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  1. Thanks! PM just sent to you
  2. AND CZusa is out of stock
  3. No. I looked for OR ,but I on had seen part no. 0330025001. I checked CGW: not even listed
  4. I decided to clean-out extractor after over 2k rounds on my Shadow 2 OR. While tapping pin back in, it rolled off table and into the dirt it went, Lost. I had a spare (BenStoegerProShop). My thought was, spare is too long, but wasn't sure, as I installed pin; yes, too long as it would not seat flush with bottom of slide. I ordered 4 more extractor pins from Ben, & sure enough, these looked too long! Well, I figured I'll get out my back-up unfired Shadow2, and pull the pin. Pin measured .334; spare pin: .518, BIG DIFFERENCE! What are the odds that the part no. is correct, but the
  5. Snowman50

    Shadow 2 OR plate

  6. Blue bullets 125 TC (.356 special order profile)
  7. Lok Palm swell bogies are awesome! The texture isn't too aggressive, but it works just right.
  8. Snowman50

    Shadow 2 OR plate

    I just purchased the plate from eric grauffel online shop. I ordered from eric in late December, and it arrived from France last week, as I thought it would take longer to arrive. I mounted it Sunday so I haven't tested it yet. Eric was the only shop at the time that had them in stock. CZ-USA have been out of stock for over a month!
  9. IF you order from BBI, and it is shipped through UPS( max wt :48lbs), it’s fast. I order on 9/17, shipped on the 21st and it arrived on 9/24.
  10. *Update* Received email notice on subscription order: shipped, 9/21; case of 125's received on Thursday, 9/24!
  11. I did the same on Aug 6th, emailed for an update last week and was told that they should ship mid or late October.
  12. Thanks igolfat8. I just ordered Amsoil for my S2 OR.
  13. Ordered a case of 147 FP (.356) on 7/29, received on 8/20. Much sooner than I thought!
  14. My daughter likes my Glock 17 gen 5mos, but shot the Shadow 2 last week and likes the S2 more! She hasn't participated in any matches yet, but hopefully before the end of this season.
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