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  1. Bull barrels

    I think idpa makes it up as they go along as it suits them.
  2. CM 03-05

    Shot today. Production 5.06 sec Down one Charlie Should be just under 95% This one has had the HHF adjusted upward since I last shot it in March 2015. I shot it in just under 6 seconds with two C down and it was officially a 91%. The current HHF is just a hair under 10.
  3. Hindsight is 20/20

    I think the best thing a guy can do is pick ONE gun and ONE division and stick with it. Divisional musical chairs and chasing unicorns is for suckers.
  4. I did some extensive testing of this in both dry fire with a par and timed live fire. FOR ME it is faster to almost do a jump with both feet, twisting my body in the air and replanting my feet in the direction of the next target. It's not as exaggerated as the word "jump" may make it sound. I found I was more stable and could break the shoot sooner with this technique as opposed to keeping one foot down as a pivot. In either technique, bringing the gun in toward the body as Jake describes is key. I would encourage you to experiment as well.
  5. Did I Make GM?!

    Just out of curiosity, what are your pistol divisions classifications?
  6. 147g Ammo

    I'd pick whatever is most accurate through your own gun.
  7. That makes sense. Thanks, Cha-lee.
  8. Jake, sincerely, thanks for taking the time to do such a thorough breakdown. You have a keen eye. On the flagged thumb thing, I really can't explain it. It's not something I intend to do or consciously think about. I just catch myself doing it sometimes. My hasty theory is that it's a perception of having a really high grip, as high up into the beavertail as possible. There is a definite theme here, and it is creating a wider base with my feet and legs. A wider base will improve target transitions (minimizing shuffle) and provide a better platform from which to make the next movement. I will be putting a heavy emphasis on footwork training this month. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks Gooldy. That mag refused to drop free for some reason. Maybe liquid grip buildup? I'm going to apply some Armor-All inside the magwell. I appreciate your notes, I did notice from my own review that I'm picking up my feet out of position anticipating leaving but not driving out of position strongly. Even worse, sometimes putting the foot back down before moving. Position exits will be a training focus this month.
  10. Just Call Me Charlie Mike

    Okay, I'm responding on here because texting this would be annoying. On the subject of leans/ hard leans: look at your feet. Instead of staying grounded on both feet and using your leg strength to pivot and balance yourself, you are planting your outside foot and on tiptoe of your inside foot. You are creating an imbalance that translates to your gun instability. Your center of gravity is way biased to the outside so you're not getting great push in your position exits. If you plant both feet, you can lean and use your legs to provide stability and power out when you're done shooting. I'm gonna have to roast your stage plan on #6. You artificially created a target to leave on/shoot out of position. I understand what you're thinking, but what you've done as an unintended consequence is create another transition out of a tough lean in the OPPOSITE direction of the next position. You had to contort your body weirdly and you gave yourself less time/distance to accomplish the reload and have the gun up for the next array. Take that array linearly. In general, too many make-up shots. Take the extra tenth to break a good shot the first time. It will almost always be worth it mathematically versus making one up. You are correct that the most glaring issue is set-ups and positioning. A lot of foot shuffling in two areas: 1. Finding your position. This is a walkthru/visualization thing. Gotta find the spot in walkthru and then burn it in. On stage one you overran the second position. You have to look at the specific spot on the ground in your approach and then get the eyes back up on target. Then your body needs to decelerate the appropriate amount to hit the spot and "stick the landing". Spatial awareness and all that. You can dryfire this scenario. 2. Shuffling once in position. Once you hit a position, you're shifting your feet during target transitions. The goal should be to get your feet planted and keep them there until you finish that array, when practicable. Look at your feet at the ports on stage one and two. Count how many times you pick your foot up. Most of that is unnecessary because you have a huge range of motion in your knees and hips. Use that range of motion to move your torso in lieu of shifting your feet. Watch my video on one and two and compare our feet movement. Your wide transitions are a little lackadaisical. (Maybe dropping the gun a little, too.) Experiment in dry fire.
  11. Shot this match like I would shoot a major, after experimenting with speed the last few local matches. So that meant I was headhunting for points. I am mostly pleased with my performance, with a few bobbles and movement issues I'd like to improve. You'll be doing me a favor if you watch and critique my shooting.
  12. Critiquing your stage plans is probably going to be a fruitless enterprise online, unless someone on here shot the same stages on the ground. Stage planning just takes time and experience. I suggest you squad with the best shooters at your club, regardless of division, and pick their brains. Ask them why they do the things they do and the explanation for their decisions. The biggest thing I noticed in watching your video is a weak and ineffective grip. A heavy steel gun like that with minor power factor should not be recoiling as severely as it is. You need to grip harder and maybe increase your grip strength if you are deficient in that department.
  13. AR section match

    I will echo the earlier comments about position entries. You a are waiting until both feet are planted and your body is settled to begin shooting. You shoot plenty fast, but you can shoot sooner. This also applies to swingers. It appears that you are waiting for the dwell to break the first shot and you have to rush the second. If you index to the point in space where you know the a zone is going to present itself, you can start blasting as soon as it emerges from behind the barrier. Then track it down to the dwell and break your second shot. You get to ambush twice that way and transition off sooner. I like your transition skills. Your overall game is looking spicy!
  14. Blake drill, accelerator, distance changeup, el prez, set up classifiers. The list is endless. You have to invest the time to identify the shooting elements you need to work on and find the drills that isolate those elements.