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  1. I went with the Titan. Really excited to send some rounds through it soon
  2. It has an ICE magwell, but other than that, it is the baseline titan. Nothing fancy.
  3. I have a friend with two guns for sale: an atlas titan and a beautiful SVI. The SVI is about 1000 more dollars than the Atlas. They are both beautiful guns and even though a bone stock Edge would work perfectly fine for me, I am strangely drawn to the all metal frames of these guns. This will be my first venture into 2011s and Limited. I feel like the SVI is an amazing deal, but I don’t have many local people to ask. What do you guys think?
  4. Yes it locks back by hand, and there seems to be no issue with the feeding on the next round, or extraction and ejection of the spent casing. I filmed it on slow motion on my phone and it appears that it the bolt is going all the way to the rear when it cycles
  5. So I purchased a CTR-02 from a member on here. The gun is absolutely flawless and a dream to shoot. The bolt seems to have issues locking to the rear with both Magpul mags and standard USGI aluminum mags. I have fully adjusted the gas block and could not find a solution. Could the aluminum bolt carrier be outrunning the speed of the mag follower? And suggestions?
  6. I am looking to add a high quality rifle to my stable. It will be used for Run and Guns and for 3 gun. I currently have a hobbled together assortment of parts that work decently but aren’t geared towards the game. Should I buy a bunch of used/new JP components and build on a stripped lower I already own, or should I buy a complete rifle from the factory? I only ask this because 2700 bucks is pretty steep, and I try to be as economical as possible, while still having pride in what I own.
  7. Got myself into the South Carolina Run and Gun. Let’s see how I perform!
  8. Georgia, but I am willing to travel pretty far to do some of these. The South Carolina 8K is full, but I put myself on the waiting list for it
  9. I’m looking to start doing some run and gun type events, but I haven’t been able to find any in the south east US. To be honest, I want a chance to do well in a match and that means I have to bring my other skills into the equation if I want to beat the well-practiced-old guy types... anybody know of any?
  10. I just received a Super X2 as a gift, and I want to use it for 3 gun. Anyone know of some tips or useful information on this thing?
  11. Yeah, I cleaned with soap, then alcohol pads. I shoot a glock gen 4 34. I want to try something that is thinner so it will conform more easily to the factory texture
  12. Hmmmm... it seems you are on to something there... I shoot a bone stock glock 34
  13. Any explanation on how to accomplish this? ...I'm about to head over to YouTube
  14. When you are dry firing and you practice multiple target engagements, do you just pretend that the trigger is operational for the 2nd-however many trigger presses?
  15. I had the 3m grip tape on my gun, and at the range in pouring rain it fell off without even touching it. Back to the drawing board
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