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  1. Do you like the new Production rules?

    There's not much "production" about the new rules.
  2. I would love to hear a cogent argument on how manually lowering a hammer to half cock is equally safe, or safer than manually lowering a hammer all the way down. I'd also like an explanation on how drawing and manipulating the gun at half cock is equally safe, or safer than if the gun were fully decocked.
  3. Production changes ..

    What's to say that hasn't already been said? Foley got what he wanted, member feedback be damned. It's a solution looking for a problem, with the convenient side effect of cashing in on USPSA's second largest division with aftermarket parts manufacturers.
  4. Seems pretty retarded to me, but your target demographic is Troy and the BoD, so you'll likely get your wish.
  5. I've taken Fundamentals and Skills & Drills. Ben's classes are worth every penny. Keep your ears open and LISTEN to everything he says. To you and your classmates. Absorb his knowledge and approach to doing things. Watch how he prepares to shoot. I learned almost as much just by observing him and keeping my ears open for little wisdom nuggets as I did from the direct instruction. It will take months or years off your learning curve.
  6. New IFG offerings teaser

    Fingers crossed for Aussie stock II. I sent my email, I hope you fellas will, too.
  7. Allowing pistol change at match

    I've broken a mag catch spring. Daily dry fire will do it; round count is not relevant.
  8. Load data suggestions

    This is often repeated, but doesn't make it so. At least with coated, TG is perfectly fine.
  9. Load data suggestions

    I don't think 3.5 is going to be nearly hot enough to make minor with appropriate room to spare. I'm thinking closer to 3.9.
  10. Nice. Snagged one, thanks for the heads up!
  11. Grip enhancer?

    I like a product called "Grrrip" found on Amazon prime. It's tacky without being sticky, if that makes any sense.
  12. Which Low Cost Bullet for Glock 17?

    BBI 125gr.
  13. Six Bang N Clang Fluffy's Revenge
  14. Gooldy is correct, as per usual.