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  1. The pin is designed to float to account for manufacturing tolerances and iirc, allows the disconnector to control the reset and pre-travel without having to do fitting as you would like a CGW T3 disconnector. Yes it looks weird. No, it does not fall out under extended use, or bind against the frame, or anything else mechanically significant that would affect the firearm.
  2. Generally no. Fully processed should be resized, deprived, and swaged. All you should have to do is prime, powder/bell, put bullet/seat, and crimp. I may lightly lube just to be OCD...but you really shouldn't have to
  3. It fits in any stock 3 holster. Similar slide profile.
  4. it's hard chromed, intended to be ipsc legal before they changed the rules for this year. I've had internals NP3d before, it does slick them up quite a bit, but honestly not really worth it unless you happen to be refinishing the entire gun. Polishing gets you 85-90% of the way there.
  5. Rick, that's usually from the brass being overworked, so on sizing the excess brass is being pushed into the rim area. Usually fails case gauging. I've usually set those aside as practice rounds, now I roll size and that takes care of the issue.
  6. I put in an uncut Wolff 13lb spring to test. The da is heavy but smooth, the SA is still stupid light. Have to ask a buddy in Australia what he did, I tried his gun at magnus and the da worked great with a 14lb pd spring and the SA had a distinct wall.
  7. You're a homer RN. but he's right, if you're looking for purple off the shelf PC bullets are good. Acme will do custom colors...but at a 30k minimum order iirc.
  8. it's technically not half-cocked. Appendix D4, Special Conditions item 1: A hammer is considered to be in the "hammer down" position when the hammer is placed there by pulling the trigger while manually lowering the hammer (manually decocking) OR by activating the decocking lever if present. (emphasis mine) Any RO who asks you to lower it fully down needs to go back and read the rulebook.
  9. IIRC the barrel lug is located slightly differently between large and small frame barrels.
  10. Given the variation in slide lug lockup with the manufacturing errors, I don't see how that's possible. I assume these are all large frame only barrels?
  11. You know small frame isn't going to happen for stock 2s. Good luck getting complete slides from EAA
  12. It is. As long as it's the same contour/shape, etc as an existing prod legal gun, you're fine. Prod appendix 21.3. That's why you can take a stock cz sp01, remove the fpb lifter, then add an accushadow upper and *bang* now you haz accushadow!
  13. Any 40 caliber brass left?

  14. Just remember when I did my ladder loads 3.2gr gave me the same results from 1.100 all the way to 1.165 oal.
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