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  1. What rule says when in doubt the benefit goes to the shooter?
  2. Look at a target you know he shot, look at the grease ring and how the hits look, compare the other target to it, the other hits will not look the same, plus the other r.o. remember the previous hits. Not hard to do.
  3. Not this guy, has to walk the stage twice, always loading mags, he was bragging about how great his Glock trigger was, on an unloaded start, puts a mag in, racks the slide, bang! Shot hits the ground 5 feet in front of him. I said man that trigger is awesome isn't it.
  4. I have shot matches where a guy shot 2 divisions in 1 match, so he shot 2 guns on 1 squad, he doubled the work for us and cut his reset time down to practically 0, he also shot pee see see while he had a pistol on, should have just DQ'd him. If shooting multiple times on different squads I don't see a problem with it.
  5. A sidewall is not considered a berm at many ranges.
  6. says they can be shot at anytime. How can you give an FTSA when it has been shot at within the rules?
  7. So where would 2 Mike's 1 ftsa come from? If anything 1 procedural, but I don't know what procedural would apply. It wouldn't be for failing to follow WSB unless it was level 1 and says it has to be a activated prior to being shot at.
  8. Wrong, it says you can shoot them if you can see them.
  9. Say a swinger is activated by a stomp pad, you shoot it ( 2 Alpha) and never activate it. How would you score it?
  10. it says is engage all targets weak hand only. How is a single stack shooter or revolver going the shoot this stage without touching their gun with their strong hand after the start signal? How are all shooters going to ULSC and Holster with just their weak hand?
  11. WSB says Engage all targets WHO. It isn't hard, do whatever you want as long as you engage (shoot at) targets with WHO. WSB doesn't say you have to pick the gun up with your WHO, only engage targets WHO. I would arbitrate any procedural given for touching the gun with string hand to pick up the gun, reload, clear a malfunction. If you want to give someone a procedural for touching the gun with your strong hand, how are they going to unload and show clear? Make them do it WHO? What about Holatering after if clear hammer down? Do they have to holster WHO? Remember the course of fire starts at make ready and end at range is clear.
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