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  1. Too purdy NOT to shoot. I'll take 'em if the hurricane doesn't get me.
  2. Absocold

    Fun with guns

    If my pistol is belt fed, can I ignore all the magazine capacity restrictions?
  3. Never saw the point of an Aftec. Always seemed like a Rube Goldburg device, solving a problem with a fancy part instead of just tuning the original that has less things that can go wrong with it down the line. The biggest problem I've seen from Aftec's is that no one wants to pull the fiddly thing out for cleaning and risk losing tiny parts. Extractor tunnel gets full of gunk and "Voila!", failures to extract.
  4. DLC is as hard or up to more than twice as hard as nitrocarb (depending on material used for coating) and also has a much, much lower coefficient of friction. Also DLC has similar corrosion resistance to nitrocarb and superior resistance when applied on top of nitrocarb. If you can find a peer-reviewed technical paper anywhere that says otherwise to these assertions, I'd be very interested to read it. Depending on the materials and process used, a very broad interpretation of all the testing data I've seen is that coating durability/hardness go basically like this: Cerakote > Parkerizing > Hard Chrome > Nitrocarb > PVD > DLC This ignores surface treatments such as bluing and case hardening but we know exactly how durable those are from long experience. Better than nothing but not better than most coatings. For the money, a full park job polished out a bit with cerakote over it on the externals is enough for most people. Cheap, effective and easily repaired. But if you want harder and slicker, move up the list as your budget allows. PS. Side note, I wonder why no one is using boriding in the gun market besides a few AR-15 bolt makers. Looks to be a better choice than hard chrome.
  5. Hey, at least they're not asking about spin drift, magnetic drift or coriolis forces lol. Still, you'd think a gunsmithing college would be more concerned with interior ballistics and exterior ballistics would be an afterthought. What happens after the bullet leaves the gun is really just double checking your work
  6. Nitrocarb is very tough. But it will wear if you're rough on gear or do a whole lot of draws from a kydex holster. PVD/CVD is a process not a type, whichever coating you choose will determine your results and color but many are tougher (and slicker) than nitrocarb. DLC is even tougher and slicker and comes in lots of pretty colors (duplex stainless looks amazing without being gaudy). Hard Chrome is also a good choice since unless you gouge the crap out of it you can just polish it out or re-beadblast for much less than a new coating. If you are very rough on your stuff, learn to cerakote and just repaint as needed.
  7. 1. Easy-Out 2. Tiny cutoff wheel to make a round-bottomed slot, round-tipped screwdriver. 3. Drill that mother completely out, re-tap hole for larger screws. I'd push the customer to go for #3 since more than one was broken. If they broke once they'll probably just break again. Time to upgrade.
  8. Clays burns too slow to load it light, you get unburnt powder. Found this out when loading mouse fart 38SPL loads. Wasn't dirty, just powder everywhere. The load was pretty hilarious though, you could easily see the bullet in flight.
  9. If all the previous tips don't help, remove the slide and check the magazine height when latched in the gun. If the mags and ammo work fine in one gun but not its twin gun and there isn't an extractor issue, maybe the mag catch has a problem. Next, check the bolt face and firing pin hole for burrs - lightly polishing this area never hurts. Check the barrel throat and top of the chamber for problems. Check the area where the barrel chamber impacts the frame for anything that might prevent the barrel from fully tilting down. Check the guide rod for damage (especially the fat end) and verify the correct recoil spring is installed.
  10. You guys are necro-posting in a three and a half year old thread. The girl is almost done with college by now lol. Prolly time to close it up.
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