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  1. I bought a Faxon made barrel from Joe Bob's that wouldn't plunk factory 147's. They took it back and gave me a refund. The money went to a JP barrel that I'm very happy with.
  2. Stick with the faster powders. Autocomp is relatively slow and you end up with lots of unburnt powder residue. I don't think I'd use anything slower than Unique. I've had good luck with HP-38, Bullseye, and Unique. You'll probably end up 2.5 to 3.5 grains. I've attached a burn rate chart. Burn Rates_121211.pdf
  3. I run a 15.8 oz. bolt with a 5.5 oz. buffer and a .308 flat wire buffer spring with my 132 pf loads through a 16" barrel. The bolt just barely clears the bolt hold back when fired, but doesn't "slam" into the buffer tube spacer. It feels very soft to me. I haven't tried this setup with my 8" upper yet, but when I do, I'll let you know if it feels any different.
  4. Here's one of mine. Gun Point dedicated 9 mm billet lower, Vltor MUR upper, CMMG bolt, YHM barrel, AXTS Talon 45 deg. ambi safety, AXTS Raptor Charging handle, Magpul stock, Ergo grip. Just ordered a C-more for it. 9000 rounds through it since November. Yea, I like shooting it.
  5. My favorite AR trigger is stock Milspec parts with light JP hammer and disco springs and a fifty cent Allen head set screw from the hardware store to take out the excessive travel/creep. I like to use the CMMG LPK because their hammers are mirror polished. I've done 2 now that both have very nice, short trigger pulls just under 3 pounds. There's a good instructional on how to do it here- On some receivers, you have to run a tap through the last quarter inch or so of the grip screw hole if it doesn't go all the way through.
  6. Spinta just had their 9 mm slick side upper on sale for $99. I picked one up for a shorty upper I built and am real happy with it so far. Looks like they still have some in stock, but no longer on sale.
  7. That's a great bullet, I've shot thousands of them through my PCC's. I'm currently shooting this one and really like it- It drops at 152 grains. It's really a .38/.357 bullet, but sizes down to .356 well. I seat it down just past the crimp groove with 2.5 grains of 231 for 866 fps/131 pf out of a 16" barrel. Feels crazy soft out of my gun. Like....LOL soft!
  8. I've got just over 8000 rounds on my CMMG bolt and the firing pin still looks like new.
  9. That's similar to what I'm getting. I have a 16" YHM barrel and am currently running a 152 gr. RN with 2.5gr. of 231. That gets me 866 fps for 131,632 pf. I've run a few thousand with that load now and have had no problems.
  10. I just received the "Blem" 9 mm bolt that I ordered from Spinta. It looks great, I can't find what the blem is, but there are no tool marks and the nitride finish looks good. For $109 delivered, these are a steal considering it's $40 for just a spare firing pin and extractor. Might as well have a spare bolt assembly! They're ramped and cut for Glock or Colt mags.
  11. Your plated bullet is probably .355 and your coated lead Blue Bullet is probably at least .356 or so. If your barrel has a tight, short throat you may have to go very short to get the coated bullets to fit. I've got a KVP/Faxon barrel that's like that. If you're going to shoot lead bullets, they need to be sized to the throat.
  12. I'd also mic the bullet diameter. Could be just a little bigger and enough to cause problems.
  13. I downloaded this and printed it out at 101% as recommended and it turned out great. Fits my Metalform Colt mags perfectly for 40 rounds. This is now my go to mag for most all stages. I've never noticed it slowing me down any.
  14. 18 ounces total makes sense to me. My back of the napkin calculations are this- Stock 9mm carbines from Colt, CMMG, etc. set up for factory 9mm ammo are using a total bolt/buffer weight of roughly 21 ounces. Assuming that factory 9mm ammo is 150 power factor, and my reloads are 130 PF, then my ammo is 13.3% lighter. 21 ounces minus 13% is a little over 18 ounces. My CMMG bolt weighs 15.8, so a 3 ounce buffer may be more appropriate than the 5.5 ounce that I've been using. Does this make sense?