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  1. Yes. I've only got around 1K on it so far, but it's working as advertised.
  2. Why would it be an AD? If I have a malfunction during a stage and choose to put one into the berm to test it instead of a target, is that an AD/DQ?
  3. It was a 90 point stage (8 paper requiring 2 hits, 1 paper requiring 1 hit, and 1 steel). If you were to attempt the partial and shoot 18 Alphas in 17 seconds, you'd end up with a HF of 5.29 If you just threw a shot towards the partial and shot 17 Alphas and 1 Mike in 14 seconds, you'd end up with a HF of 5.35 So, if you could save 3 seconds by not having to stop, set up squarely, and take a very careful aimed shot the math worked out. The opportunity to tag a no-shoot also factors into the risk/reward equation. The top 2 pistol shooters on the stage shot it in a little over 11 seconds and took the Mike. Third place went to a pistol shooter that made the shot and did it in 17.39
  4. Stage under discussion is the first one in the video below. Not a great shot of the target, but you get the idea:
  5. Tim--I was just basing the FMJ comment on what BigBamBoo said above. He's shooting 115gr WWB and has noticeable leading in his tube.
  6. There's some good ideas in this thread:
  7. I took a look inside my tube last night after 1700 rounds of nothing but coated lead (147gr BBI). Other than some unburnt powder and a coat of carbon, it looked fine. No lead build-up at all. FMJs with an exposed base and uncoated lead are probably a different story.
  8. Going from 9mm to .40 requires more than just a barrel. You also need a new slide or to open up the breach face by about .015" on each side. And a new extractor. Most will recommend a complete top end. If you decide to go down this route, Glenn at Lonestar Innovations does excellent work with reasonable timelines.
  9. What would happen if you failed to brush out the tube after a few thousand rounds of coated bullets?
  10. I hope you have better luck with your replacement. Unfortunately, I haven't seen one that didn't have problems in a PCC (either failing to reset or doubling). They are fantastic triggers in a standard AR-15.
  11. I assume you're talking about this piece: http://i.imgur.com/teGKplN.jpg Max explained earlier in the thread that it's just a regular buffer that's been cut down with the bumper re-pinned. You can also use a Delrin buffer spacer like the one NFA sells. The wave spring addition isn't really necessary to get the benefits of the Blitzkrieg buffer. Some folks like the wave set-up and others don't.
  12. There was a young lady that put a round from her M&P through her leg at one of Ben Stoeger's classes a while back. It was believed to be a result of a bad trigger job as CHA-LEE suggests above. Not saying that's what happened here, but it would be interesting to know how this particular firearm was configured (Apex kit, Burwell trigger job, etc.). https://bearingarms.com/bob-o/2017/02/27/amateur-gunsmithing-nearly-costs-competitive-shooter-her-life
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