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  1. It kind of depends on what you want it for. Do you want a USPSA gun? Maybe a carry gun? If you just want a great all around 1911, Wilson, Les Baer, Ed Brown, cylinder and slide, Clark, all great makers. For a competition gun infinity or maybe atlas...
  2. I’m with you on the tungsten guide rod. I would just like to see someone make brass pads for single stack. Reality is sometimes s#!t happens and you empty mags don’t want to drop free. One buggy reload can really set you back on a stage...
  3. With the recent USPSA rule change is anyone making weighted base pads for 1911 magazines?
  4. Happens to me too for some reason. I started putting KT tape on my right hand. Switched through a bunch of different grips and nothing helped. The KT tape solved it.
  5. Picture quality is poor, but you can see the debris lodged above the trigger bar.
  6. Mystery solved. Looks like a rock was lodged in the trigger bar housing causing the gun to seize up. Just a one in a million thing.
  7. Why is unclear. Normally of course you pull down on the slide lock and the slide comes right off. In this case it wouldn’t budge. The slide lock could still be pulled downward, but disassembly was not possible.
  8. Anyone who can fog a mirror can disassemble a properly working Glock.
  9. It had been shot 50 times or so.
  10. Last week a buddy of mine was on the range with a new stock gen 5 Glock 17, it had 700 rounds on it, all factory. After firing a shot, the pistol went back into battery but the trigger wouldn’t reset. Normally this would mean a broken trigger spring and on an earlier gen you could manually push the trigger forward and get the weapon to fire, but this trigger wouldn’t budge. The slide would cycle, but we couldn’t disassemble the pistol. Anyone seen this before? Any idea what happened?
  11. Other than that how do you like the atlas? I’ve been thinking about getting one for single stack.
  12. I just acquired a new staccato p duo and it is equipped with a Trijicon RMR. it seems like if I keep that gun lubed, the red dot gets covered in oil after a mag or two. Any recommendations? Should I switch to grease?
  13. I run a Wilson extractor and their mag release. The mag button has a crown you can use for USPSA or take off for IDPA. I also use tech well grips and mag well with Dawson base pads on my major and minor guns. What caliber will your build be? I assume.45, but I am seeing lots of guys using .40 now since you can load it to major or minor and you don’t have to worry about large vs small primers.
  14. Is this site still live? Been trying to sign up, but the payment portal is not functioning nor is the "contact us" page.
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