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  1. I did the same on Aug 6th, emailed for an update last week and was told that they should ship mid or late October.
  2. Thanks igolfat8. I just ordered Amsoil for my S2 OR.
  3. Ordered a case of 147 FP (.356) on 7/29, received on 8/20. Much sooner than I thought!
  4. My daughter likes my Glock 17 gen 5mos, but shot the Shadow 2 last week and likes the S2 more! She hasn't participated in any matches yet, but hopefully before the end of this season.
  5. Smart. I had not thought about that! any money saved is a good thing in this sport. Thanks!
  6. I currently shoot approx. 9,000 yr, and my daughter is getting into the sport and yes I do reload. I spend a lot of my free time in USPSA and reloading. I've known for sometime that you should have an identical firearm if you take the sport seriously, and with the shadow 2's larger grip than the SP-01 Shadow is my main consideration for the S2.
  7. I currently have a S2 OR (1st time CZ user) and haven't done any CGW mods yet, but will be doing that in the coming weeks. I have the opportunity to pick up another S2 OR and does this make sense before I do the upgrades on my first S2, or should I consider a SP-01 tac sports, or SP-01 Shadow for less money? I've been shooting USPSA for 1 year with a Glock 17. Thanks in advance for any comments!
  8. Which plate did you get from them, The P10 or the one for Cajun Gun Works?
  9. Just purchased my 1st CZ Shadow 2 OR and was trying to decide on what optic plate to get. I was looking at C & H Precision, but would appreciate any input from the forum on any other options. Thanks!
  10. That sounds like a good plan to take up. Thanks!
  11. Currently I'm in my first year in USPSA, and the feel of shooting 147's is less snappy, but don't notice a difference between 125 or 147 grain bullets using the same powder (N320). I have been told stay with 147's because there flatter shooting. I tend to see the dot better with the heavier bullet in practice, but not so at a local match.. so do I shoot both in practice and then decide?
  12. Most likely is your thumb is riding the slide stop, allowing it to not lock back.
  13. R. P. = Remington- Peters Corporation.
  14. Ben's Shooting after dark Shooting Fast Podcast Steve Anderson's, but WAY TOO MUCH Van Halen & plugging products before he starts his topic.
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