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  1. Obviously from lack of comments they have squared away the previous versions issues...
  2. Just reaching out to see how the new generation DPP with the new blue circuit board are holding out any failures as per the 1st generation green boards ? or is this design more robust? Please if you respond lets keep it on track and maybe how its mounted + slide plus round count.
  3. Bench, I picked them up from my local CZ dealer ( who is the CZ importer for Australia) they are EEMANN TECH great product and huge range options.. I only run Federal primers with this set up, with a 10lb Hammer spring I can ignite S&B primers all day long..
  4. I run a stainless guide rod with a 12lb spring a CGW short reset kit etc and with a 9lb hammer spring and a slide milled to take a DPP I have 2 set up the same one has a large round count and shoots flat and uber reliable with 135grn HP Jacketed projectiles at 130+ power factor. I make the under 1 kg for IPSC PDOL if I want to run in that class or just shoot in PDO with the heavy boys, I have a S2OR factory model sitting in the safe unused..
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