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  1. nunez

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    I want to give a shout-out to Charlie for being a great guy. While I was walking the first couple stages on Thursday at Area 7, the man himself walked up to look at the stages as well. I introduced myself and thanked him for his great book and all the information he provides on this forum. As we walked the stages (I was stalking him) he freely gave out his stage plans and answered any questions. Thank you sir for being awesome!
  2. I'll speak from personal experience. A pistol I bought second hand here on Enos had the front post of the front sight shear off. I called wanting them to just send me a new front sight and instead they said they would install a new one free of charge. SV's customer service from my experience has been excellent! And they did a complete look over of the whole gun for free as well.
  3. OR...if you have the money you can save time by not reloading and instead just open the boxes of factory ammo that is delivered to your front door and practice with that. And for matches you can try out Atlanta Arms Major ammo. Get a .40 if you want to play in Limited.
  4. Completely agree with this! I'm a shitty Master in Production and run a 13# with confidence shooting factory Federal ammo.
  5. Thank you gentlemen! I contacted Glenn at Lonestar Innovations and he is currently pricing it out for me. I'll post the results once complete.
  6. I have two SVI Sight Trackers in 9mm that I would like to do a barrel conversion to .40. SVI told me it would take them the same time it would take to do a new gun. Does anyone know a quality gunsmith that is able to do the work? Thank you.
  7. Here is a youtube playlist I've compiled for footwork drills: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3tjMTdGXGD5C01XLLi1-ZWi70Gxs7mQa What I personally have done in addition is hire the best powerlifting/footwork trainer I could find in my area. That really is the best course of action.
  8. nunez

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Thank you for going through the whole process of trying the Manny Dot. Helped me decide on the Dawson. Thank you sir.
  9. That makes me laugh out loud. Even on the third viewing. Thank you sir.
  10. I've taken his Fundamentals class. Ben recommends "beginners" start in the Fundamentals class. He says the Skills & Drills class for people that practice a good amount. His classes aren't necessarily built for absolute beginners. I'd personally recommend to dedicate as much time as you can to working through the books and DVD. May be a good idea to follow his training routine in the back of the book for a couple months first. This way you can get to an efficient level and then when you go to Ben he can tell you what you really need to focus on.
  11. I've had to dremel the RHT double layer competition holster a good amount to get it satisfactory. Also had to modify the BOSS holster to work correctly and have the holster sit on my thigh straight up and down as it was pointing towards my body on the draw. I definitely like the holster, but its tough to get it perfect.
  12. nunez

    P320 X5 Thread

    Does the dot stay within the window on recoil? I'm finding a bit of recoil, but I'm using the stock rod and recoil spring.
  13. Anybody willing to part with a DPP mount for the Stock II or know a place that will custom make two DPP mounts? Willing to pay.
  14. nunez

    P320 X5 Thread

    Thank you sir!
  15. nunez

    P320 X5 Thread

    Where specifically did you polish? Thank you.
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