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  1. Dan Bedell Limited

    My friend has a few of his guns. Great workmanship. Very reliable. Very Accurate. I have shot them and was impressed. Just to start a flame war, he is probably one of the top three pistolsmiths in the country.
  2. My CED M2 Screen are a few years old, maybe four. In NM with the temperature about the same as in AZ for A2 my NM velocities were significantly low hence PF than when the ammo was Choron'd at A2. NM was about 167 and AZ was 173. This is pretty significant to me. Previously, my NM velocities were very very close to those in AZ and NV (Area 2 and Nationals). Now I have lost confidence in the CED. I read (off a google search that older CED and produce lower velocities) there might be issues with older ones since it was on the internet it must be true-Right At A2 4.41 gr of VV 320 200gr Zero = 171pf, today 4.4 gr VV320 200 gr Zero = 160 pf. This is crazy. Any ideas?
  3. Unload d start

    Correct Steve.
  4. PCC Ready Position

    The rule book?
  5. A primer can cause a stoppage. You can force it up but I would loosen the primer tube first. Yes, primers will spill everywhere. This is the cause of most of my jams. Sometimes it is an upside down primer, primer not seated correctly and is mangled in the slide.. Once you get it up, you can loosen the shell plate enough to look underneath to see if something else is blocking it. You don't need to send it back. It can be intimidating at first but it is a very straight forward operation to tear down and start fresh, just like you were changing calibers. Like I said, most of my jams are caused by primers; sometime depriming does not always push the primer out of the pocket causing a jam,
  6. Procedural

    One procedural, no significant advantage.
  7. svi vs Atlas Titan

    Those are two of the four that I own-sold my Open gun.
  8. Definition/Description of "Bagged"

    I often bag and un-bag my gun on a stage with RO supervision. The dust/dirt and wind make it difficult to keep the gun clean or somewhat clean. My bag is zippered. So it meets George's criteria.
  9. Magazine safety rule question

    BHP is not a Production gun. I have two. One requires the insertion of the mag. Rio Salado ROs had no issue with that process.
  10. Training to obtain GM times

    I guess you do not write very well. This could be true but I have written professionally from RFP, Proposals, State Statutes, Policy and Procedure Manuals, published articles, etc. I didn't make anything cryptic. It is plain English. Yep, I can be snarky. I don't deny that part. Drawing conclusions that are the exact opposite of what was written does inspire being snarky. So you avoid practicing things you know you will have to do in a match? There is nothing I have written that would support this conclusion. It is a non-sequitur. Why would you practice a classifier before a match? To improve your results? It can be inferred, that your results would be less than optimal if you did not practice the classifier? A reasonable conclusion could be if a small sample of shooters did the exact same procedure, then there would be inflation in the hit factors for that classifier. This is actually true since there are high hit factor issues within the classification system for USPSA. This means that for shooters who play the game straight, their ability to promote or advance within the classification has been decrease because of hit factor inflation. So if you want, identify each statement you want in plain English and I will endeavor to expand the statement(s) to make the point clearer.
  11. Training to obtain GM times

    I guess you do not read or understand what you are reading very well. Gee Whiz; What does Practicing classifiers is not the issue per se. mean to you? Really! Where did this conclusion come from in the thread? So you avoid practicing things you know you will have to do in a match? That was never said much less implied.
  12. Shooting/Training Books

    Mike Seeklander's book is excellent
  13. Maybe the area is safe from ammo IMHO - No area is 100% safe on a range
  14. Object in hand at start

    Nationals is Tulsa required holding a can, at waist height I believe. Desert Classic had a baby. This list goes on and on. We have had local matches with both object in hand and a stomp pad. And YES people threw the object to activate the stomp pad. So no you are not missing anything.