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  1. No evidence of a hit. We went with a miss on that one. There was evidence that the bullet grazed the barrel and took chunk out the stick.
  2. Does it score as hit or a miss? It struck the side of a barrel and passed thru the stick on another target leaving a 12 ga slug size hole in the scoring target. Tried to look it up, but it was scored as amiss in the match.
  3. Warren tactical Sevigny sights.
  4. I used to run about 3.4 of TG for minor pf. with a 180 gr bullet. I did really like a 155 at 140 pf. Just not many choices at that time.
  5. I am good with 5 pounds across the board.
  6. Did about 7 years with a glock. Then a couple years with a CZ. Now I am back to a 34 and soon a 17. I like the 17, just feels better and transitions faster. Now if I could just find a way to shorten the glock trigger.
  7. Just go with the full IPSC production rules and be done with it.
  8. Anyone running the CMC trigger? Looking at one for a gen 9mm. I have Zev in one gun, not looking to spend $250 on another.
  9. I have a pair on my pcc. They couldn't handle that. I would not use it on a pistol.
  10. 6 moa razor on top, 3 moa on a 45. Will probably go to 6 on side also.
  11. The 12 to 14 hour day to shoot a 5 stage match pretty much killed it for me. I have gotten burned from about a 10 yr run in 3 gun. Way too much gear to deal with. If it's natural terrain I can usually work out of my jeep. I have high quality pistol matches closer and 2 per weekend to choose from. There is a new club starting closer to me that I plan to check out. Depending on the range setup I hope to shoot it monthly.
  12. No a sig in 40 or a Remington in 40.
  13. I have a 40 ready to go I am fixing to put up for sale. I use 40 for minor or major depending on match setup.
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