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  1. From my experience, it takes about 6 good months of training to become proficient with the dot if no previous dot experience. Since you are new to the sport, it will take at least this long to become relatively competitive in any division, so not an issue. I also find it easier to go back to irons from a dot. I think a dot (especially a 3 MOA) provides more feedback on trigger control and sight alignment during dry and live fire practice, which helps improve overall marksmanship. Additionally, If you are just starting USPSA, CO will typically only require one mag change per stage, making stage breakdowns a little easier. Best of luck.
  2. I wouldn't worry about too many making GM in a day with any selection of classifiers in CO. According to President Foley we should have some valid CO HHFs soon though.
  3. Glock MOS is a good platform, or a milled 34 slide. Optic is low to bore, which keeps the dot constantly in view with 147/130 PF and a 13 lb recoil spring. Whatever platform you choose, I believe maintaining the dot in recoil is what makes this division faster than production and justifies the higher HFs. Also, reference another thread discussing the merits of co-witness irons - they seem to help subconsciously find the dot when shooting strong/weak hand classifiers and/or executing hard leans. Others disagree, but maybe something to look into when deciding on a platform.
  4. "Expanded stippling, contouring and texturing of the grip frame to include undercut trigger guard and grip reduction" - Carry optics rules.
  5. JWhit

    CO zero

    My Glock 34 is milled with a Vector Venom. I do not have much offset between POA/POI, possibly because the sight-bore distance is less than a dovetail mount. I zero at 25 yds, which is virtually the same POI at 50 and strikes 1/2 inch low at 5-7 yds. I would support the aforementioned recommendation to spend some time on the dot though, especially before a major competition. It identified some habitual errors in trigger control, and follow-through that I needed to fix.
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