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  1. It's usually on a multi string stage, where I verify it's a Mike preparing for the next string, so I fire 3 shots instead of 2 on the target with a Mike.
  2. I have fired an extra shot on a Virginia count stage when I knew I had a Mike. The difference is being down 10 points instead of being down 15. I think virginia count has its place in matches.
  3. how would it be 1 extra shot? Only 16 shots were fired in a 16 round virginia count stage, only 1 string.
  4. In this case, fired 7 shots, reloaded and fired 9 shots, he gets 8 procedurals IMO.
  5. I appreciate your input, helping to clarify how the rules can be applied. Thanks
  6. in the case of firing 7 shots reloading firing 8 shots, the shooter got a Mike, that is -10 points, plus he lost any points he would have got by the shot assuming he hit the A zone, so that is losing 15 points on a 80 point stage, not good for your HF. But in the case of shooting 7, reloading firing 9, he reloaded, early, gets 8 procedurals IMO, would be better to either take the mike and only fire 8 shots after the reload.
  7. Procedural penalties for failure to comply with stage procedures do not apply to the number of shots fired. Penalties for firing insufficient or additional shots are addressed in other rules and must not be penalized under the provisions of 10.2.2. Since he fired 7 shots, reloaded then fired 8 shots, I don't think he violated 10.2.4 10.2.4 A competitor who fails to comply with a mandatory reload will incur one procedural penalty for each shot fired after the point where the reload was required until a reload is performed.
  8. I agree but it is good for people to know how to properly score a stage, even if the stage score ends up being a 0.
  9. No procedurals, he can't be penalized for not taking the required shots, he does get the mike or mikes as the case may be. IMO he reloaded as the WSB required.
  10. George Jones, In this case, you are supposed to fire 8 shots, reload and fire 8 shots. If a shooter only fired 7 shots, reloaded then fired 8 shots after the reload, how would you score it ?
  11. If I could shoot a STI Staccato R in revolver, I would start shooting revolver.
  12. it is not a manufactured gun, it is an 80% frame kit. The guy buys it, finishes it and now has a gun. He has produced 1 gun, not 2,000. This is what happens when the rules are relaxed, people want to keep going down the slippery slope. In most matches no one would know, at Chrono for a bigger match, a chrono guy should catch it, welcome to Open Minor, shoot a lot of Alpha's.
  13. You can wear an empty holster in PCC, many guys will use their rig for pistol and PCC.
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