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  1. RTS2 height adjustment

    Type of gun/mount?
  2. 2017 NSSF World Rimfire Championships

  3. Please tell me no parts of your carbine got near your Urethra
  4. I can confirm the Wilson FP works perfectly in the Taccom Bolt. Shot a match last night and it worked as expected. Hoping it will last a lot longer than the original.
  5. Suitable 9mm PCC carbines

    The Sig MPX is probably the softest shooting 9mm carbine due to the locked bolt vs. a blowback system. AR-9s can be made to shoot fairly soft, but it will be more challenging with factory ammo.
  6. I ordered direct from Wilson. It looks like the one on their website here: http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Bullet-Proof-9mm-AR-Firing-Pin-S-7-Tool-Steel/productinfo/TR-AR9FP/
  7. I decided to be a Guinea Pig and ordered the Wilson Bulletproof Firing Pin for my AR9. It appears the transition was cut with a radiused cutter as it isn't a sharp 90 degree angle like the original pin. Measurements are slightly different than the FP that came in my Taccom Bolt: Wilson OAL:2.6385 Large Diameter: .1490 Small Diameter: .1050 Taccom (Faxon) OAL: 2.6545 Large Diameter: .1505 Small Diameter: .0990 I installed the Wilson Pin in the Taccom Bolt and it appears to be good to go. Hoping the fact that it's made from tool steel and doesn't have the sharp corner will improve longevity.
  8. Building My Own Open Gun

    Good luck with the build David. It will be fun. Probably the highest risk operations will be fitting the slide to frame and the barrel fit. Be especially patient with fitting the barrel. There's a lot going on with how the barrel interacts with the slide when fitting the upper lugs. It's easy to keep filing away trying to get more lug engagement when the barrel may be springing at the front. Having someone local to you that's done a few barrel fittings is extremely helpful. Fitting the lower lugs is more straightforward, but requires patience to get a solid lock-up on the slide stop pin. Laying out and drilling/tapping the holes for the scope mount also needs to be approached with care. Make sure you center punch the locations and use a short bit or small end mill to get the hole started so it doesn't walk on you.
  9. Eric: What bolt are you running the JP Pin in? Their website says not to use it with anyone else's bolt. Just wondering if it would be a good option for my Taccom bolt. Thanks
  10. Found this picture at Strongside Tactical. It says it's a Wilson, but it doesn't look like the one on the Wilson website. It doesn't appear to have the sharp corners that most of them have. https://www.strongsidetactical.com/wilson-9mm-ar9-s7-firing-pin-spring/
  11. SIG MPX

    I've got an SBR'd MPX and an AR-9. I shoot the AR-9 better in most situations. I'm quicker and more confident on transitions due to the longer handguard as mentioned. I have also been able to tune the AR with recoil components and loads to run quick with consistent dot return. Those same loads make the MPX sluggish (heavy bullet, fast powder). I need to do some more experimentation with lighter bullets in the MPX to see if I can get it to run to my liking. Here's my quick take/experience on each platform: MPX (SBR): - Expensive + Very low recoil implulse + Short barrel excels around tight obstacles - Limited ability to tune the recoil system - Limited aftermarket trigger options - Slightly complex gas operated system - Running coated bullets leads up the gas valve and tappet - Less tolerant of running dirty + Excellent/reliable magazines built by Lancer - Slower for me to reload AR-9: + Less Expensive - Slightly harsher recoil impulse + Extensive tuning options (buffers, recoil springs, etc.) + Quicker/more confident transitions with longer handguards + Lots of trigger options (although some can have reset issues or double depending on the bolt) + Simple blowback operation + More tolerant of running dirty - Fragile firing pins - Magazine system adapted from other platforms, requires optimal feed angle and barrel opening + Faster for me to reload with pistol size magazines
  12. Anyone tried one of these: S7 Tool steel Bulletproof 9mm Firing Pin http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Bullet-Proof-9mm-AR-Firing-Pin-S-7-Tool-Steel/productinfo/TR-AR9FP/
  13. Since the Hiperfires seem to be contributing to the problem, what's the next best option for a trigger in an AR-9?
  14. Add me to the list. Third shot of an indoor match this evening. It would fire 2 shots and then light strike. Pulled it out at the safe area and sure enough it was in 2 pieces. Pretty disappointing as the bolt only had around 400 rounds on it.
  15. PCC & stabilizing braces

    Nothing says you can't have a carbine or rifle tube (receiver extension) on a pistol. Plenty of people install the Thorsden brace on a standard carbine extension.