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  1. My local gunsmith suggested this: "push the small spring into the bolt an then wiggle the extractor out of the bolt." So he didn't mention needing to push the pin out(?).
  2. I've been trying like crazy to use a drive pin to loosen and move the extractor pin in order to replace an extractor on my Versamax. No luck. Any other tips?
  3. I just picked up some Noveske QD flush mounts and want to do a Benelli M2 forearm install and a Versamax forearm and stock install. Can some of you please post pics of your flush QD mount installs in order to sling your shotgun?
  4. Can you please post a pic where you mounted the Noveske qd on your Benelli?
  5. I ended up going with a C-Rums welded lifter. With the +25% Wolff Benelli 90 recoil spring and the RCI X-Rail Versamax extra power dogleg spring, she's ready to run like a sewing machine. Too bad it's snowing in WI right now.
  6. Got your pics, thanks! I tried to upload them, too, but this forum only allows file sizes of 1.95mb and smaller.
  7. I appreciate you sharing this viewpoint, as I was under the same impression. I have another thread going on Enos about the Competition carrier, and right now I'm between going factory, C-Rums, or Competition carrier. Been reading and reading about these three and it seems that it's to each his own. I have yet to be bit by the factory one in there now (with the Vacuum port by RCI X-Rail) and may just run that for some time and take my chances. I suppose that's fine and dandy until I take a chunk out of my thumb!
  8. Such a thorough description, thank you. As a noob, I appreciate the patience of others in explaining these things!
  9. Which option is your carrier of choice then? The Competition one from Remington?
  10. I’ve been reading everything possible on the forum and would like to know a little more on which caddies have best retention. While the caddies dies in use now are fast and quite popular, I’m deoppomg shells more than preferable. So between Invictus and Taccom and Carbon Arms, which hold shells best?
  11. So close to trying one of these out. From your lens it works well?
  12. Not sure why mine hasn’t been sent out to CRums yet. Perhaps just concerned over feeding issues. Any fails with a CRums one to speak of?
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