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  1. Looks a lot like the JP, but 4 ounces heavier. And more expensive.
  2. I run uncoated lead. Old school, LOL. Right now I'm running a 124 grain bullet at 132 pf and get no leading.
  3. I've never used a 12.
  4. When I started shooting my PCC I was using a 3 MOA. There were times in the bright sunlight that it was hard to see, so I changed it out for a 8 MOA C-More that I really like. Easy and fast to pick up and good for all the distances we shoot.
  5. I struggled with the same thing at first- shot way too many points at the expense of speed. Now I just try to keep moving at a speed that allows me to shoot continuously. I give up a few points, but my times have gone way down. Here's a 32 round stage from Saturday that I shot in 13.4 seconds for a 10.13 HF.
  6. Sounds like your ejector needs to be adjusted. You may have to bend it slightly to the left or right so that the case hits it properly.
  7. I bought a Faxon made barrel from Joe Bob's that wouldn't plunk factory 147's. They took it back and gave me a refund. The money went to a JP barrel that I'm very happy with.
  8. Stick with the faster powders. Autocomp is relatively slow and you end up with lots of unburnt powder residue. I don't think I'd use anything slower than Unique. I've had good luck with HP-38, Bullseye, and Unique. You'll probably end up 2.5 to 3.5 grains. I've attached a burn rate chart. Burn Rates_121211.pdf
  9. I run a 15.8 oz. bolt with a 5.5 oz. buffer and a .308 flat wire buffer spring with my 132 pf loads through a 16" barrel. The bolt just barely clears the bolt hold back when fired, but doesn't "slam" into the buffer tube spacer. It feels very soft to me. I haven't tried this setup with my 8" upper yet, but when I do, I'll let you know if it feels any different.
  10. Here's one of mine. Gun Point dedicated 9 mm billet lower, Vltor MUR upper, CMMG bolt, YHM barrel, AXTS Talon 45 deg. ambi safety, AXTS Raptor Charging handle, Magpul stock, Ergo grip. Just ordered a C-more for it. 9000 rounds through it since November. Yea, I like shooting it.
  11. My favorite AR trigger is stock Milspec parts with light JP hammer and disco springs and a fifty cent Allen head set screw from the hardware store to take out the excessive travel/creep. I like to use the CMMG LPK because their hammers are mirror polished. I've done 2 now that both have very nice, short trigger pulls just under 3 pounds. There's a good instructional on how to do it here- On some receivers, you have to run a tap through the last quarter inch or so of the grip screw hole if it doesn't go all the way through.
  12. Spinta just had their 9 mm slick side upper on sale for $99. I picked one up for a shorty upper I built and am real happy with it so far. Looks like they still have some in stock, but no longer on sale.
  13. That's a great bullet, I've shot thousands of them through my PCC's. I'm currently shooting this one and really like it- It drops at 152 grains. It's really a .38/.357 bullet, but sizes down to .356 well. I seat it down just past the crimp groove with 2.5 grains of 231 for 866 fps/131 pf out of a 16" barrel. Feels crazy soft out of my gun. Like....LOL soft!
  14. I've got just over 8000 rounds on my CMMG bolt and the firing pin still looks like new.