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  1. Hey all...so I have a head scratcher and can't seem to find the answer. So I am a Florida resident but have been staying with my girlfriend in Indiana because I am able to telework from anywhere. Indiana is very gun friendly by the way. Anyways I thought about listing and selling a few handguns online. My question is would I be able to go to a local Indiana FFL and transfer to buyer, as long as its legal for the buyer? Not sure since I am a Florida resident. Thanks for any insight you might have.
  2. Late seeing this...always loved Ronnie and Wadette. Some fine folks for sure who will be greatly missed.
  3. Very sad news....RIP
  4. All yours!

    payment paypal friends or postal MO.

    paypal is:



  5. See emails and other PM's

  6. Another thing I have learned that when your all jacked up (being nervous) you usually tend to push faster than normal and get ahead of the gun. So being aware of that on match day I try and shoot 85-90% of my max speed and really shoot more points. This allows me the freedom inside my pea brain to relax and just shoot the targets. Match day 95-100% is usually more like 110-120% which can be a disaster.
  7. Awesome....pistol is on its way.

  8. I got the box of good stuff....thanks

  9. Yes I had got it. The box with the mags and belt and all accessories went out yesterday via Priority Mail w/ Del. Conf. Firearm is going to FFL today for shipping. Will send you shipping info later. Thanks!

  10. I thought i send the address sorry but here it is:

    Joel Plete

    5227 Windermere Ave

    Los Angeles, CA 90041

    Thank you.....did you receive the MO thanks


  11. I thought I asked you for your address so I could ship everything except the gun to. But I cannot find it. I would like to ship the ancillary stuff out today if I could get your address please. Thanks!

  12. Hello Paul,

    I mailed the MO today....tracking number 420328329505500011582166000079....i sent it to your email as well...thanks joel

  13. Got the FFL Thanks!

  14. I sent you my FFL info Ill let you know when I mail the MO.

    thank you

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