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  1. I got a 929!

    I sent mine to TK Customs they did the cylinder the same day and mailed it back and that was a week before Nationals lol.
  2. .356 Poly Coated Lead

    I shoot 160grn bullets in my revolver sized to .356 from BBI they are awesome bullets have shot about 30k and no issues
  3. I have a factory Springfield 1911A1 with a Novak Style Rear Sight setup. I can't find a a good adjustable one and matching front sight that I like. Can I get this cut to the same style as a STI rear sight I love them?
  4. Mr Bulletfeeder

    I run my MBF with 160grn 9mm and have a few every so often flip. Make sure the angle is correct and the guide for the bullet nose. And my bullets are coated BBI
  5. N320 and 160grn For 9mm Revo

    Anyone else?
  6. Is anyone still shooting Revolver Major in USPSA?

    I use mine as a backup to my 929 but I still only get scored minor though since its a backup gun
  7. True but a shorter barrel should be less powder and HP-38 is close to W-231 wouldn't it? I might be crazy today though been a long one
  8. I run 3.2grn of W-231 with 160grn BBI at 1.135 and have no issues and I haven't cleaned my gun in 500rnds and it made 133PF at the Alabama Sectional
  9. Ramshot Competition Wins Over N320 Again

    If you need some in MD let me know lol
  10. Newbie from MD

    I have a holster and setup for my glock 17 if u shoot any matches with me just need ammo
  11. Newbie from MD

    I shoot all over the area just shoot me a PM I can send you some links
  12. Right Handed, Left Eye Dominant

    I'm right handed left eye dominant I just draw when I push out the gun is over my left side and I have never had a problem. My gun while shoot is just to my left side an extra inch or so.
  13. I found even in my bottom feeders this would happen. I presently use an EGW U-die and don't have this problem any longer. If I do I take one round at a time off untill it drops in. That round usually was buldges more towards base
  14. Do you have the chambers chamfered