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  1. it's technically not half-cocked. Appendix D4, Special Conditions item 1: A hammer is considered to be in the "hammer down" position when the hammer is placed there by pulling the trigger while manually lowering the hammer (manually decocking) OR by activating the decocking lever if present. (emphasis mine) Any RO who asks you to lower it fully down needs to go back and read the rulebook.
  2. IIRC the barrel lug is located slightly differently between large and small frame barrels.
  3. Given the variation in slide lug lockup with the manufacturing errors, I don't see how that's possible. I assume these are all large frame only barrels?
  4. You know small frame isn't going to happen for stock 2s. Good luck getting complete slides from EAA
  5. It is. As long as it's the same contour/shape, etc as an existing prod legal gun, you're fine. Prod appendix 21.3. That's why you can take a stock cz sp01, remove the fpb lifter, then add an accushadow upper and *bang* now you haz accushadow!
  6. Any 40 caliber brass left?

  7. Just remember when I did my ladder loads 3.2gr gave me the same results from 1.100 all the way to 1.165 oal.
  8. Similar to 147. I ran 3.2-3.3gr at 1.100 or longer for 135s when I shot bear creek 135s. Tg is position insensitive so oal doesn't matter.
  9. BBIs are fat compared to the other 147gr FPs I've run. With unreamed barrels even loading under 1.100 I had issues with chambering the bbis.
  10. Good luck with that. If you're looking for small frame uppers, you should be able to get them through canada. Large frame uppers? Pretty sure those are on a by order basis. Plus there's a delay right now from a manufacturing machine changeout at the factory...so there's delays on everything.
  11. Those are prod legal. I've run those, shockbottles, and the hennings. Any of those should work on the 10 round mecgar mags.
  12. Factory got new machine and had to move the old machines out. New machine integration not going well, so had to move all the old machines back. That's the reason for the short supply.
  13. If there's some powder residue on the shuttle, the ignition can travel back to the primer stack. Iirc.
  14. I think Memphis Mechanic or Johnbu posted a pretty detailed explanation on what gets done. It's not nearly as complicated as a CZ, mostly because the safety and sear cage assembly are WAY easier to deal with. I'll have to look at my gun in a sec so I can remember what I do though.
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