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  1. Do you have to join separately from USPSA? Starting to shoot a few matches and was curious about getting classified.
  2. With heavy near max loads it functions fine. I had trouble with anything less.
  3. Sounds like too much trouble for one match. I may just look at some other matches stateside.
  4. How are the gun laws if I wanted to combine with vacation? Is range near an area to make transportation easier?
  5. The fit on the beavertail is crap. Mine will take a lot of cutting to smooth it out.
  6. I picked one up a few months ago. Junked the series 80 parts. Pretty decent gun with dawson magwell and Tripp mags. It's a backup to the discontinued Sig. I like to keep everything 40.
  7. Takes about 5 minutes. I go thru them any time I buy them and make sure it's all good before using them. Break it down you're using a $50 part in a 3k to 5k gun.
  8. I like that I can a dozen CO guns for the price of an open gun.
  9. File the ribs on the grip is an easy fix. Took about a dozen passes to fix mine.
  10. I use 40 I can load minor if I want to run 10 rds. I don't like shooting minor.
  11. Are59.us has matches every weekend.
  12. Jhp need to be shorter. I went back round nose to make sure it fed fine. I only saw a gain cost going to jhp. I have run a few cases of coated rn bullets.
  13. I got mine in a made a match it. So far I like it. Only about 120 rds thru it so far. I have more mags and a holster on the way. I put a cr speed hanger on the factory one to get by for now. I am good with the trigger the way it is. I will start looking for some mag extensions this week.
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