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  1. Shots not getting picked up.

    No throwing rocks brothers. I was speaking from my point of veiw as a MD , RO, and club B.O.D. member. My other point of view is that I myself am a PCC shooter and you could say was a big proponent of it and helped bring(some might say pushed) it to my club. I have intentionally made my gun as loud as possible without sacrificing performance to reduce the possibility of timer issues. I have been on both sides of timer and I have been "beaten" on a stage or two where video clearly shows a time discrepancy.
  2. Shots not getting picked up.

    PCC was "sold" to the membership on the basis that matches wouldn't have to change to accommodate PCC. If new tech has to be bought I would call that a fail in this case.
  3. Shots not getting picked up.

    Id say step one should be: MDs or other club officials should play with the sensitivity of the timers, just go play with them and figure out the best setting. Step two: Inform ROs that we should take a little more care in making sure we get the last shot, PCC or not since it can happen if a pistol shooter outruns you. Step three: If steps one and two have been followed than tell the PCC folks need to make their gun louder or bring extra ammo for reshoots. PCC shooters are "guests" at USPSA matches, no need to make the host bend over backwards(buy special timers or mics, ect) to accommodate. I know this isnt the answer the OP wanted, its just the way I see it.
  4. PCC start "stock on belt" ?

    Current rules allow you to pull your PCC(USPSA) from your cart/bag/case away from the line(pointed at a berm or backstop) and carry it vertical to the line for make ready. There is no need to drag your cart/bag/case to the line. Or I read your message wrong and you understand that for USPSA, but you are talking about Steel Challenge being different. I dont follow the SC rules.
  5. I have a 1 5/8" carbon fiber tube handguard with no holes in it. I know most rifles run larger ones, but Im wonder if anyone has any tips/tricks for adding short rail sections to CF tubes as far as attachment hardware goes. Thanks
  6. New Hand guard out for the MPX

    Got to handle a MPX with the Isler handguard last weekend. It chopped a good chunk of weight off the gun and feels a lot better than the factory part.
  7. Sorry, guess I misunderstood or forgot.
  8. Weird, this just happened at a match I was at. While I don't know the specifics of the options given to the shooter, I know the result was that the shooter paid another match fee, re-entered with a pistol and shot the match. I agree with JodiH's assessment
  9. Clean the bore? Thats a thing? I only do that to guns if accuracy goes to hell and I know thats the reason. I just unpin the upper and lower, hose out with automotive throttle body cleaner, dry off with compressed air and relube. I use the TB cleaner over brake clean because the TB cleaner we have here at the shop leaves a thin film of dry lube that prevents rusting. Metal will rust if you use brake clean and don't get everything covered back up with lube. ETA: Dremel engraver with a finish nail for a bit to chip the crud out of the comp.
  10. That is my buffer setup in the pic. I simply de-pinned and popped out the blue rubber bumper from a standard carbine buffer, dumped out the weights, used a plumbers pipe cutter to cut down the buffer body, reinserted the rubber bumper, cross drilled it and re-pinned it. From there its just a matter of trimming the rubber bumper until you get the desired stroke length. I don't remember if Max mentioned it, but you need a Vltor A5 tube to stuff all that into. The NFA spacer will probably work, I just used what I had on hand.
  11. Broke my first JP(current style) at about 10k rounds and 3 months of daily dryfire.
  12. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    George, First of all thank you for RM'ing the match, second thank you for your statement on this situation. (Not directed to George, just in general): I'm guessing we are going to see this practice go away or at least "cleaned up" a bit, one fault I see with it is when a non-competitor prematurely patches a target. I know lots of us bring our kids, spouses, family to matches and wrangle them into pasting , on my squad at the Mid-ATL and young girl, not competing pre pasted a target for a competitor she did not even know. Pretty obvious that there was no ill intention there. How could that be handled if we continued this practice?
  13. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    That official claimed to be a CRO(i haven't verified).. I witnessed the same event and to top it off the CRO was able to tell the shooters hits on a well used target by looking at the rain bag that was placed on it after the premature patching.. Yeah OK... I also found it aggravating that after the shooters meeting speech about no one allowed in the COF that later that day we were damn near getting yelled at to get out there and paste while the score keeper was scoring as the stage was being shot. Yes, I get it, bad weather was coming and going all day and things were trying to be hurried up, but if you lay down a rule that tells me to keep my ass out of the COF, dont yell at me for keeping my ass out of the COF.
  14. BBI 125's and WSF

    125BBI, 4.5WSF, 1.125OAL, went 140pf over the chronos at the Mid-Atlantic Sectional for me out of an aftermarket Glock 19 barrel. I have loaded up some of the same with 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 should get them tested soon. I can do some CZ testing if you like, I have two Shadows, a P-01 and access to a P-09 My PCC load is 3.9gr and runs just shy of 125pf out of the Glock barrel and 132pf out of my 14.5" JP PCC barrel. ETA: when I say soon, I mean if I can get my stuff together it will be today.
  15. Glock porn