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  1. This. Internal case volumes vary greatly by manufacturer. Different case volumes will vary pressure. If you want precision, I'd start by using same headstamp brass for your testing.
  2. I've done extensive testing with powders in my PCC's and don't really notice any perceived recoil/dot bounce differences in fast powders vs slow powders so have settled on using fast powders for purely economic reasons. It takes me 30% more HS6 to make a given PF vs Titegroup. At one point, I hypothesized that the HS6 might make more gas to work the comp, but in testing I didn't notice a difference.
  3. I have the Radian Talon on both my guns and really like them. You can use it as a 90 or a 45 degree throw. 45 degree is much faster for me. They give you 4 different size levers so you can use the ones that fit you best.
  4. I've got 2 of these. 14,000 rounds through one and 4,000 through the other. Been 100% for me, really like them. Right now they're on sale for $179.
  5. Got to be the ejector. Both my builds had the same issue until I tweaked the ejector just right. Both have been flawless since.
  6. I agree that we really need to be using PCC high hit factors, not Open. Hopefully, this will be implemented soon. As for the classifier system in general, it does a good job of measuring one's ability to stand and shoot classifiers. Sometimes that correlates with one's ability to shoot matches and sometimes it doesn't. I guess it's the best system that we can come up with.
  7. As with any other gun in any other division, it comes down to one thing. Lots of practice. My reloads started out at around 2 seconds. With countless hours of practice, I've got it down to where it's similar to my pistol reloads. Here's video of the classifier I shot last Saturday- El Pres. in 5.03 seconds, good for a 93%. Don't know the time on the reload, but I was happy with it. And I'm gonna keep practicing.
  8. I use these too. Cheap, effective and comfortable.
  9. Both of my JP barrels are .3565" diameter. If I run bullets less than .357" diameter, I get significantly less velocity compared to the same bullet in my YHM barrel which is .3545" diameter. I suspect you lose a little pressure from the bullet not sealing the barrel efficiently and that affects your velocity.
  10. Taccom. I would not recommend it.
  11. That one looks great. I bought one from another vendor on this site that does not fully cover the magwell and the mag hits the sides and does not always fully insert.
  12. I think this is a universal problem with Colt pattern AR 9's. If anyone has found a solution, I'd love to hear it.
  13. Looks a lot like the JP, but 4 ounces heavier. And more expensive.
  14. I run uncoated lead. Old school, LOL. Right now I'm running a 124 grain bullet at 132 pf and get no leading.
  15. I've never used a 12.