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  1. No difference in the extractor. Series 80 has a firing pin safety, i don't know of anyone that builds a 2011 with a firing pin safety.
  2. yes the case, the brass, whatever you call it.
  3. the way the barrel came apart looks like either wrong powder, overcharged, or barrel obstruction. You have not shown any pictures of the brass case, just the barrel. There is a reason you will not let the manufacturer look at the barrel, because they will be able to tell what happened. A weak barrel will not cause the basepad of the magazine to blow out.
  4. he is trying to blame it on the barrel, that isn't what cause it, it was ammo related.
  5. where is the picture of the ruptured case?
  6. where are the pictures of it with the brass that blew up? Looks like an over charge or a squib then another round behind it.
  7. Who is getting DQd for 181? How can the R.O. know they were at 181 and not 179 or 180? If an R.O. is DQing people for 181, they are looking for reasons to DQ people.
  8. start with 9.6 grains, chrono and work your way up, 9.6 grains of Shooters World Major Pistol probably won't make major in .38 supercomp but it is a good place to start, meters well, and is $20 a lb.
  9. Shooters World Major Pistol, Hyperion has it, they are not far from the WAC.
  10. You aren't reading the entire thread. I'm done. it was a false start, I have had quite a few shooters start before they were supposed to, stopped them, reset if needed and restarted them.
  11. Hence my "PCC are getting a free pass" nope, if a PCC shooter comes to the line and starts diddling with their dot, DQ, yet a CO or Open shooter can diddle with their dot in the holster all they want.
  12. there is a specific rule for that. What rule is a DQ for a false or early start?
  13. sounds like a premature start. What rule do you think makes it a DQ? Is this a search on a way to "Get" a shooter?
  14. Our weekly USPSA matches on Tuesday and Friday night don't have classifier's, the monthly matches do. After you have gotten classified, the classifiers don't really matter much. Throughout the year the clubs will have a classifier match.
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