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  1. I don't know what the measurement is on how much force it takes to collapse, but I do know it takes more than the blitzkrieg does, and people love them. What it's mainly doing for me is absorbing the shock when the buffer bottoms out in the tube. I see no issues with it holding up to those kinds of splits with it having an internal spring return. With the amount of stroke it has, I have a hard time seeing it getting fully collapsed under normal USPSA shooting conditions. Perhaps it would on a 20rd dump at .13 splits. Even at that rate, it would just be a 6.5oz solid buffer.
  2. It does have a spring return. Given the speed of the pcc action I doubt it does a "full cycle" by the manufacturer's definition. From the videos I've seen of the blitzkrieg, I think this piston is a little stronger meaning it doesn't compress as easily.
  3. Here's the piston I used. It's made by ACE industrial. The body is threaded 9/16-18. That's all the info on have on it off hand. The end bumper is from another buffer but kak industries sells them for a buck. The rest was turned from 316 stainless.
  4. It didn't cost me anything but time, but I'd vnever make any to sell. The product is not my idea, so I have no right to sell it.
  5. I've had my eye on a blitzkrieg hydraulic buffer for a while now, but didn't want to jump in on it just to try it out. Working at a company that designs and builds automated/ robotic machines for manufacturing has its bensfits, like spare parts bins that have some pretty cool stuff in them like the pistons we use to prevent moving parts from coming to a slamming stop. I spent some time on Monday after hours and turned some stainless to make myself a hydraulic buffer to try out in the pcc. It finished out at the same length (when compressed) as my 7.5oz KVP buffer and weighs in at 6oz. I ran 100rds through the carbine with the new buffer, a Smalley H7 spring, and a quarter to separate the H7 and buffer spring. So far im really impressed with how much better the dot tracks, and I feel like the sproing sound from the buffer tube has subsided. I do have a old spikes H2 buffer that has crushed tungsten in it that I may use to add slightly more weight to the buffer but I didn't leave much room between the piston and buffer bumper.
  6. All the PCCs in our squad shot it starting with the rifle on our weak sides, I stepped away to take a phone call after I shot and when I came back I was told we all had to reshoot it transferring. I was glad actually bc I seriously messed up the first string on a heat induced mental error haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bumping this one back up with the video from my match on 7/23. I felt more comfortable and was able to pick up the speed a little bit. I need to work on my transitions and target focus. I also have a mag splice, more mags, and a +10 base plate in the works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I use a bore snake, nylon and/ or copper brush, a rag, and CLP. If the bcg is extra grimey I toss it in the ultra sonic cleaner. Most of the "cleaning" I do is wiping the oily carbon sludge out of the upper and lower Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks for all of your insight, I've got a match tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to successfully implement the pointers you guys have given me!
  10. Short version: I need to shoot faster to be competitive in PCC. What drills and tips do you guys have for picking up the tempo (splits and transitions). Long version: I shot my second PCC match on 7/9. The first was a classifier in April. I felt pretty good all match with no Ds or Ms, and not too many Cs. I did have one hit on a NS which sucks. I felt like I was moving pretty fast, but video determined that to be a lie. I was shooting 115g WWB instead of my 124g load bc my press isn't setup at the new place yet, and I think my dot wasn't tracking as reliably as a result. I felt myself stuttering on the trigger a few times due to the long travel to get to reset. At the time of the match, I was running a milspec fcg with jp springs, but will have a 24c for this coming weekends match. I don't believe my gear is the bulk of the problem though. I think my stage planning and inefficient movement through the stages hurt me the most. Coming from primarily a target shooting background, I think I'm spending too much time waiting for the perfect sight picture. For those of you that are more experienced than I, I'd appreciate if you could take a look at my match and give some insight where I could improve. I apologize for the painfully slow to watch stages in advance
  11. How much did you end up extending the throat? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Mine was built on a budget because I wanted to get it done in time for the classifier yesterday, and wanted to make sure I liked the sport enough to invest more in the rifle. 16" AR Stoner 1:10 barrel- cut a small ramp in and did some polishing. Anderson lightweight upper-ejection port milling done by me. Matrix arms fox trot handguard with top rail milled off. Spinta arms bcg with KVP 7.5oz buffer and 308 spring. NFA lower completed by me from 80%. Standard milspec lpk with some trigger polishing. I cerakoted the upper, lower, and rail magpul FDE. "finished" it about 2 weeks ago and it's been through 650rds no issues. Switched from the holosun to a vortex venom on a riser. I took 4th of 58 overall and 1st of 8 PCC. Not bad for my first PCC match and only 2nd or 3rd USPSA match. Now I'm hooked and the build will get some go fast parts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Your assumption is correct. 180 for major for sure. I have some 165s to burn up that I'll probably load down to minor
  14. Just placed my order for a FS P320 in .40 so while I wait for it to arrive, I've decided to order a new guide rod for it. I plan to order a few 1911 springs in different weights to tune it for the load and would like you input. I plan on running 40 minor for IDPA and possibly USPSA Production, but would also like to know what weight is recommended for major loads if I decide to do a Limited configuration. Thanks guys
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