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  1. I was having a hard time picking up my 3 in bright sunlight so switched to an 8. For me, the 8 is perfect for PCC.
  2. I just received my SBR tax stamp. Took 9 months exactly. So far I'm really liking shooting the 10" barrel vs the 16".
  3. I've got two of the Gunpoint lowers and I'm real happy with them. One of them has 15,000 rounds on it with no problems.
  4. Finally got my tax stamp after waiting 9 months, so I got to finish my latest creation. 6 pounds, 2 ounces all up. Gunpoint Colt pattern billet lower VLTOR upper 10" JP barrel 7 1/2" UTG Pro Keymod handguard C-More 8 MOA Railway Spinta bolt Polished CMMG trigger with light JP springs, just under 3 pounds Radian Talon 45 degree ambi safety Radian Raptor ambi charging handle Ergo grip Magpul MOE stock Taccom comp
  5. Primers. I use a milspec LPK with the JP light springs and with CCI I'll get a FTF about once in every 4-500 rounds. Tula/Wolf run 100%. Trigger pull is just under 3 pounds.
  6. I have a CMMG with 14,000 rounds on it and a Spinta with 4,000. No problems with either one. The Spinta cost half of what I paid for the CMMG.
  7. I like the Ergo. Really fits my hand well.
  8. I just measured one that works and compared it to the one that didn't. The one that would double feed was wider.
  9. No loctite on either of mine. 20k rounds later they're both still tight.
  10. Mic the mag lips. With my Metalforms, I had one that was a little wide that would occasionally double feed. Tightened it up in the vice to spec and have not had any problems since.
  11. For your second match you're doing fine. It takes a while to get comfortable running around with a rifle as opposed to a pistol, and movement really is the secret sauce. My number one suggestion would be to practice coming into your positions with the gun up ready to shoot, and break the shot the second you have a good sight picture. Do this left to right AND right to left. Also, get to know how fast you can double tap targets based on distance. Some of your splits on close targets were really slow. You don't always need a great sight picture for the second shot....if it's under 10 yards or so, blaze away!
  12. I've had real good luck with both my JP barrels. I've got one of the new stainless Spinta's that looks great but have not tried it out yet. The chamber is not quite as generous as the JP's, but being stainless, it can be reamed. I played around with different SBR lengths and like the 10" best.
  13. This is from their ad- "The upper and lower receiver are more than 1 inch shorter than a standard AR-15 upper and lower receiver making it more compact and lighter than a standard mil-spec AR-15 design." They show the bolt in the video. It looks....unique.
  14. Looks like the upper, lower, and bolt are all proprietary and not the "standard" sizes that are usually seen. That would limit your upgrade/replacement choices. Good price though.
  15. This. Internal case volumes vary greatly by manufacturer. Different case volumes will vary pressure. If you want precision, I'd start by using same headstamp brass for your testing.
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