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  1. haiedras

    Prima Vectan BA 9 1/2 Powder Loads/Feedback/Etc.

    Cool beans, I'll be down next month working the West Coast Brass Fest, will be interesting to check out your load if you got a couple extra then.
  2. haiedras

    Prima Vectan BA 9 1/2 Powder Loads/Feedback/Etc.

    You should be okay, looking at my s2 chrono data 3.6gr gave me a 133pf avg with 147gr Acme FPs. I'd probably end up at 3.7gr anyway as I'd prefer my 147s to run over 900fps for accuracy and grouping purposes.
  3. haiedras

    FC NT 9mm brass

    Crimped primer pockets. You need to either swage them or give them to someone who can.
  4. haiedras

    Wolff magazine springs

    Actually doesn't work for the small frame CZ mags I run either, I always end up bending that hook out so it sorta fits on the mecgar floorplate. For production purposes, I've never run into an issue with the springs binding, if anything, I usually see issues trying to get the 17th round into the mag for practice.
  5. haiedras

    Stock 2 Production Holster?

    Ghost stinger(now thunder) holster is what came with my stock 2 when I first got it. Tried everything from bladetech, COM, smaller custom shops...and went back to the ghost holster because it just worked.
  6. haiedras

    140 mm small frame mag

    Henning CZ limited basepads with the grams follower and extended spring will get you 23 in a small frame mag. He recommends using the Mecgar 17 tube bodies, I haven't tested it on a 16rd small frame mag to see what the functional capacity is.
  7. haiedras

    New IFG offerings teaser

    Small frame stock 2s. And maybe stock 2 slides and barrels?
  8. haiedras

    Using N310 for 9mm 147gr

    Agree, your window for N310 is really small...like +.2gr is kaboom! from the pressure spikes. You can always try Prima SV as stated before. If you can find CSB-1/ETR7(same thing), that's roughly equivalent to N320 iirc...but without the N320 premium. Not sure where you're going to find either of those locally in socal though...
  9. haiedras

    Stock 2 9mm barrels - where to buy

    Lols. No in the US for aftermarket or OEM barrels. You need to call EAA, and tell them that Massimo himself said if EAA orders it, he'll ship it, and that they need to get off their butts and order barrels.
  10. haiedras

    When to replace slide stop

    What johnbu said. I think my tanfos have 80k or so on the original slide stops, and they're still running just fine
  11. You know that's funny, that's the powder funnel die I'm currently using...then I got a replacement one just in case and it looks totally different
  12. haiedras

    Which Low Cost Bullet for Glock 17?

    Acme got new bullet molds sometime late last year so their 124RNs should have a sharper ogive that allows you to load them longer. I've shot both 124s and 147s, and honestly as long as I'm doing my part gripping the gun, they both do plenty of what I need for USPSA. I personally run Acme 147s atm because at a 10k order, that's 6.5c shipped, which is cheaper than any other coated bullet mfg.
  13. haiedras

    Load data for 147g coated bullet with titegroup

    Dunno what others have noticed, but I found getting 147fps over 900 fps led to better groupings at 15yds and beyond. Didn't find enough of a recoil difference with the appropriate grip applied to warrant going super soft sub 130pf.
  14. haiedras

    Horror stories of guns cracking

    Primary differences are trigger bar, firing pin, and barrel. Haven't tried to throw a large frame slide on to see if that works. Don't know exactly the round counts on my small frames, but I'm probably between 30-40k on each atm.
  15. haiedras

    Load data for 147g coated bullet with titegroup

    Anywhere between 1.100 and 1.140 To be more specific, I've loaded at that entire range for oal