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  1. Wolff, Stoeger Pro Shop, Patriot Defense offhand
  2. Your opinion is invalid because you're a Master Boomer.
  3. Different hammer weights. The standard and heart shaped hammers are the stock hammers iirc and there's no difference in hammer hook geometry. The Delta Xtreme hammer has different hook geometry and is lighter than stock
  4. You won't be able to load that long on your tanfo. 3.5 should be more than enough for 135gr
  5. Dang, I totally forgot to check this thread. Yee-min, I was the CRO for the shoothouse, stage 1. Hope you didn't get too reamed by Shannon's stages. I'm not as familiar with the large frame mags, but I vaguely remember occasional issues because the K9 mag needs an insert like a 2011 mag to run 9. I've honestly never seen that issue where a round is almost vertical. Gun should run fine with an uncut XP extractor spring without break-in. Having issues with that many rounds left I'd guess there's some interference between the mag body, spring, or follower. Do you get the same issues when you run a stock mag, follower, and spring?
  6. L10 innovations, Reloading Innovations, Entirely Crimson
  7. Vectan ba9.5, ba10, maybe GM3. Hp38, Winchester WST
  8. The deer antlers are browning brass headstamps. Both are fine
  9. The TRS isn't a weak point in the tanfo unlike the czs. I broke 1 in 5 years of 20k+rounds a year. The extractor can be a pita depending on if you're running the stock or wolff xp spring. If your rounds are headspacing off the chamber and not the extractor, you should be fine. If you're headspacing off the extractor, be prepared to replace the extractor multiple times a year when you least want to. I'll be working FLOP, hit me up when you're coming through.
  10. Vectan Ba 9.5 is a rough tg equivalent, and still readily available iirc.
  11. It should be interchangeable...but you can't use a limited extreme frame in production/CO as it's SAO??
  12. One of the best things I bought for my rf100. [emoji106]
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