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  1. He stomped it a few times before it activated. Clearly ref.
  2. Watching the video again I don't see how he could have stepped on it any harder to activate the first time. Was every competitor given the opportunity to try each activator before shooting?
  3. It's a bs prop either it works the sam efor eveyone or it doesn't make the stage. Especially at an Area match. If you step on it it should activate, if not ref. NOt stand there and stomp on it 3 or 4 times.
  4. I put a cheap primary arms micro on mine. So far so good I have a sig 5 on the other, but only about a 100 rds thru it.
  5. Cool I will have to grab one when they are more available. I have a couple sets of Benelli chokes laying around.
  6. I just run 40 rd uzi mags. No need for extension for colt platform.
  7. I have shot the same match with major minor limited. Major wins every time. Interestingly production pcc on big field courses it's a wash. I will be testing both a 9 and 40 for SS. I am shooting a 9mm right now while building a 40. I am going to switch guns as matches dictate. So many seem to favor the 10rd gun.
  8. If you have a hsort wide dust cover you can cut a rail sectioninto to mount a light. Did it on mine 7 years ago when rails were not as readily available.
  9. Does it use vepr mags or saiga mags?
  10. Check the Brazos custom site. He used to have info on there for tuning the extractor and ejector.
  11. It is at the Area 59 range in Rosenberg.
  12. SS has it's own match once a month in south Tx. Starting in January. Hope it makes a strong comeback. There will also be a level 2 match for SS. I picked up a 9mm for those stages that lean to 10 rd friendly.
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