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1956 Browning Superposed Value

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I have a friend that would like to sell an inherited 1956 12 ga. 3" Mag. Browning Superposed shotgun. After a bit of googling, it looks like it might be worth upwards of $4-5,000 big ones, so I told her to hold off until she can be very sure of its value before going to market with it. (I'm not trying to sell it for her here.)

Does anyone have any ideas on what would be the best way to find its true value? I'm clueless.

Thank you,



Custom 1956 Superposed Browning o/u (serial 53743)

Grade 1 scroll engraving


French walnut

hand made semi pistol grip

fine checkers and

Pachmayer recoil pad

2 Barrel sets:

#1 28” special steel -12GA.- chambered for 3” Magnum

made in Belgium for Browning Arms Company, Missouri

(O) full choke

(U) modified

#2 26.5” special steel -12GA.- Shells 2 ¾”

made in Belgium for Browning Arms Company, Missouri

(O): improved cylinder

(U): choked cylinder

Case: Browning Arms Company – Brown Tolex.

Solid plywood frame with cowhide and plush interior. The interior is waterproof and fireproof. The exterior is resistant to: oil; acids; alcohol; and caustics. Paperwork available.

1 owner

90% condition; no rust, no pitting, original finish

Here's some cool pics.







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I wish I could sell every shotgun I own for the Blue Book quoted value. The best way to establish value of the Browning is to contact a Browning collector or one of the companies that refurbishes and rebuilds them. If you can't find anyone drop me a message and I will give you some names and phone numbers.

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I think maybe contacting Briley for the them to put it in their Houston Show room And OR going to one of the big Bas-Pro Shops for them to put on display.

If it were me I would go direct to Browning for a list of dealers that may want to pump up sales with how well they hold up.

But ..I don't know nothing.

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Need serial #, length of bbls, and % of new of the entire firearm...

BTW, I doubt that it is worth 4 or 5K...unless it is a Midas grade small bore, NIB...then maybe...more like 1200 at 90% with 28 " bbls, field grade and that may be on the high side.

On what did you base your valuation Brian...? I am looking at the Book of Used gun values....2007 edition

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For a quick estimate go to gunbroker and search for it in completed auctions. I usually like to sort by highest number of bids first. I like this method because it shows what people are actually paying.

For a more precise estimate than that like others have said an advanced collector or a specialist.

Peter Adams

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If she needs a tax shelter= take it to an Charity shooting event and use it as a Auction fund raising gun. The entire amount tax deduction amount of the auction would be lots more than she could get in a sell and she could help raise some cash for a good cause too.

If she got an inheritance that may be a good option

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I believe there is a seller of high end shotguns over in Paridise Valley, he should be able to put a market value on it. I want to say the name is Southwest something.


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Or is it two 12ga. barrel sets of 28" and 30" with IC/Mod in the short barrels and IM/Full in the long ones? If it is, I've got the same gun which looks to be in the same general year, shape and grade. I did get a screaming deal on it but it was still only around $2k from a friend. I did see a similar one with only one barrel set and no case for around $2400 at a gun show. I was told that the leather case is worth at least $300 to a Browning guy by itself. This is a really nice shooter and not especially collectible [from what I've been told about mine] so I just use it and have fun with it - I'd love to find another one in 20ga.

In the Phoenix/Scottsdale area the guys to talk to are Southwest Shooters Supply or William Larkin Moore.

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Brian, you could call Mike at the office tomorrow. He worked at Antique & Modern for a couple years before coming to work for me. They specialized in some high end shotguns and other stuff. He could give you an idea or even make a call to the owner to get an better idea. I will let him know the pics on here and maybe he can PM you.

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