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  1. DQ, whether his hand was on the gun or not, he holstered a loaded gun with the safety off.
  2. Not my feelings. I expect the rules to be followed, all of them. Tell me what you would have done if you were RM, tell me specifically what needed to be done to comply with your feelings of what the rules say.
  3. Banners were removed due to weather, that is outside the control of staff. Banners are not part of the stage design, so the presence or absence of them does not change the stage. On stage 6 a no shoot inadvertently got taken down, they had to toss the stage, that's because the stage changed, not because banners had to be removed.
  4. Rule book does not, you are trying to twist the rules to fit your narrative. DNROI was there, he must not have thought removing banners was a change in the stages. Not sure why you are concerned about a match you didn't shoot. If you were the RM, what would you have done?
  5. I disagree that it was a change that warranted invocation of 2.3.2 But I will play your game. Since I shot Thursday what would happen if I was notified? are they going to give me reshoots on all of the affected stages? If so, what about the people that after shooting. Do they have to come reshoot the stages? If they refuse to reshoot is that a 0 for the stages? Ido not feel I was at a competitive disadvantage because the OP had less banners up than i did.
  6. I shot on Thursday. all banners were up, I was not at a disadvantage by shooting with all banners up. I won't try to blame banners for how I shot because they made a absolutely no difference. It was not a change in the stages, no reason to notify competitors.
  7. Because Troy was there, you were not, he can tell you if it changed the stages. From what I saw, it was not a change on a stage per the rules. If barrels or walls were moved or removed that would be a change on a stage.
  8. Banners are installed as banners, not vision barriers, the stages were approved by DNROI. Troy was there, ask him if it constituted a stage change.
  9. Banners are banners, not installed as vision barriers. You weren't even there, why are you so concerned about something that didn't affect you. I saw the stages, all of them, a lot since I photographed it all 4 days, no one got an advantage because banners came down, I shot Thursday and don't think it hurt me at all with banners being up. Contact Troy since he was there if you don't like what happened at a match you didn't shoot.
  10. IMO 2.3.2 does not apply. Stage was not altered.
  11. Banners are not, hard cover, are not walls, are not props, don't have to notify anyone if they come down.
  12. John Stewart, The Range Officer is not to start the shooter until they are in the proper start position. If the Range Officer started them with a loaded gun on an unloaded start, the range officer is at fault.
  13. Might have been a couple of banners down Saturday but not many, I am going through pictures now. Engaging a target through a wall when you can't shoot it is wasting time, you need to get to where you have to get first to start shooting what you can shoot, looking at targets is wasting time. Banners up or down does not constitute a change in the stage. Sunday a lot of banners came down in the afternoon, I don't think it was an advantage to them, they had wind and had to dodge rain.
  14. Reshoot all of the competitors that did not start in the proper start position/condition.
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