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  1. tap the base pad on the table while pushing the round forward
  2. mags.. you'll never buy OEM metalform mags cheaper then this. I guess perhaps you could marry into the family.. https://www.cdnnsports.com/1911-10rd-9mm-zenith-magazine.html#.XX6VUNVKiJA
  3. I have a set of (5) mags that I used to only use for the Pro-AM. Stock STI followers and a slide stop setup to clear the long bullets yet lock back on empty. Seems I can count to 10 just fine shooting paper, but that all goes out the window, shooting a steel plates with a "par" time. All my other limited mags are Grams followers and a slide stop setup to NOT lock back. +Joe4d, just remove the top-end, replace SS and insert a mag with only one round in it.. you'll see right away whats happening or not happening.
  4. Your on the right track.. save the $$$ for more ammo/components Happy 4th.
  5. Here is the laundry list from the latest overall. Springfield loaded stainless Dawson .090x180 front sight Dawson extended firing pin with wolf firing pin spring. S&A magwell STI Hammer and sear EGW ball disco EGW bar stock HD safety EGW .200 bar stock slide stop EGW sear spring 10# wolf recoil spring 17# wolf main spring Reduced power mag release spring Ed Brown GI recoil spring guide Ed Brown extended mag release Ed Brown recoil spring plug Ed Brown firing pin stop Wilson Combat Hardcore extractor Wilson Combat ultralight match trigger medium curved VZ grips
  6. Can't believe you told him about the red grip tape secret..damn it... Here was the disco ...uggg
  7. This is what came out and stayed out. What went in......Dawson front 90x180, S&A magwell, VZ grips, Wilson trigger, EGW and Ed brown for everything else. PS, had to use hollow GI spring guide to make weight.
  8. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the bag of Ti firing pins I have.
  9. back when ammo was cheap, we were testing a proto-type replacement firing pin bushing.. as those and drop catch safetys are the weak points. http://www.snoyes.net/pics/p7s.jpg Ten guns one bushing, 3500 rounds, cracked just like the factory ones.
  10. I have an old Bianchi Askins Averger leather I used to use, as well as a Bladetech with fixed loops for 1 1/2 belts. I sold all my P7's and kept only a PSP. I have a IWB bladetech, but keeping that one.. Interested in either? I nipped the edge off the inside of the leather as it would hang up on the mag release. It works great, i used it for years.
  11. new to me, Skinny 8rd (major) production gun.. (*Actually I think Nighthawks are considered Semi-Custom not production.) * Besides, we already have rifles? And suitable for everyday carry "hanger" holsters? https://i.imgur.com/S7yFOFn.jpg
  12. I use diesel fuel and toothbrush , in an old parts washer, drain, then blow off with air compressor, lube as required. SInce i've gone to polymer coated bullets, I've only used a plastic brush on the barrel.
  13. I believe mine is #87.. runs perfect with Wilson 47d's or Tripp 9rd 10mm mags. Running long 1.185 col ammo. Had it high cut and checkered. Sports some Larry Davidson horned lizard grips, Dawson front sight .. 12.5# recoil with a 17# main spring...No voodoo, just shoot it.. would not hesitate to buy another.
  14. as long as they kept the pointed end forward, I don't care. Most squads are like herding CATS anyways.
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