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  1. That is perfect. Mine is just about the same size. And if it’s not, then Mr. Dremel will make an appearance
  2. Ill have to take a look at one
  3. The adjustable tension will make it perfect. It probably isn’t able to work with a mounted suppressor?
  4. My thinking is it looks cool, I might just have to give it a try
  5. This is a true statement for any thing you can think of. If there isn’t a point to something, outside of the government, it will cease to exist.
  6. I am not super experienced, but mine has held up for 3 years shooting a few matches a month
  7. I am going to have to take a look at this... can you crank down the retention?
  8. Do ratchets really help that much over the standard Velcro? Is it mostly for after the Velcro wears out and you still want it to stay tight?
  9. Do any of the holsters work well for competition? Or are they mostly made to secure the gun on your hip as you walk around the woods?
  10. I have been interested in starting some steel challenge stuff, but it appears that there are not many matches in the north west. Is it starting to fall out of favor?
  11. That is really good news to hear. With the recent run on good centerfire Ammo, I am really looking into training the basics with a .22
  12. I was only hoping for around half an inch at 50 yards with good Ammo, and hopefully 1inch at 50 with CCI SV
  13. I posted this in the precision rifle section, but I don’t think it gets much attention. What are your guys thoughts on the JP 22 uppers? Are they accurate enough to compete in the .22 PRS style events?
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