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  1. I won one and tried it for a few matches. Great on hoser bays and ok when practicing, but I found it to be a problem for me on the clock with longer range accuracy targets. Many friends have great results but I am to used to a true 2 stage .
  2. Joefischetti


    Practicing at a local club with my AR for an upcoming match at the 300 yard range. I meet some very nice gentleman shooting a nicer than average bolt gun. They have spent thousands more on their bolts but are happy with the same results I get from my simple AR. Will I do better building a 308 .
  3. Very happy with my Odin Works 16 " IM Wylde barrel this year. Great results with many types of factory ammo. It likes plain Jane .223 and loves Federal Match King.
  4. A dot for my near sighted eyes is GTG out to around 100. Actually for me I struggle if running a variable dialed up much more than 1.5. Just understand the MOA of the dot and your zero. It you have a big dot like a Trijicon 8 MOA, realize you may cover your target unless you zero it like doting an I.
  5. I know about the system . I like to change one thing at a time so I can observe the results, good or bad. I also gain experience on how each part works with the others. Just like a pistol recoil spring that is too strong driving the muzzle down as the gun goes into battery I was going to play with the weights. I know folks that run LW BCG with all he weight out of the buffer and a plain GB. My thoughts were to reduce the weight of the buffer by the same amount of difference between the BCGs. TIA
  6. Running an intermediate gas length 16" Tunned my muzzle brake to where the dot does not move and I can now get great hammers on bay stages. I wanted to try and save some weight. Installed a light weight BCG. Left the carbine buffer as is. Noticed my dot diving straight down. Should I experiment with removing weight from buffer or go back to a standard BCG? TIA
  7. I used a laser to tune my Atlas 5 and it is fantastic. I never realized how good a muzzle device could be until I tuned it.
  8. Hi Dean,

    trying to get your e mail but started here.

    i have been shooting the Topton series. Checking the last posted standings you only had me shooting the 1st and 3rd match. I have shot all three and have scores posted for all three. 

    Thanks for the hard work  Joe Fischetti 



  9. Stupid Simple. Great vid and concept. Will try at next range trip!
  10. Exit pupil is a fixed dimension based on your optic's objective lense as compared to the magnification. Eye relief , which is also referred to as eye box , is how much distance/space you can have behind the focal commalation of the reticle. The more eye relief the more forgiving is your placement/cheek weld behind the optic. You should set up your optic to offer you the best "eye box" across your shooting spectrum. Everyone's eyes will be different as compared to the scopes specs as folk!s pupils dialte different. As we age our pupils cannot dialte as wide and our "eye box" contracts. Mounting the gun consistently, you should not have problems with the eye box if you have set the scope at the correct distance forward/reward.
  11. Stick with paper or load something in my i pad/ I phone If paper can you recommend a format. TIA
  12. Great match . As posted , stages that newbies and seasoned folks could run side by side. Cheers to all of us that choose to show up in adverse weather conditions and run their gear.
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