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  1. What is this, where does it go

    lol, what johnbu said.
  2. I'd say it's the toolhead cam or the casefeeder plunger roller. afaik, the casefeeder plunger is shoving the cases into the shellplate just forcefully enough that it's damaging the case rim every so often. Even though the ammo won't completely case gauge in the hundo, it's fine. You can replace the toolhead casefeeder cam with a couple different options that more gradually feed the cases into the shellplate, but you most likely also need to replace the casefeeder plunger roller as it's most likely worn.
  3. Vectan BA 9.5/9mm Minor Loads

    That's the chrono data I had for 147s. Figure add .4-.5 for 124s?
  4. Hammer Dropping Early in Double Action

    Shouldn't really be that much of an issue, that piece you're missing from the left side of the trigger bar doesn't really do anything, it's the right side of the TB that engages the disconnector wing allowing the TB to release the sear.
  5. Hammer Dropping Early in Double Action

    Yeah, what you said.
  6. Hammer Dropping Early in Double Action

    I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express recently.
  7. Hammer Dropping Early in Double Action

    Does the hammer tend to drop sooner when you slowly pull the trigger back or when you just pull as hard as you can? I'd take the gun apart and look at the disconnector. Specifically the right wing if it's a two wing. Send a pic if you can.
  8. Hammer Dropping Early in Double Action

    Stock disconnector?
  9. LIM Minor magazine

    Henning extended basepads with grams followers and springs. that's what I'm running in limited minor over the winter.
  10. Well, kneelingatlas would know far better than me, but it's probably a Springfield P9? If you already have CZ 16-17 round magazines, they'll fit. I'd almost get it at $400 just to have another small frame in house.
  11. There's no manufacturer roll mark? Is it large or small frame magazine?
  12. Prima Vectan BA 9 1/2 Powder Loads/Feedback/Etc.

    I have some BA 9.5 I picked up two years ago, and under an ACME 147gr I needed 3.6gr just to get an avg pf of 133, which made it roughly comparable to N320 for me. Haven't really messed with it since then as I have a couple years of TG to burn through first.
  13. ?? Does the slide retreat before the toolhead alignment pin locks the slide into place? A little confusing without pics or video. As I understand it, instead of the slide completing forward movement and being locked in by the toolhead alignment pin, it moves forwards and then sometimes backs up?
  14. you mean the cam arm bounces out of the primer slide?
  15. Titan hammer fits small frame?

    SA makes no sense...you should be getting the full force of the hammer in SA. Just an FYI, almost everyone's experience on the tanfo forums is with large frames. I run the egd extended fp with the pd fp spring and a 13lb pd spring in my primary and a 14lb pd spring in my backup. This combination lights off winchesters and s&b's. What I find is that in SA, the primer strikes are deep, like I'm almost about to pierce the primer deep. I'd stay away from magtechs, I know they're the same company as s&b, but for some reason the magtechs I had were the hardest primers I've ever tried. Basically needed stock everything and then some to light off.