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  1. Most likely is your thumb is riding the slide stop, allowing it to not lock back.
  2. R. P. = Remington- Peters Corporation.
  3. Ben's Shooting after dark Shooting Fast Podcast Steve Anderson's, but WAY TOO MUCH Van Halen & plugging products before he starts his topic.
  4. I take about 200 rounds (9mm), 2-3 squirts of Hornady One Shot, shake for 30 seconds and then dump into arco bin, reload.
  5. I have a Glock 17 gen5 and reload using Bayou & Blue bullets. I recently loaded up some Bayou 135's and Blue's 125 RN. My O.A.L. was 1.120-1.140 with Bayou, but could not load past 1.125 for the 125's(.356), I've heard that the 125 TC in Blues works with no overall length restrictions. Anyone have experience loading to a longer length with a bullet profile that fits gen5 without reaming the barrel? I like the accuracy of the blue 125's ,but would like more wiggle room in the cartridge using N320. Thanks!
  6. Actually I just checked, Bayou’s will plunk at 1.114(gen5), so I’m going with this OAL.
  7. Plunk tested: had to go to COAL 1.115 using Bayou 124RN; 1.110 w/ Blues 125RN.
  8. I was getting “ failing to fully go into battery “. I tried Bayou 120TC, didn’t work; 124RN did.
  9. I recently purchased a gen5, 17 and also have a G17 gen3; went to the range and had some feeding issues with the gen 5 with various bullet profiles (FP, RN and different COL). The bullet diameter is .356, and I'm wondering if I need .355..Thanks in advance if anyone out there has dealt with solved the problem.
  10. DK closed shop; Johnnyglocks is the way to go!
  11. Tough decision.. I'll likely go MOS, and later get another slide milled for my G17.
  12. Are your friends milled slides for glock? I ask because Glocks POA is lower than 1911's, CZ's, etc.
  13. How much lower would a milled slide be over MOS slide? Thanks!
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