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  1. CM 99-62

    11/25/17 Production 2.37 seconds Down 1C (28 points) 11.8143 HF 101.94% Shot from R to L (right handed)
  2. Other models of Gen 5 Glock release dates?

    No one knows. Several have speculated that we may learn more at SHOT show.
  3. This match was not a championship-caliber event. There were not enough ROs for the half-day format. I felt bad for them because they were visibly run ragged, exacerbated by running behind and dealing with squad bottlenecks. The morning relay ran long and thus the afternoon relay was 1+ hour late in starting. On one particular stage they were three squads deep backed up. There was 1+ hour delay between shooting. The PM relay was still shooting at dusk, in low-light. Frankly, if you shot the Saturday PM relay, you got screwed from a competitive equity perspective.
  4. I apologize. I've never heard that format referred to as "half day". I've only ever known what you describe in your OP as a "multi-day match".
  5. This is literally the only time I've ever seen anyone criticize or complain about the half day format. Half day is vastly superior to any other format for the average section match (9-12 stages). Why would I want to spend sunup to sundown on the range of I don't have to? Full day means you're worn out for your last few stages. Half day means you're able to get in your groove and stay fresh for all stages. Half day means I can avoid a night in a hotel. Half day means you can watch other notable guys shoot the stages before or after your relay. Half day is enlightenment.
  6. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    I did the same thing. Growing pains.
  7. Supposed to be posted tomorrow at 8pm on the Atlanta Practical Shooters Facebook page.
  8. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    You can do it. The most recent PPS podcast is relevant to your situation (the second question covered). Specifically adopting target focus on everything 15 yards and in. You personally, from watching your shooting, need to see and process faster. You must, at this point, push harder in dry fire for speed and let your vision catch up to a new pace. Makeup shots are your Achilles heel. Often you are making up alphas. Be confident in your shots and move on. You possess all the tools, you just need to do everything a touch faster and more confidently.
  9. P320 X5 Thread

    You can't find it because it doesn't exist.
  10. P320 X5 Thread

    Show us the rule.
  11. P320 X5 Thread

    Not legal. Manufacturer claims don't override USPSA rules.
  12. CM 13-02

    They have adjusted this one. Much more difficult now. 10/14/17 Production 3.12 seconds 40 points HF: 12.8205 96.87% Basically you have to run it in 3 flat to hundo this one now. It's tight but do-able.
  13. CM09-04 - Pucker Factor

    10/14/17 Production 3.22 seconds 34 points (down 2C 1B) HF: 10.5590 98.68%
  14. CM 99-16

    10/21/17 Production 5.91 seconds 54 points (down 3C) HF: 9.1371 100%
  15. Match "approach"?

    The answer to your question depends on the level of skill of the competitor AND having the discernment to objectively judge your own skill relative to the expected performance of your competition. I think you should distinguish the concepts of "mindset" and "expectation" because they can be very different.