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  1. They don't IME, but the guy is shooting Limited, using a 4mm base pad is a good way to go to Open.
  2. Make sure you check them to make sure they ft the gauge, I know a guy that got bumped to open because he was using TTI 4mm basepads.
  3. a light is nice, a bullet feeder, I use a bullet tray even though I have a bullet feeder. I use a Lee U Die, Redding Competition Seater die and Redding Competition Crimp Die.
  4. I get a lot of them but don't post them.
  5. sure he takes his finger on and off the trigger while moving, I have a bridge for sale if you are interested paypal me the money...
  6. I just shot a Level II match $100 8 great stages, lunch was included and the caterer is awesome, worth going to the match for just the food, and a real nice hat. Even had Free Beer afterwards. It is one of the best matches of the year.
  7. Obviously he has taken more than one step.
  8. depends on what the definition of is, is. Obviously he is moving with his finger in the trigger guard.
  9. he is beyond his first step, look at his feet.
  10. SCSA Moving (taking more than one step) with finger inside of trigger guard.
  11. 8.1.1 Safety violations The following will be grounds for an automatic disqualification: Moving (taking more than one step) with finger inside of trigger guard. Editor should have noticed this before using the picture. I take a lot of pictures at matches, I check for obvious safety violations before posting them.
  12. According to a video posted on the USPSA facebook page, Christian Sailer is the first to win all 8 area matches and Nationals in the same year.
  13. According to the way the WSB was written, I don't see any penalties. he engaged the steel, performed the mandatory reload, re engaged the missed popper and then engaged the paper. Engage does not mean hit, it means shot at, he fired at each piece of steel then did his mandatory reload, before engaging the paper, he satisfied the requirements of the WSB.
  14. How many calibers do you plan to load for? Changing calibers on a 1050 is a pain in the ass and expensive. I had two 650s ended up selling one when I got a 1050, ended up buying five 1050s and selling the 650. I like having a machine set up for each of the main calibers I use.
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