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  1. I've had great success with compensators for taming the slide speed on these guns. With a compensator I run a 14lb recoil spring in the elite match and a 12lb with a compensator on a hunter. Both guns cycle 100% and brass ejection is no more than 10 feet. Without a compenator the full fat 10mm stuff seems like too much for these guns. As you get to a 20lb recoil spring cycling the slide by hand becomes an issue and so due feeding certain style bullets. I recommend staying away from the "supercharged" ammo in general (doubletap, buffalobore) in general but especially with these guns. It seems l
  2. I use synthetic oil, 5w-30. Light coating and it works well. Grease does a good job of preventing wear but can slow things down, especially when it gets real cold. I used to be all into the "gun" lubricants until one day I considered the price per quart vs. motor oil
  3. Hi Bill,


    Who did that DLC on the barrel and slide, it looks real good?


    I've been looking for a finish for a few pistols and DLC looks good but I don't know who to send them too.


    Take care,



    1. billthemarine2862


      I do not know the exact finish that is on it.  I purchased the upper from a gunsmith on gunbroker.   It really is very nice.  Far better than a Cerakote job.  That is for sure.

  4. It's my understanding the the PVD coatings we are talking about have a process temp of 400 degrees (Fahrenheit). Would this be damaging?
  5. So I'm trying to get into the competition game and am wondering if it is possible to get a 9mm top end on a stock 3 lower that is in 10mm? Im not familar with the large frame/small frame nuances. Secondly, would this be legal for production?
  6. I actually really like the ridiculous checkering. It leaves marks on my hand but that way I know I'm doing my part!
  7. I thought someone here might be interested but i found this, http://www.gunsinternational.com/EAA-Tanfoglio-Witness-10MM-Stock-III.cfm?gun_id=100504706
  8. It is in 10mm, upper and lower were 10mm guns. The grips are silver aluminum and i like them alot. I have them on another of my guns and they are my favorite. The texture is agressive but when your hands are ultra sweaty they still grabthe best out of all the grips ive tried
  9. I love that cut frame. I wish I could find a compensator that is a solid piece contoured to the shape of the slide. For example the factory comps are cut on the bottom and I want one where the profile of the slide is maintained on the whole comp.
  10. I just got a Henning Flat Trigger and really like it. I was skeptical at first as ive never had experience with anything other than curved but im taking a liking to it. I still have this hunter lower with stock 3 upper with Eric Grauffel grips and factory magwell. Im asking $900 but with just the original grips and no magwell i'll take $800. Would be a great start to build off of. I used the hunter slide for a build of mine that I'm now having sent to robar.
  11. Ahh the non railed frame. I got my match 3 years ago by ordering it from my dealer who made the order with "no rail" specified. EAA sent the railed version anyway and to this day I keep my eyes open for the non railed version
  12. Since it's Chris Costa I guess they can require w/e they want. They'd still book every class full if they required .357 sig as Im sure people would run out and buy a gun just for the class. Im looking for just the barrel preferably in 6 inch but 4.75 will also do. Id rather not get another top end as im swimming in parts i dont use as is.
  13. So my buddy is trying to get me to go to one of Chris Costa's pistol courses but they have prejudice against 10mm and require a 9mm, .40sw or .45acp for the class. Does anyone have a 6 inch .40sw or 4.75inch that they'd like to unload? I'd like to train with my tanfo rather than buy another pistol.
  14. I dig the look of them and if they are thinner than the stock wood grips it would be a step in the right direction.
  15. I really like the checkered triggerguard on the older frame. I wanted it done to mine by my gunsmith told me there isnt enough meat on it to perform the work.
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