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  1. No a sig in 40 or a Remington in 40.
  2. I have a 40 ready to go I am fixing to put up for sale. I use 40 for minor or major depending on match setup.
  3. I got my Razor last year on black Friday closeout. I think it was $800 shipped.
  4. LSI on mine. Better than the other I tried.
  5. Shot pcc and got bored with it. Moved to CO while my limited gun was rebuilt. Back to limited now.
  6. Only about 3k on my viper so far.
  7. Do you have to join separately from USPSA? Starting to shoot a few matches and was curious about getting classified.
  8. With heavy near max loads it functions fine. I had trouble with anything less.
  9. Sounds like too much trouble for one match. I may just look at some other matches stateside.
  10. How are the gun laws if I wanted to combine with vacation? Is range near an area to make transportation easier?
  11. The fit on the beavertail is crap. Mine will take a lot of cutting to smooth it out.
  12. I picked one up a few months ago. Junked the series 80 parts. Pretty decent gun with dawson magwell and Tripp mags. It's a backup to the discontinued Sig. I like to keep everything 40.
  13. Takes about 5 minutes. I go thru them any time I buy them and make sure it's all good before using them. Break it down you're using a $50 part in a 3k to 5k gun.
  14. I like that I can a dozen CO guns for the price of an open gun.
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