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  1. I just run 40 rd uzi mags. No need for extension for colt platform.
  2. I have shot the same match with major minor limited. Major wins every time. Interestingly production pcc on big field courses it's a wash. I will be testing both a 9 and 40 for SS. I am shooting a 9mm right now while building a 40. I am going to switch guns as matches dictate. So many seem to favor the 10rd gun.
  3. If you have a hsort wide dust cover you can cut a rail sectioninto to mount a light. Did it on mine 7 years ago when rails were not as readily available.
  4. Does it use vepr mags or saiga mags?
  5. Check the Brazos custom site. He used to have info on there for tuning the extractor and ejector.
  6. It is at the Area 59 range in Rosenberg.
  7. SS has it's own match once a month in south Tx. Starting in January. Hope it makes a strong comeback. There will also be a level 2 match for SS. I picked up a 9mm for those stages that lean to 10 rd friendly.
  8. I got tired of screwing with mags during reloads and switched to glock and never looked back.
  9. My son started loading dueces. Took about 15 minutes for him to figure it out. No reason to frustrate him. They will eventually go to quads as they get more comfortable.
  10. Any interest in a trade for the pistol? I have a 1.5-8 Ior Valdada.

    1. Z-man


      Nice scope but no thanks!

    2. mike4045


      no problem good luck


  11. I switched to a glock lower to get away from this issue.
  12. I got a set of tuned 40 mags from Bob at Brazos about6 years ago. Been using them since then.
  13. What kind of velocity are you getting? I have bunch of clays on the shelf to try.
  14. We don't have IDPA locally. The clubs we do have are easy to deal with pcc shooters. I usually bring my pcc to the line bagged. Planning to shoot pcc exclusively for a while.
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