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  1. Springer Precision is another good source. https://shop.springerprecision.com/MPX-Extra-Power-Magazine-Spring-24-Coil-SP0243.htm Brownells also has them. https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-springs/sig-sauer-extra-power-magazine-springs-prod71394.aspx
  2. It has been rock solid through two USPSA seasons and hours of dry fire reload practice. It is a very tight and fits perfectly. I did have the same concern as you though and did put a very small spot of JBWeld at the very back of it. Don't really know if it is necessary but I have had zero problems with it and love size and how it helps with very quick reloads. I have no horse in this just actual experience.
  3. I run the Titan Rocket on both my JP's, its light and very effective. Sent the Techwell back as it is much smaller. https://www.titanrocket.com/product-page/jp-gmr-15-magwell
  4. just get a set of soft jaws for bench vise. No need for a jig. Mine work great and have magnets to hold them in place in the vice. https://www.amazon.com/DEF-Magnetic-Cover-Multi-Purpose-Protector/dp/B07Q3GL9QM/ref=sr_1_11?keywords=bench+vice+soft+jaws&qid=1566604797&s=gateway&sr=8-11
  5. Good to know. I am still trying to master that. Trying to go to fast hinders that learning process at least for me.
  6. Very good advice. Making it all muscle memory is the hard part once the beep sounds.
  7. Amen, use Glock factory mags for the best reliability.
  8. Yes you can correct it but I have my JP short stroked to the max( much more that the JP short stroke kit) and still the stock trigger works 100% with 2.75lb pull, zero take up and zero over travel. I really see no reason to change it works so well.
  9. Hi guys, I am going to buy a new GMR-15 and wondering if anyone might have a discount code I could use for it? TIA Mike
  10. The stock trigger in the GMR-15 is the JP "Easy Trigger" and when using the yellow springs with some armite lead based sear grease that came with my rifle, my pull weight is 2.75lb. I believe the new modular triggers are advertised at 3.5lbs but I have not got my hands on one yet. The stock easy trigger is so good I really don't care. I did try a Hyperfire Eclipse and I would get some failure to cock or bolt follow so I went back to the stock trigger. I do wish they offered a straight trigger shoe like they offer on the new modular triggers for the Easy Trigger but only the roller trigger is available which I do not want for USPSA matches.
  11. Thanks guys I appreciate the help.
  12. Can you buy with the correct hammer or do you have to buy the PCC hammer in addition?
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