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  1. Thanks!! am leaning towards Cajun Gun Works and installing the pro kit myself. Not sure if I need or want to change out the ring hammer though. I took the P-01 to the range for the first time this week and was pleased how accurate this carry gun is!
  2. I just bought a po 1 and plan to shoot it for awhile, then, send it out for upgrades.. Does it matter between Cajun Gun Works, or CZ Custom that does the work? I'm looking to have the trigger reduction done, and maybe go with the race/competition hammer.
  3. Thanks! PM just sent to you
  4. AND CZusa is out of stock
  5. No. I looked for OR ,but I on had seen part no. 0330025001. I checked CGW: not even listed
  6. I decided to clean-out extractor after over 2k rounds on my Shadow 2 OR. While tapping pin back in, it rolled off table and into the dirt it went, Lost. I had a spare (BenStoegerProShop). My thought was, spare is too long, but wasn't sure, as I installed pin; yes, too long as it would not seat flush with bottom of slide. I ordered 4 more extractor pins from Ben, & sure enough, these looked too long! Well, I figured I'll get out my back-up unfired Shadow2, and pull the pin. Pin measured .334; spare pin: .518, BIG DIFFERENCE! What are the odds that the part no. is correct, but the wrong pins are in the packaging? I'd bet on that I shouldn't need to cut the pin to the proper length of .334 inches. For now, I used the pin from my back-up Shadow2, but what's the solution? do parts get miss-packaged? Has this happened to anyone with Shadow 2 OR? I will call Ben's shop today and hear what they have to say..
  7. Snowman50

    Shadow 2 OR plate

  8. Blue bullets 125 TC (.356 special order profile)
  9. Lok Palm swell bogies are awesome! The texture isn't too aggressive, but it works just right.
  10. Snowman50

    Shadow 2 OR plate

    I just purchased the plate from eric grauffel online shop. I ordered from eric in late December, and it arrived from France last week, as I thought it would take longer to arrive. I mounted it Sunday so I haven't tested it yet. Eric was the only shop at the time that had them in stock. CZ-USA have been out of stock for over a month!
  11. Overkill, AND a total waste of space. You can always use more storage on a bench.
  12. IF you order from BBI, and it is shipped through UPS( max wt :48lbs), it’s fast. I order on 9/17, shipped on the 21st and it arrived on 9/24.
  13. *Update* Received email notice on subscription order: shipped, 9/21; case of 125's received on Thursday, 9/24!
  14. I did the same on Aug 6th, emailed for an update last week and was told that they should ship mid or late October.
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