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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been wanting a camera for me setup as well
  2. Already havin a 650 I decided to stick with it and ordered a 650x. They are having a 15% off right now until the 27th.
  3. I had a chance to shoot a prototype not too long ago with their Glock mag version. It was a stage gun. Very nice, smooth shooting. It felt balance as far as shooting goes vs most AR9's I've shot.
  4. Anyone using a MPX and a CMore Slide Ride? Question is do you kno is the stock sights on the MPX interfere with the slideride?
  5. As the title says people, just picked up my M3K and took it apart. It had a bunch of oil all over it, assuming its packing oil. I took it apart and cleaned most of it, but what parts do I need to lube?
  6. I recently went out and tried three gun the other day. I borrowed a friends stock JM Pro 930 and from time to time a shell wouldnt want to feed, it would be halfway in and out of the tube. I have yet to play with a Stoeger M3K, but will be picking one up in a week or 2. The only thing Ill be adding is a Taccom extension tune +6 for now. What they say is right, 3 gun is expensive.
  7. I shoot a basic stock G34 GEN 3 and have a tendency to hit the slide stop. Trying to learn and not get a full on hqrd grip with my weak hand.
  8. I shoot a basic stock G34 GEN 3 and have a tendency to hit the slide stop. Trying to learn and not get a full on hqrd grip with my weak hand.
  9. 2muchvdos

    SP01 in California

    I got parts from cgw and czc to get my sp01 to feel way better. SInce living in Cali and the handgun roster, and me not havin too much money, this was the best I could do and boy it went from stock to rock!!! Just shot mine at a local match and WOW, just WOW!!!
  10. Still new to loading....... lube groove? I get 131 with 3.2 tg using ranier 147 1.134+-
  11. So were allowed to put a weight as a sjc or a light?
  12. The big issue with SS guys is we have less of everything. Less rounds, thin mags and area to inseet mags. Basepads and magwells assist you in inserting the mags in. What gun are you running? What mags are you running and basepads? Also your magwell if you have any.
  13. Thanks. I finally decided to call them and spoke with Johnnys son, Julian. basically the 4 on the website are all the same with the only difference is aesthetics. I got a quote for a Spearcat H Bar. Once the ball starts rolling, then we decide what type compensator will be used along with anything else youd like different, i.e. steel grip or color. This is really interesting as I might be going this route for an Open build.
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