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  1. DJD

    AR Mag Coupler Options

    Magpul makes one that is under the 20.00 mark. It definitely helps when going prone.
  2. DJD

    Shotshell carriers

    Taccom will be the most affordable until you figure out exactly what you want. They start to release easier as you break them in. I still run their chest caddie for large round count shotgun stages.
  3. I use a Weber tactical. It took me about 3 months to get it but the quality is good.
  4. DJD

    Vortex Razor 1-6

    I’ve seen used razors sell for 850-900. I have one and love it. I don’t think I could let mine for for that price.
  5. DJD

    Texas star

    Red stitch. Competitive price, great quality, and the owner supports the sport of 3 gun. I like the magnets that are used on red stitch stars better than the spring on other stars.
  6. DJD

    "Indexing" your shooting belt

    I put my inner belt with the overlap in the front and the outer belt with the overlap in the rear. I locate my holster in the correct position on my hip when putting on the outer belt.
  7. DJD

    Bolt action pistol

    Been there. I’ve went as far as marking one with a paster to make sure it was the last mag I’d grab to get through the day.
  8. DJD

    Double Alpha X mag pouch issues?

    I agree. Please keep me posted. I’d like to try your’s out before buying.
  9. DJD


    Never heard of them. How do they hold up over time?
  10. I’ll average 3-4 club matches per month during warm weather and maybe 2 per month from December - February.
  11. 6) dot drills 5.0 par 3) 7 yard bill drill 2.30 par 3) 15 yard bill drill 3.30 par 3) 25 yard bill drill 4.30 6) dot drills 5.0 par to get you back on sights These are minimums in my opinion. You can add more if time and round count permits
  12. Make a plan and have fun! Stage craft will come in due time.
  13. If you are competitive by nature, 40 is the way to go especially if you plan on shooting more uspsa matches than anything else.I faced the same dilemma earlier this year. I bought a DVC 9mm because my main focus was 3 gun and roughly 2 months later I bought a Cheely 40. I spent several dollars on belt gear and reloading components and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The dvc sits in the safe and eventually I will sell it.