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  1. Sierra 77gr Tipped Match King Loads?

    I have found the tipped bullets to be less accurate than the normal Sierra match kings.
  2. Lubrication for an AR 15

    You can't over lube an AR. I use 30 weight motor oil. and lube the hell out of the bolt and the bolt carrier. The excess lube gets blown out of the gun in the first few shots. Motor oil can handle high heat better than most gun oils and the oil keeps the carbon fouling suspended and pliable. Just make sure there is lube all over the bolt and bolt carrier and you will be fine.
  3. Do bullets fly in a straight line?

    Why are you testing at 10 yards. 25 yards is the standard. 10 yards is rock throwing range. With pistols I don't bench them for accuracy testing or zeroing. I find that its easier just to shoot them off hand. Your point of impact off a bag will be different than it is in your hands. Pat
  4. Whats the best scopes for a .22 long rifle precision rifle trainer. Thanks
  5. Just made A class

    PCC Class: A Pct: 75.3023 High Pct: 75.3023
  6. JP Ultralight Barrels

    My mistake did not realize they had a ultra light contour.
  7. JP Ultralight Barrels

    The Light weight contour JP uses is actually ideal for three gun and its what is most commonly used by 3 gunners in their builds. You can have a gun too light but too heavy is bad as well. Especially since most of your shots will be inside 100 yards.
  8. JP Ultralight Barrels

    I agree they are excellent barrels.
  9. Need help with BCG

    The bolt carrier is not so critical I have used Radical arms bolt carriers I just use my MOAKS tool to stake the carrier key. Pat
  10. Best AR trigger ?

    For long range shooting and for 3 gun Ar's I prefer the Geissele SDE with a flat trigger. For a PCC Ar I prefer the JP trigger. I just won a hyperfire yeasterday so I will give them a try now.
  11. The PMC Bronze I tried was 3 moa. Fine for close in hoser stuff but not so good out at distance. My reloads with Hornady ball are at 1.5 in the same rifle.
  12. Wow, I'm shocked - DPMS GII

    We have a chief that does not like to spend money. I spend my own money to make the training as good as possible for the guys. Wish it were not that way but it is.
  13. Wow, I'm shocked - DPMS GII

    Worked for 2 departments that issued DPMS guns. Both allowed personally owned rifles as well. The new guys and non gun guys generally run the department guns. The issue with dropping a manufacture is both agencies were not wealthy. We don't routinely replace so we have to work with what we had. At both departments I went through the guns and got them running. But they should have left the factory that way. A few had to be sent back for new barrels due to undersized chambers. That is the biggest heart burn I have with DPMS is they seem to want to get too much life out of their chamber reamers often having chambers way too tight. Not a good thing on a duty gun. I won't carry one. Even outside of my departments I have seen more issues with DPMS guns in training with other agencies than any other brand. Pat
  14. Sorry did not mean to be all optic snobby. I will say once you look through clear glass its hard to accept anything else. Its addicting. Pat
  15. Clarity means a lot. Looking through cheaper class is worse than looking through smudged glasses in my opinion. Pat