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  1. Looking for a magwell for the cmmg colt lower. Switched out from a Hahn mag block in my match gun. Thinking of using a magwell on this one.
  2. mike4045

    PCC allowed in USPSA Rifle Match?

    Where are you finding USPSA rifle matches? I don't think I have come across one yet?
  3. I use whatever I have ammo loaded for. Right now mostly PCC and limited. Depends on majors coming up. I shoot USPSA, falling steel, 2 gun and 3 gun. I would like to shoot my shotguns more. Just not many matches for it.
  4. mike4045

    Benelli failure to feed

    What Kurt said. He's been doing this a while. I am lazy I just take to Benny at Triangle when I make mine not work.
  5. mike4045

    What slugs for Dissident?

    1 oz 1300 fps. I don't have a part number on me. I can check later after work. Usually about $60 for 80 slugs from sportsmans guide.
  6. mike4045

    What slugs for Dissident?

    Fiocchi 1 oz 1300 low recoil is my preferred in my vepr. Federal is good also, but I have trouble finding them sometimes. I just order Fiocchi from Sportsmans guide, they normally have them stock.
  7. Has anyone tried it. I did by accident this weekend. The gun ran and so soft you could barely tell it fired. I put the solid steel 9mm buffer in the gun to check fit of everything, because I did have a standard buffer on hand. Took it out last night and ran 100 rounds thru and zeroed weapon. I don't know if it will hurt anything doing this. Tempted to shoot a match with it to see what happens. I am using a standard carbine spring and regular gas block.
  8. Been running a PT aluminum aggressive grip since it came out.
  9. mike4045

    X12 Typhoon

    Stay away from the UTAS, it's a turd. I already have along list of parts that have broken on it. Warranty is only good for a year. I am waiting on a shipment of parts to get it back together. It sounds like an awesome idea, just was not well planned by the designer. I know there is the one guy who swears by it, but he is one of the few. I am making a few changes to see if it will help. I also purchased a Vepr and it flat out runs for the same price. Dissident has them in stock form. Went to their shop yesterday to get some mags and parts. It's actually cheaper than the xtr and way better.
  10. As an RO I like them unloaded if they are going prone. Most matches are remote enough that you would bleed out, before getting to medical attention. My question is what have you gained by not going prone with a hot pistol?
  11. mike4045


    Act of reloading is not over until it returns to shoulder. Dq still part of reloading.
  12. mike4045

    R and R magwell

    Anyon know if the r&r magwell fit the vepr 12? Not much info in the description of the part. Looks like it catches the mag on the sides, looking at the position of the release. Trying to get this gun setup for a SoCo 3gun next month. Mike
  13. mike4045

    Chokes for utas 12 xtr

    Who are you using to cut barrel for chokes? I have external threads on the barrel that I would like to keep to fit a muzzle brake to.
  14. mike4045

    Salomon Speedcross life? How much wear?

    Not long enough to make me buy them again. My sons lasted about 3 months. Mine about a year using them for matches only.
  15. I owned one. Great gun, wish I had kept it. I don't remember much about the advertisements on it. I wanted to try a 6" and these were on the market.