell, Alum MSH, diff grips. usually an issue with most SS 9mm., that's why tri-topped slides became popular weight reducer. The .40 SSC is close at Weight 43.1 ounces with empty magazine
  8. I only run major with my .40's and use Tripp 9rd mags.. I know the make 10rd mags (Corey system) that fit the box, but i have no exp. with them.. I shoot a 9mm SS when I want to shoot minor.
  9. .40 SS really shines in (2) areas. Same load as your limited gun. Slide forward reloads go in like butter (because of the un-used space in mags) *word of warning, slide LOCK reloads require a little finesse. If your too hasty, you'll see a death-jam from H#ll. This applies to using 40/10mm &/or .45acp mags While we try NOT to go to slide lock.. stage designers are not always considerate of shinny guns. YMMV
  10. Dawson mags have the Springfield style feed ramp that stop a lot of the nose dive issues on full mags. IMO, they are the key to a great running 9mm single stack. ^^^ Metalform mags for me too.. no problems .. sometimes they need a little "love" to drop free and lock back, but they feed great, keep the springs fresh. CDNN has "Zenith" branded Metalforms for `15 bucks https://www.cdnnsports.com/1911-10rd-9mm-zenith-magazine.html#.XmESeGhKiUk
  11. I've never had any trouble with my PILE of 140mm GEN 1 mags or old style SV tubes.. BIg sticks usually required good springs to function 100%
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