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  1. What is the aol of the loaded cartridge?You didn't mention if is the Colt or Glock pattern.Did your buddy install a spacer to limit the rearward bolt travel when fired?I have the Colt pattern and had to send my upper back to PSA to get the enlarged chamber because I bought one of the early production uppers with the smaller chamber.Psa has great customer service!I have fired over 1,500 reloads with the new upper and have not had a single ftf,fte or failure to chamber.This is with a large variety of powders and bullets.
  2. I went through the normal tune-up period when I built my PCC just trying to get it to run 100%.I am 6'3 with long arms and built mine with a magpul rifle stock.It runs 100% and is comfortable and solid!
  3. Most of us on this forum own several different guns .If you live in a neighborhood with people close by it might be better to go with a caliber with less penetration like a 45 acp or 12 gauge shotgun assuming the appropriate load. YMMV
  4. Memphis Mechanic, That is not the one,Google F5 brand and it was in stock @ $169.00 plus shipping.I also so the same branded one $199.00 @ prepper gun shop also in stock. Since I have not Shot PCC in a match yet and don't know all of the in's and out's can a drum like this be used? I know the mag extensions are ok . I am in a state where Colt pattern is the only way to go.
  5. I have just seen advertising for an F5 brand 9MM 50 round drum magazine in the Colt form factor and wondered if anyone has experience with these yet?
  6. Are both Colt and Glock pattern magwells available?
  7. Are the firing pins a standard configuration like .556 ARs?I built my AR 9 using a PSA complete upper and have about 500-600 rounds down range.I would like to pick up whatever spares that are needed in advance.I haven't been able to shoot since I first got the gun sorted out (leg brace) from surgery.
  8. PSA is great about taking care of it's customers and will issue an RO to customers that are having feeding or functioning problems.If your barrel was manufactured on 08-01-2017 or later it will have PCC on the barrel and has been improved to function with a proper chamber depth as well as a taper to assist in bullet feeding .I bought mine in April and even started a thread on getting it to run.I sent my upper back with the RO and received my upper back with a brand new barrel marked PCC barrel and it now runs 100%.I have run everything under the sun through it with 100% functioning (all reloads).
  9. Yesterday at the range my PSA upper based PCC ran 100% on several different loadings with multiple bullet weights,OAL's and powder charges.115grain ball,124grain ball,124grain hard cast lead and 147grain plated bullets.PSA replaced my barrel with the redesigned barrel....Thank you Chad!!!

  10. Have you set up your gun to prevent over travel of the bolt carrier group?
  11. I am a tall man with long arms and changed from a Magpul carbine adjustable stock to a Magpul fixed rifle stock which is great.
  12. I can see front iron sights as well as Stevie Wonder!
  13. That is very encouraging! I bought mine in April and am having intermittent FTF and double feed problems.I am going to take up PSA's offer to exchange even though I have loaded over 1,200 rounds @1.1oal in several different loading's to get the gun to run right.
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