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  1. Late seeing this...always loved Ronnie and Wadette. Some fine folks for sure who will be greatly missed.
  2. PaulW

    Michael Voigt

    Very sad news....RIP
  3. Oh my I am so sorry to hear this. I use to love interacting with her. She had a tough whit about her and you're spot on with her motor home. RIP Wadette.
  4. Man I can't hardly look at that picture without grimacing. I mean really....
  5. Early on I use to scoop. Worked great in practice but at matches I learned that the scoop and adrenaline were a disaster waiting to happen. After almost dropping the gun a few times I abandonded this methood. So I set my wrist and my thought is to just rotate my arm at my right elbow down to gun and grasp gun.
  6. Hi Leo...long time. Hope all is well with you. I remember you letting me shoot your 9x25...all I can remember saying is "WOW". Great example you wrote and thanks for sharing. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Just thankful I will heal and be back out, others have not been so fortunate.
  7. Speed is fine as long as your order of actions are correct. I trained hard that gun comes out and safety flipped off as I presented muzzle up and out towards target and then finger goes on trigger as your finalizing your first target sight picture. Out off sequence is what will get you in trouble.
  8. Yeah I get it. Not really the same on the M&P's....still good to use.
  9. Yes but never again. It was a bladetech doh. I will heat the hanger to make sure muzzle and draw I am not sweeping myself.
  10. Well boys and girls, ladies and gentleman....the results are in from the intial test to see if there was a mechanical failure of the pistol. I did the full mag test on cocked striker...slamming it home silly hard, striker held. Buddy of mine, a master limited shooter did hard as hell surrender draws, striker held. Did draws from all angles, top, side, striker held. Held gun by muzzle and smacked the back as hard as possible, striker held. Checked holster closely as well and nothing looked wrong or anything that could snag the trigger. So at this point I can really only blame myself, nothing else adds up. My ego wishes it to be different but I want to be open and honest and I will do so. I am thinking about taking it to a gunsmith for another set of eyes just in case. But we really went overboard with the harshness of our tests this afternoon and not on failure. What do I from here? I have started to plan this out. One....lots of draws and dry fire before I shoot again. Two, repeat step one. Three, I think I am only going to shoot guns with a manual thumb safety. Yes an AD could and has happened with these types of guns, namely 1911/2011 platforms, but it is what I know best. I have spent 20 years shooting these guns and I believe a thumb safety "could" buy you a little time to get muzzle further away from your body. So thats where I am at. I am now able to walk, ok hobble on my own. Being laid up has allowed me a lot of time to reflect and make my go forward plan. Lastly, I plan to put my own first aid kit together and have with me when shooting. We really did lack any first aid/trauma kits close by. Thanks again for reading and stay safe out there. DVC, Paul Whitacre
  11. So gun was filthy as the range was quite muddy. Spent the morning cleaning it up. Nothing looks amis but a shooting buddy is coming over later and we will do the magazine insertion test that Cha-lee suggested. Appreciate all the well wishes too.
  12. Got the gun back but other that a quick look I haven't tested anything yet. As promised I with post my honest findings in hopes of learning the root cause.
  13. I get firearm back tomorrow. Be interesting to look through and test it. I will post my findings.
  14. Standard protocal for the Police to take firearm as they investigate the incident. At least here in Florida it is. They took statements from several people and course it was deemed an accident.
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