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  1. I have a M2 Pistol Grip I would like to sell. I like the PG Stock but not as well as the Comfort Tech for recoil... Mike
  2. AR 22 quality?

    I hope you are right ... I bug Ken at the Pro-AM every time I see him and he has been leading me to believe that for over 3 years..... I have a 22 Upper but I would like a better one....
  3. AR 22 quality?

    i would love to have one... To bad they don't make them any more
  4. My Honda Accord

    This is an old thread but BTT.. :-) Just rolled 400k in my old Accord.... On my way to 500k with the original motor and transmition... got to love it....
  5. I talked to Gary about that last weekend and he said he was going to get out an email with information in the next couple weeks. You haven't missed any communication yet...
  6. Weak hand or Load 2?

    I currently weakhand load 4 from caddies but I just ROed the Rockcastle SG match and was able to observe ~ 100 shooters on 2 stages and I will admit I was pretty impressed with the +2 method. I believe the top spots went to the load 4 caddies but the load 2 looks pretty good for the average shooter. I also learned that you need to be able to load in a dead run to be in the top few.... I do well just to run myself....
  7. Hmm, I wasn't planning to bring a cart due to the potential distance from the lodge. Are all the stages / zones pretty close this time? I know they have inner roads / trails that connect every thing but...
  8. Pelican/Starlight Type Case

    Here is a link to a picture of a Storm 3300 with 3 guns... Link
  9. If you are talking the Pro-Am ones, they were home made as well. Those were my 5X5's being used. What size were the bases? I believe they were rectangular. did you have a flag or foot on the rebar ot keep it stable in the ground? They were cut in a capital "I" shape. Ill have to check the dimensions tonight. No foort on the base pole. that is a good idea. I notice at the Pro-Am they were "I" shaped. Was that by design or just the material you had available? If it's by design do you find it worth the extra effort to produce? Thanks, Mike
  10. I don't know about a 10hr drive for a Club Match but one of, if not THE best Club level match I have been to is in Owensboro, KY, Gary puts on an excellent match. At the Pro-Am he mentioned even stepping it up a bit for this Octobers match.
  11. My Honda Accord

    Finally figured out what was wrong with the picture.
  12. My Honda Accord

    I'm a big Honda Fan myself. I recently installed my 3rd Timing belt and rolled 300k on my 92' Accord. It's been a great car, I wish I could buy a new one just like it....
  13. MCfooter

    Sorry for the delay guys, I haven't been able to read much lately and a friend mentioned this post... The gun holders are something I made up for temporary use but they worked so well I just left them. They are made from "Lean Tooling" Material used for making Storage racks and misc. stuff. The brands are Fastube and Creform. I have been told Fastube is easier to work with in small quantities. I used mostly fitting CN1 then CN7 to attach to the stroller. Mine is setup to run 2 or 4 long guns which I normally just leave at 4 so friends can bumb a ride... Good Luck, Mike
  14. I may have missed them but will stage descriptions be available before game day?