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  1. As mentioned before, use the mortar technique. Works every time, most of the time.
  2. MTAC 1-4. Great rugged scope. At your budget, will leave you plenty of room for a solid mount. My MTAC comes off my 3-gun rifle from Nov-Jan to go on my .300blk SBR for deer season. It has been super abused, and is shiny now from wear. Been dropped in the woods, spiked in dump barrels, and keeps on ticking. Great reticle, well built, and clear glass for the price.
  3. My .270 gen 4 was very rough at first with the Wolff spring, but greased it and it broke in quickly. Sounded pretty bad for the first few mags, kinda gritty/squeaky. Great product though.
  4. That stinks. On the positive side I've had very fast (same week) turn around with AAC, should be the same folks if you are sending it to Huntsville.
  5. I bought it from a fellow shooter. I can't say definitively that it has never seen reloads, but he has had it for quite some time and wasn't reloading.
  6. Which stinks, but I can imagine the massive financial obligation of having a lifetime replacement policy when dealing with so many pistols would be way too much. They would have to jack up the price for sure. I'm counting this as valuable experience. I used to tell people they couldn't go wrong with a used Glock, but you most certainly can!
  7. It would be different if it weren't 16+ years old or had a known round count. Their stated warranty is only one year, so I'd say that refurbing all the springs and small parts is already well in excess of what they are required to do. Subject to terms, conditions and limitations outlined below, GLOCK, Inc. guarantees its pistols against defects in materials and workmanship that adversely affect their operation for a period of one (1) year from the date of their original purchase by the initial consumer. This warranty is valid only for pistols purchased and used in the United States of America, its territories and possessions and Puerto Rico.
  8. I don't know the round count. I'm definitely not upset at Glock. I was hopeful to get a new one, but I was really interested in hearing why it happened.
  9. I specifically asked them if the tennifer can make the chamber brittle and they gave me an adamant "no".
  10. I talked to Glock, they want me to pay $150 to replace the barrel. They did not know what caused it, they couldn't claim over pressure since there wasn't damage elsewhere on the gun, which would be typical. Unfortunate, and I am out $40 shipping it to them. At least they'll refresh the small components. Definitely not spending $150 on an OEM .40 barrel.
  11. That's good to hear. Most folks seem to have positive experiences with their customer support.
  12. I paid the overnight shipping ($40 from AL). I'm not aware of any reloads ever being fired in it.
  13. Check out my G35 barrel. The cracks go all the way through to the chamber. There was no indication of any issue in firing it, I only noticed when I had the gun disassembled. I don't know the full history of the barrel, I found this just after purchasing it. I'm thinking it to be more long duration fatigue vs a single event. The previous owner never had a double charge or overpressure event that he noticed. Either way, it's something I'm going to inspect for in the future. Not sure how the failure would have progressed, but it wouldn't have been pretty. I sent the whole gun to Smyrna to see what they think.
  14. I second the Jager, I use the heavy captive one that only works with Wolff round springs.
  15. I'd use a crush washer and tighten it up to about 2'oclock and shoot it. See how it feels as you approach 1 o'clock or a little past. Crush washers are one time use, you can't back off once you're past where you want to be. edit sorry that was late