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  1. Ask DNROI, it has been discussed and articles written about it. I wish in the new rule book things like this would have been added for clarification, would make everyone's job easier.
  2. Not after the start signal, the re holstered gun that is loaded just has to be re holstered in a safe condition, it does not have to be in the ready condition of that division.
  3. It isn't clearly written in the rule book if the wsb says start outside the shooting area, I can have one foot inside the shooting area and 1 foot touching outside the shooting area and still be considered outside the shooting area. The rule book does not have a written rule for every conceivable situation that comes up.
  4. After the start signal you can reholster a production gun safety on, hammer back and not be bumped to open. Troy has discussed this before.
  5. That is two different issues, but you can reholster a production gun on safe and not be bumped to open.
  6. During the course of fire can ire holster a production gun with hammer back, safety on without getting bumped to open?
  7. I have holstered my production gun hammer down and the holster pushed the slide back enough to put the hammer on half cock, i then lower the hammer all the way down and re holster, is this a bump to open?
  8. You are preparing the gun to start the stage, you are still under the make ready command. The shooter has not completed his make ready. Once the range officer says are you ready, and you don't say no, and he starts the timer, and you react and start the stage, then you go to open for hammer back safety on in production.
  9. I disagree, as long as you didn't start the stage like that, you would not go to open.
  10. No, it just has to be on safe if loaded, or hammer down.
  11. So a guy loads a gun, takes a mag out, puts the gun on safe and in a holster, his gun is in the ready condition at that point or can he finish making the gun ready for the stsge?
  12. What rule says you can treat shooters differently depending on who they are, level of experience or if they are your buddies? I have seen range officers stop their buddies in matches because they were faulting, screwed up the stage, dropped a mag and it dumped all the rounds, etc. None of the above are valid reasons to stop a shooter.
  13. If the safety was not applied on a loaded gun with the hammer cocked and the gun was holstered, it is a DQ.
  14. Correct What do you do if a production shooter inserts a magazine, racks the slide, puts the safety on, holsters and assumes the start position per the wsb?
  15. If a warning on a safety issue doesn't correct it, what makes you think a warning on equipment or ready condition would be any different? Having different sets of rules for different levels of matches teaches bad behavior to not just shooters but range officers as well. Where do you think a cro at Nationals got the idea that is was ok to yell muzzle after the shooters (not just one but multiple shooters) broke 180 and not just a little bit, came from? It's from pulling that crap at other matches.
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