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  1. Shoot until it malfunctions and that could be more than 40 thousand plus rounds fired. Quality lube and springs can go a long ways, just because springs are cheap doesn't mean to throw away perfectly good springs before they wear out. One needs to use a spring till it wears out so you know the signs of a spring is wearing out. Rich
  2. You can go with the Springfield 10mm and have a .40 barrel fitted. Rich
  3. A recoil spring that wearing out(too light) can cause the slide not to return to full battery. When you pull the trigger the slide closes fully and can leave a very light mark on the primer. I've seen and done a hard reload that will bump the slide out of battery, recoil spring is too light and the full mag pressure will hold the slide back. As mentioned above firing pin tunnel needs to be free and clear of debris. Too much oil here will cause a hydraulic effect, if you do oil a very very light coating. More often than not a high primer can be a loose primer pocket than the machine not seating the primer deep enough. Rich
  4. The problem with mags that long is the spring wears out quickly. I've made 170mm length single stack mags in the past to shoot Limited division. Rich
  5. Maybe things might improve since Lyman has bought the company. Rich
  6. One would think they still have the cnc programing to make one. They have to know the barrels are going to wear out on their linkless guns they built and sold. Rich
  7. ltdmstr is correct, a new frame would be much cheaper than having someone weld it up and machine. It would be a fun challenge to do. If the barrel isn't shot out just leave it alone, I'm surprised that Briley won't supply a barrel for a system that they created. Rich
  8. There is a few variables that can affect pricing a wore out machine needing maintenance might sell off cheap or someone who wants to recoup some money quick after spending too much money for something new and shiny. Each individual puts a different value on items, it could be too low or too high. I've got a few of the original RL1000's that I value highly where some will see no value at all. Rich
  9. I developed this modification over 14 years ago, I did quite a few over the years, but it really didn't take off in the numbers I had hoped. I made the mistake of not patenting before I started selling them. Rich
  10. RIIID

    Vic Pickett

    A good friend that will be missed. Rich
  11. I built this awhile back for a client, Caspian slide and is chambered in 9x25. It was fun to shoot! Rich
  12. That could be a one off or someone reshaped a bigger mag well. It looks like it has been painted not anodized alum. Do you have a picture of the inside funnel area? Rich
  13. This is a picture of a Gram's tungsten mag well 9 ounce weight. Rich
  14. I don't own a cell phone so I need a printed copy to take to the range, kind of hard to pack my home computer into a range bag. I can remember when USPSA use to brag on how much money we had in the bank, are you telling me we are so broke that a rule book can't be printed for every member. Why doesn't someone make an app so you can stay at home and shoot a match with your phone and send in the scores. The electronic age has made people weak in mind and body. Life is hard, so toughen up and live it. Rich
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