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  1. P320 X5 Thread

    He also says his triggers are production legal, soooooooo......
  2. TTI +5/6 included springs too weak?

    Is there such a thing as too strong a spring or too much pressure? With my 170mm springs it takes noticeably more force to strip the first few rounds by hand but it cycles fine through the gun.
  3. TTI +5/6 included springs too weak?

    What springs did you replace with?
  4. TTI +5/6 included springs too weak?

    I called them for the second set of springs. I have no complaint with TTI. I was just curious if anyone else had issues.
  5. TTI +5/6 included springs too weak?

    No, I'm done with .40 Sold my limited gun. Gonna shoot CO as off-season/screwball division.
  6. Gen 4 trigger spring issues?

    Daniel Kinsler has posted on here that he does not recommend the XP trigger spring in a Gen4, despite working okay in a Gen3. That's good enough for me. Other people report no problems running XP trigger return spring in a Gen4 but I'll not chance it for a miniscule return.
  7. Curious if anyone else has experienced this. I have used the +5/6 pads (140mm) in both .40 mags and 9mm and found the included TTI springs caused malfunctions due to insufficient spring power. Failure to feed and once a disastrous binding of the follower which left the rounds piled up every which way inside the mag body. TTI shipped me out replacement springs gratis (great CS!) but unfortunately they did the same thing. I purchased the ISMI GL2 14-coil springs which are marketed for 170mm extensions and found that they work 100% AND allow the full +6 rated capacity. Are the springs they ship with just too weak, or am I alone in having issues?
  8. Suggestions for a new Production Pistol

    Uh.. am I taking crazy pills or is there a reason why you wouldn't shoot an M&P9? If you have to take a placebo via new gun to gin up enough motivation to come shoot, then nothing is going to change for you.
  9. Bull barrels

    I think idpa makes it up as they go along as it suits them.
  10. CM 03-05

    Shot today. Production 5.06 sec Down one Charlie Should be just under 95% This one has had the HHF adjusted upward since I last shot it in March 2015. I shot it in just under 6 seconds with two C down and it was officially a 91%. The current HHF is just a hair under 10.
  11. Hindsight is 20/20

    I think the best thing a guy can do is pick ONE gun and ONE division and stick with it. Divisional musical chairs and chasing unicorns is for suckers.
  12. I did some extensive testing of this in both dry fire with a par and timed live fire. FOR ME it is faster to almost do a jump with both feet, twisting my body in the air and replanting my feet in the direction of the next target. It's not as exaggerated as the word "jump" may make it sound. I found I was more stable and could break the shoot sooner with this technique as opposed to keeping one foot down as a pivot. In either technique, bringing the gun in toward the body as Jake describes is key. I would encourage you to experiment as well.
  13. Did I Make GM?!

    Just out of curiosity, what are your pistol divisions classifications?
  14. 147g Ammo

    I'd pick whatever is most accurate through your own gun.
  15. That makes sense. Thanks, Cha-lee.