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  1. Canyon Creek designed mag wells. Rich
  2. Always been kind of partial to mag wells that are a funnel and not a flat garbage can lid. Rich
  3. Eventually the rubber plunger will start to break down, they start to enlarge and get really soft. Years ago brownells sold an assortment of syringes that held up fairly well, maybe a year to 2 years before the rubber was unusable. I don't know if they still offer them or if they have the same supplier. I started using the small ones and kept moving up in size, the largest one would hold a whole tub of slide glide. Rich
  4. Aimpoint Comp if you can find one. Rich
  5. Canyon Creek was the only manufacture who made a solid tungsten guide rod for the XD/m. There was a replacement for the factory sized rod 3/8" diameter in two different lengths one was factory length and the second one was made for the XD Tactical that would also worked for the 5.25 which was around 5 ounces in weight. A 5/16" diameter rod was developed to use 1911 recoil springs which was around 3.25 ounces. There was also rods for for the XD Tactical and Service models. Manufacture was suspended due to lack of demand. Rich
  6. Sent an e-mail with photos on a broke case cleaner, within two days got a return authorization number. Got the repaired unit back in a week and a half(replaced 40 parts). Dillon comes through on warranty, big thank you. Rich
  7. All I found was a 5/16" diameter rod(1911 size recoil springs). I didn't find any 3/8" rods. Rich
  8. I've seen one other like this, 9mm if I can remember correctly. Rich
  9. 30k isn't even broken in yet, 30k is a season of shooting. 100k is a walk in the park for XD/m's. Rich
  10. If I remember correctly the first Limited Nationals was '93 in Reno and was won with a .40 out of a P-9? The 9mm cartridge has a place but it is being over glorified right now in USPSA only because it is inexpensive. The .40 is a more versatile cartridge it performs fantastic in minor and major power factor, it's accurate, and reliable. Rich
  11. The TRP is a Springfield not a dw. Tanfo has the capacity advantage over the Springfield, if cap. isn't a problem go with the TRP. Rich
  12. So your recoil spring is 7 years old, I would start there, 18# is stock try another one of those or a 16#. Rich
  13. He may have run the reamer to cut the groove in the hood to run rimmed .38 super. Rich
  14. What pound recoil spring are you using? If it is too light or wore out when seating the mag the slide is being bumped back far enough to disengage the trigger. Or as mentioned above both ways are easily checked and will save time off for repair at Springfield. Rich
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