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  1. DJD

    Portable Steel Targets

    What weapons do you typically shoot while at the range? Are you training for a particular discipline?
  2. DJD

    Do you count your shots?

    I don’t count my shots. I have reloads planned on each stage. I add another reload in if I have little to no buffer on round count after make ups and still hit my planned reloads throughout the stage.
  3. DJD

    Made a dryfire stage at home...

    Now that’s thinking outside the box! That’s a good way to change up a dryfire routine from single position drills and incorporate movement.
  4. DJD


    Muzzle discipline is a must. Also, It helps to focus on stopping points during a walk through. Focus on getting to those points efficiently instead of walking/jogging towards targets. The stopping points should allow targets to appear as long as your footwork is correct.
  5. DJD

    Cold Hands

    Hand warmers, feet warmers, and proper layering. I wear mechanix brand gloves because they offer a thin layer and allow me to paste targets and not have to take them off. I only pull layers off to shoot each stage.
  6. DJD

    Show me your Cheely limited guns

    This is one of my favorite pics of my Cheely.
  7. Voodoo tactical hands down. They stand behind their products.
  8. DJD

    Dry firing at home

    Dry fire for me builds confidence in gun handling skills and sight alignment. Nothing replaces live fire. Unfortunately for most of us life keeps us busy and dry fire is easier to fit in on a daily basis. Dry fire practice makes range days more productive.
  9. DJD

    Cheely E-2 Stainless Grip

    My cheely has the original grip. I haven’t felt the E2. Love the PVD finish! Do you still have the original grip?
  10. DJD

    Personal ranges

    That’s a nice set up eggman! I’ve been kicking around the idea of using natural terrain to build berms but I don’t have anything as natural as your setup on my property!
  11. I checked out their website. The pricing seems fair especially if they can review your videos and provide feedback within an average of 24 hours.
  12. DJD

    Limited Ready Glock17

    I ran a Glock for the past several years and recently switched to a 2011 platform. I love both platforms but there’s something to be said for taking a striker fired gun and beating guns that cost 5X more. I could never do that so I made the switch lol
  13. DJD

    QC on loaded ammo

    I case gauge every round. I visually inspect the primer seat while case gauging and let the case gauge catch cracks.
  14. Wow, I’ve never heard it explained like that. I saved the advice to a screen shot and will use it during live fire practice. Thanks for sharing!
  15. DJD

    Live Fire Drills

    This is along with box drills after you get back in the swing of things. Everything else can be polished in dryfire.