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  1. I'd use a crush washer and tighten it up to about 2'oclock and shoot it. See how it feels as you approach 1 o'clock or a little past. Crush washers are one time use, you can't back off once you're past where you want to be. edit sorry that was late
  2. My Gen 4 G34 also goes about 2-3 feet away from my feet with minor PF 147s and a Wolff 12lb recoil spring.
  3. With my experience so far, I tend to agree with you. Most of the shooting I do is bays, with generally one or two stages out to 200 at our local club. I think with enough practice, I'll get better controlling the break of the S3G in long range.
  4. I haven't experienced a bump fire yet but it doesn't surprise me. The reset is so short, it wouldn't take much.
  5. Beware trying the 35-40s with a 1x7" twist. My last barrel would spin the jackets off of lightly constructed bullets occasionally. No harm or anything but it doesn't help your score. I vote for 55gr, cheap and simple.
  6. Back to the topic, I ran an SSA for two seasons and just switched to an S3G. I haven't decided yet if the speed on the bay stages makes up for the (in my opinion) decreased ability to control the break at long range.
  7. How many rounds are you getting in the .40 140mm? How are they seating fully loaded?
  8. For a budget scope, I highly recommend the MTAC. For 100 yards and less, I'd stick with a red dot unless you are shooting at really small targets.
  9. Thanks, now to just save nickels and wait for one. I love the look of the TSO, and was hoping the cost would be justified.
  10. So if it needs to be modified anyway, is the TSO still worth the premium over a TS?
  11. I have over a year and probably ~2500 rounds on my three ETS 22 rounders and no issues. I would say that I've never left them loaded for long. They always drop free. Mine arent 22 rounds reloadable on a closed slide (easily) I always download one for reloads.
  12. This one quoted me $47 ups ground shipping. Their ship weight was set to 44lbs. May be worth a call.
  13. That's good to hear. It's such a more affordable option than buying factory mags plus extensions. Have you left them loaded for any period of time? That's what seems to be killing the ETS mags.
  14. Has anyone run the 140mm magpul 9mm mags yet? I've been using ETS mags for over a year with no issues, but need more and I'm considering the new magpuls. Thoughts?
  15. I didn't like the cant of my blade tech doh, it was pointing my gun way too far inward towards my leg. Heated the hanger up with a heat gun and straightened it a bit. Looks perfect and now I don't feel like I'm sweeping myself.