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  1. mike4045

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    Aim Surplus. If they aren't in stock just sign up to be notfied.
  2. mike4045

    Gen 3 22 value ?

    Saw some le trade ins for $240. Gen 3 22 with night sights. I picked up a couple for spares.
  3. Minor sucks. I went minor at a major one time many years ago. Gave about 120 points in a match. Huge difference in the standings. I hit 164 on the chrono.
  4. With that brand I did get much more smoke with TG. I switched to wst and n320.
  5. So what would a barrel/bushing combo run in 40?
  6. Go with 3 divisions optics, Irons and revo. I shoot quite a bit of ss and it's a small division already.
  7. Triangle built QC10 with jp parts. Runs great with any profile 124 gr bullets. No issues. My other parts guns doesn't like jhp with sharp shoulders, but will run zero 125 gr jhp. It's a backup gun so I only feed it what it likes.
  8. I run 40 so I can shoot major/minor as needed. I prefer to shoot major. It makes a nice steel gun also.
  9. Just pulled it up. Look under vepr12allday. It's the same as molot mags. I have done about 60 so far.
  10. Agreed 100%. the guns will wear out and break. Limited guns are one thing, but open guns are another. I would not consider buying a used open gun over a year old. Find a good gunsmith and have it gone thru.
  11. I have SGM mags for my VEPRs. 12 rd sticks and 25 rd drums. You can do the tuning with the help of youtube. I used Carolina Shooters Supply for mos tof the parts.
  12. I run a 6 moa razor on top zeroed at 35 yds and the 3 moa razor on the side at 25yd. I know that I can easily take targets out to 150 yds, and 125 with the 45 dot. I haven't found a USPSA stage that needed anything different. I don't shoot much pcc anymore but do loan the gun out and get no complaints.
  13. Loaded all mine up. I just used a mid load with 125 coated in the Hodgdon site. Worked well. Finally finished up the last jug.
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